How to Find your Adsense ID Number

How to Find your Adsense ID Number

This topic is written specifically for potential writers on Girl Gamer and Anime Girl, but can be applicable to anyone who is guest authoring on other blogs, or is a contributing author and needs their Adsense Publisher ID. This is used specifically in the Sexy Author Plugin for WordPress that allows authors to get paid via Adsense based on the number of view their articles get.

Step 1.) Create an Adsense Account at If you do not have an Google or Gmail account, create a new one.

Step 2.) Under Step 2, Google asks “I will show ads on:” This field is either or Content Language is “English”

How to Find your Adsense ID Number

Step 3.) Fill in your Contact Information

Google Adsense Page 2

Step 4.) Wait for Google to approve your request

Step 5.) Once they have done so, log in to your Adsense Account and click on the sprocket icon in the upper right hand corner.

Google Adsense Page 3

Step 6.) Click on “Account Information” on right side of the screen.

Google Adsense Page 4

The Adsense Publisher ID is at the top and starts with “pub-“. So that is How to Find your Adsense ID Number! Pretty simple!

How to Fix: Google Earth “Please leave or end your current meeting”

How to Fix: Google Earth “Please leave or end your current meeting”

I recently upgraded to an Macbook Air, running OSX 10.8. As it had been a while, I decided to take this opportunity to reinstall all my applications from scratch instead of restoring from Time Machine in Migration Assistant.

One of these apps was Google Earth. Upon launching I got this error message immediately:

“Please leave or end your current meeting before starting or joining another meeting”

I followed a variety of troubleshooting steps in the Google Earth Forums but continued to get this error message. Apparently part of the problem is that Google released a new 7.0 Beta version, but the download doesn’t really tell you this. Some suggestions in the forums say to unplug the computer from the Internet and change some preferences. Another suggestion told how to download the older 6.2 version of Google Earth for Mac. My issue ended up being a Combination of these problems.

First I downloaded and installed the 6.2 version. This can be found by going to the download page:

Uncheck the box that says “Include Google Chrome, a fast, free browser made for the modern web.” Then right above the “Agree and Download” Button is an arrow that says “Customize your installation of Google Earth with advanced setup.” Click and open this. Click on “Previous Version (6.2)” and then click on the “Agree and Download.”

Install Google Earth as normal by opening the .dmg file and copying the Google Earth App to the Applications Folder.

Launch it and see if the error goes away. If not, you may have to do this next step.

Disconnect the computer from the Internet. Open Up Google Earth. If should open fine. Go into Preferences (under the Google Earth menu option in the top left corner,) and then choose 3D View. I had to change “Texture Colors” to “High Color (16 bit) “Anisotropic Filtering” to Off, and checked the box “Use Safe Mode” under “Graphics Mode” before Google Earth was stable enough for me to use.

Once I did this, I was able to update my list of Oregon Ghost Towns again!

How To: Use Google to search Usenet Archives

How To: Use Google to search Usenet Archives

Usenet’s usability has degraded a lot in recent years. But back in it’s day it was probably the most useful tool to share knowledge around. The grains of knowledge contained in Usenet even now are immeasurable.

So go to:

And you’ll be presented with Google’s Advanced Search. This one has several additional options to help find information. Subject, Author, and even dates are possible. But the hidden feature is the groups section. Instead of just Google Groups, any newsgroup name can be used such as alt.religion.

Enter in your requested search terms, modify the advanced search options, hit OK and be amazed at the power that is Google Search.