Stuck in Snow in Dallas Texas

Stuck in Snow in Dallas Texas

Of all the places I ever thought I’d be stuck in due to snow, Dallas Texas is nowhere on the list.

But yet, here I am. 5-6 inches outside. Just went out to to clear off the van. If I was at home this wouldn’t be a problem, but I need to drive into town, and then drive back out. About 30 miles each way.

Things are supposed to clear up in a couple of hours, but right now without chains for the rental car, not much I can do.

TV just said it was a record snow fall.

Aesops’s “The Dog and the Wolf” (Long version)

Aesops’s “The Dog and the Wolf” (Long version)

From World’s Greatest Literature Set

A lean, hungry, half-starved Wolf happened, one moonshiny night, to meet with a jolly, plump, well-fed Mastiff; and after the first compliments were passed, says the Wolf: – “You look extremely well. I protest, I think I never saw a more graceful, comely person; but how comes it about, I beseech you, that you should live so much better than I? I may say, without vanity, that I venture fifty times more than you do; and yet I am almost ready to perish with hunger.”

The dog answered very bluntly, “Why, you may live as well, if you will do the same for it that I do.” – “Indeed? what is that?” says he. – “Why,” says the Dog, “only to guard the house a-nights, and keep it from thieves.” – “With all my heart,” replies the Wolf, ” for at present I have but a sorry time of it; and I think to change my hard lodging in the woods, where I endure rain, frost, and snow, for a warm roof over my head, and a bellyful of good victuals, will be no bad bargain.” – “True,” says the Dog; “therefore you have nothing more to do but to follow me.”

Now, as they were jogging on together, the Wolf spied a crease in the Dog’s neck, and having a strange curiosity, could not forbear asking him what it meant. “Pooh! nothing,” says the Dog. – “Nay, but pray-” says the Wolf. – “Why,” says the Dog, “if you must know, I am tied up in the daytime, because I am a little fierce, for fear that I should bite people, and am only let loose a-nights. But this is done with the design to make sleep a-days, more than anything else, and that I may watch the better in the night-time; for as soon as ever the twilight appears, out I am turned, and may go where I please. Then my master brings me plates of bones from the table with his own hands, and whatever scraps are left by any of the family, all fall to my share; for you must know I am a favorite with everybody. So you see how you are to live. Come, come along: what is the matter with you?”

– “No,” replied the Wolf, “I beg your pardon: keep your happiness all to yourself. Liberty is the word with me; and I would not be a king upon the terms you mention.”

Dog Friendly Lodging in Lincoln City, Oregon

Dog Friendly Lodging in Lincoln City, Oregon

This post has been updated on my other blog, Pacific Northwest Photoblog at Lincoln City Dog Friendly Hotels. That post is much more up to date and includes more hotels and information.

I’m not sure who provides this information, but this is gleaned from a brochure provided by the city of Lincoln City.

All Seasons Vacation Rentals small dogs only

Ashley Inn Also has Tillamook Location

Captain Cook Inn no pitbulls or cats; no unattended pets

Chinook Winds Casino Resort Hotel no pets in suites

City Center Motel (no web site)

Coast Inn Bed and Breakfast 1 room only; well-behaved dogs

Coho Oceanfront Lodge 10 room; under 25 pounds; 1 pet only

Crown Pacifiq Motel Depoe Bay location also; 10 rooms; doggie treats

Edgecliff Motel

Ester Lee maximum of 2 pets per room; 26 pet rooms

The Hideaway no limitations; 6 rooms

Historic Anchor Inn

Horizon Rentals also has locations in Pacific City, Neskowin, Bend, Gleneden Beach, Lincoln Beach, Depoe Bay and Otter Rock

Inn at Wecoma

Lincoln City Inn

Looking Glass Inn maximum 2 per room; dog basket (I highly recommend this one)

Motel 6 friendly pets

O’dysius Hotel 1 pet per room; under 20lbs, 8 rooms

Oregon Beach House Rentals small to large dogs welcome; doggie treats

Overlook Motel no more than 2 dogs per room; 8 rooms

Palace Inn & Suites 2 dogs per room under 25lbs; 6 rooms

Sailor Jack’s Hidden Cove 2 pets per room; up to 25lbs

Salishan Resort

Sea Echo Motel 2 pets per room maximum; 35 rooms

Seagull Motel

West Coast Inn (no website) 2 rooms; less than 25lbs

Oregon Earthquakes

Oregon Earthquakes

From: Mail Tribune

After studying everything from “ghost forests” submerged after a tsunami to undersea landslides, scientists have determined that 40 earthquakes magnitude 8 or larger have struck Western Oregon in the past 10,000 years.

“And they found that 75 percent of those have happened less than 310 years apart on the average,” Roddey said. “That suggests we are due, and due sooner rather than later.”