Things I’m going to have when I’m rich

Things I’m going to have when I’m rich

1.) Someone to shell peanuts for my consumption.

2.) Someone to clean the bathroom after every use.

3.) REALLY fast Internet. Not just “Wow, that’s fast!” but “Huh… you must have already had that page up.”

4.) Rides on vintage airplanes

5.) A factory to build good quality, Logo-less, black hooded, zippered front sweat shirts.

6.) String of restaurants around town that all have reserved tables for myself.

7.) Full scale replica of the U.S.S. Oregon which I will donate to the City of Portland (again) with the cavet that it may not be donated for the war effort.

8.) Old limo like the one from Addams Family.

9.) Pearl Handled six shooter that will be stolen by my Nemesis which I will then need to heroically get back after we battle to the death.

10.) Physical Nemesis, not merely an ideology, but someone real.

11.) A building at the Zoo, filled with live exhibits. The “Richard Hamell Sasquatch Natural Habitatorium and Interpretive Center” has a nice ring to it.

12.) Good quality fedora and hiking boots

13.) A giant Douglas Fir growing through the middle of my house.

14.) Nice view from the bedroom of my house. Waking up to the Pacific Ocean, or Downtown Seattle would be cool

15.) Luxury Dirigible for traveling around the world.

16.) Autographed picture of Jamie Farr

Review – Fulio’s Pastaria-Tuscan Steak, Astoria Oregon

Review – Fulio’s Pastaria-Tuscan Steak, Astoria Oregon

Fulio’s Pastaria-Tuscan Steak 1149 Commercial St, Astoria, OR 97103 Google Map

Fulio’s is not your typical Italian place. It’s a bit of a hole in the wall location. You can easily walk by and not notice it. But inside is has a very nice atmosphere.

They have a nice wine selection and an amply stocked bar. Where Fulio’s shines though is that their food is not the same as every other Italian place in the world. They have some real innovative items on the menu. My personal favorite is sausage with noodles in a mustard cream sauce.

Another good option is almost the same dish, but with tomato cream sauce with no meat. Other options are on the menu, including several original salads and best of all, an ample selection for the vegetarians. Which is amazing in itself considering Astoria qualifies as a small town.

This place is so good that we’ve driven to Astoria several times just for the food and I never go through Astoria without stopping here.

Jubitz Truck Stop – Review

Jubitz Truck Stop – Review

Originally Posted: 12/13/04

I’ve eaten at my share of greasy spoons and truck stops all over the country, especially in Oregon. Jubitz is located off of I-5 just south of Jantzen Beach. You’ll need to take the Marine Drive exit to get to it.

I went to Jubitz several years ago (2000 as of this writing) The food was bad to fair and was your typical truck stop fare. But I was in the area the other day and decided to stop and see if they’ve changed. They’ve remodeled, added a hotel and a new restaurant. The old restaurant area has been converted in to a country bar with live music, which I quickly avoided. The food quality has gone up.

Truck stop food rarely ever gets to the awesome category, but this did pretty good. Had the ten ounce top sirloin, salad, baked potato and Apple Cobbler for desert. Total bill was still under $15.00. The steak was actually pretty good, much more tender then I expected, it was topped with a garlic butter of some sort that was good enough not to need steak sauce with. The service was pretty good and attentive, and the restaurant itself is fairly nice. I’m a big fan of the old Burns Brothers’ restaurant in Troutdale, but since I don’t live out there any more this is a nice alternative for a cheap meal that isn’t Denny’s or Shari’s.