Reasons I know the panhandlers at onramps are scams

Reasons I know the panhandlers at onramps are scams

Ok, not ALWAYS a scam. But frequently enough that I have to really wonder and no longer give money out.

1.) The same guy working the same spot who two months ago had a sign that said “from out of town, need bus fare”

2.) A middle aged, heavy set woman and her two kids getting into a brand new Mercedes Benz

3.) The panhandler who exchanged a small white package for a wad of bills with a guy in a Lexus

4.) The “homeless veteran” sporting the rolex watch

5.) The guy who flung the McDonald’s gift certificates back

6.) The guy who went from really happy and friendly to sad and slouching in the distance from Starbucks to his “corner.”

7.) The kid who said “Fuck you” to the person in front of me, myself, and lady behind as we drove by.

8.) The lady with the iPhone texting while at the corner.

Personally, seeing these guys every single day gets old. I don’t know who really needs help or not any more. Apparently I’m not the only one. It’s harder because some of them DO need help.

Good smelling things

Good smelling things

I’ve never been much of an olfactory dependent person, I think most people aren’t. On the other hand I do know that my sense of smell tends to be better then most other peoples.

Some recent good smells I’ve noticed:
Tomato Plants
The air when rain is coming (called “petrichor”)
Fresh cut Pine trees (vastly different then the typical Christmas Tree smell)
Sautéed Onions
Good quality dirt

I’m sure a physiologist (and even a phycologist) might have something to say about the fact that all the smells are food related, or outdoorsy.

Web Comics to read

Web Comics to read

Here is a list of my favorite Web Comics to read. Split into those “with an RSS feed” and those “without an RSS feed (that I can find)”

With RSS Feed:
Air Force Blues
Boxcar Astronaut
Evil Inc.
The Rainbow Orchid
Gene’s Journal
Erf World
Order of the Stick
Girl Genius
Schoolhouse Daze
Imagine This
Lackadaisy Cats
Least I Could Do (Not safe for work!)
Legend of Bill
Lovecraft is Missing
Penny Arcade
The System
Schlock Mercenary
Shi Long Pang
Something Positive (Not safe for work!)
The Super Fogeys
VG Cats(Not safe for work!) (Sometimes)

Without an RSS Feed (that I can find):
Real Life
Tales from the White Pony
Dungeons and Denizens
Chicken Wings
Sorcery 101
8 Bit Theater
Realm of Atland
Strip Tease
Girls with Slingshots
Good Ship Chronicles
Jump Leads
Menage a 3 (Not work safe!!!!)
The Zombie Hunters
Dork Tower
Wayfarer’s Moon
Looking For Group
Full Frontal Nerdity