How To: Redirect Linux display to OS X

How To: Redirect Linux display to OS X

Install Macports

Open X11 type: xhost + (allows incoming connections from ‘anywhere’)

for extra security add machine name or username ssh to linux machine and type: setenv DISPLAY “ip address”:0 or setenv DISPLAY “full hostname”:0 (Note setenv is a CSH command, you may need to switch shells)

replace ip address with the ip address of the machine you arer connecting from.

Launch program (such as Gimp) and start using it.

How To: Change Default Mail Client on OSX

How To: Change Default Mail Client on OSX 

When I moved away from Entourage to Thunderbird I had a huge issue with mailto: html links still attempting to open Entourage to send emails. OS X itself simply does not provide a simple way to change this default behavior.

So, the trick is to open OS X’s Mail Client and use that. Simply create a dummy account, it doesn’t matter what info you put in as you won’t be using it. Once Mail is opened, go to Preferences then click on the General Tab. There will be a “Default Mail Reader” drop down menu. Choose your default client (even Firefox or Safari if you have something like Zimbra or another web mail) and exit the client.

The other, and possibly better trick if you’re going to make this change across multiple computers such as an entire Enterprise setup is to edit one of the plist files.

In ~/Library/Preferences/ look for



Just under

Options for mail client would be com.mozilla.firefox or or the preferences name of any other mail client. These can easily be found in the same folder. Once this is done, mailto: links will then open in your preferential mail client!