Locations: Newhaven Crossing

Locations: Newhaven Crossing

Newhaven Crossing is one of the fabled twelve ring cities arranged on the Great Plains around Mar Gullend Dek – the giant haunted castle carved out of a Mountain. Each of the ring cities was originally a remote fortress to protect the castle. In the past two thousand years they have grown to be great cities themselves. Five of the cities are dedicated through ancient peace treaties and pacts to one of the major races, Halflings, Goblin kind, Elven, Dwarven and Centaur. The rest are primarily human, but are accustomed to members of other races.

Newhaven Crossing is the most North Eastern of the Twelve Ring Cities. Situated on the coast at the Wineworm River it has become an important trade route up and down the coast, and across the sea. It has a large undercity with connections to the Underworld. It’s primary import is Wine from the Arabel area, (the most North Eastern of the Ring Cities,) along the Wineworm river. It’s major export is fish, along with timber from the Northern Forest. It is rumored that anything can be found and bought – or sold some where in Newhaven Crossing though.

The core of the city surrounds the old fort, which has been renovated and upgraded many times. There are about five thousand troops stationed in the fort at all times. Another five thousand patrol and maintain small forts in an area to the north that covers 100,000 square miles. To the south of the fort is the dock area, where there is room for up to 100 ships at a time. Ten naval ships are stationed there to keep the peace, enforce rules, and stop the occasional Northern pirates that may end up this far south.

Newhaven Crossing is home to the Handmaidens of the Lady Helena. The Handmaidens are a love cult who maintains houses of “worship” (brothels) in most any city with more then 500 citizens. In addition they take in female orphans and maintain highly regarded schools for young ladies both low born and high born. Handmaidens have a high marriage rate as they are constantly sought after for thier intelligence, and their knowledge of business, politics and many other areas. The most promising students are sent to the Acadamy of Learning in Newhaven Crossing. The school is limited to 500 students total, and entrance to the school must be sponsored by a high priestess at one of the houses. Characters can become a Handmaiden, but they need to have a 15+ Charisma, 16+ Intelligence, at least three knowledge skills and be Female.

Other deities with temples in the town include The Brothers of Talric and Nanreen – The Goddess of Merchants.

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Garnoc’s Gloves

Random Fantasy Names

Random Fantasy Names

Originally posted from Fidonet. Just a random list of names that I’ve kept around for creating fantasy characters.  So Brian Kettering – who ever you are, thanks!

From   : Brian Kettering  (POST 05-May-1993 19:12)
Subject: Names of the Month
Since people liked my post of many fantasy names, I have decided to post a
few more each month for everyone to use and enjoy.  If one or three catch
your eye, write me back and tell me why (oooooh, a rhyme!).
Achiena    Ejaena     Kamithar   Rechinar   Valethar  Cagoril   Goruta
Adhereal   Ethurael   Kavaena    Retaena    Viorzha   Chasetyr  Halura
Akimar     Farenal    Kazil      Rocamara   Vuzarael  Chidildra Henashal
Basemar    Felethar   Korithar   Ruthamaal  Worustan  Cimiryl   Ibohama
Cabistone  Fuliurael  Larostan   Samithar   Xaimar    Daeros    Icanal
Caera      Gaudrael   Lovumar    Savaston   Xalathar  Darital   Idenshield
Camara     Hazuther   Marael     Sezerael   Xemara    Dawndale  Ikajira
Chalutyr   Ichama     Nazarael   Shamara    Zirael    Denecar   Jaaor
Cuathar    Isomar     Oakethar   Shirael    Zothimar  Elizaret  Jacipur
Dachamar   Izether    Panduther  Tarael     Aeothor   Elinilera Jenin
Darael     Jacuraal   Parither   Thalastan  Alalira   Evidar    Jimuril
Dejemal    Jamara     Pedimar    Tharel     Anaer     Ezhuer    Kaera
Dezim      Jizarael   Perom      Theston    Aviux     Fezire    Kajena
Dezir      Joxiral    Piur       Tinuviel   Balisaer  Fosmar    Karashal
Duthurael  Jutham     Ra’kirael  Ulorael    Barthon   Gelesia   Kavin

Spell: Manor’s Mindsight

Spell: Manor’s Mindsight

Originally part of the Landforger Project on Fidonet. Written for AD&D

Manor’s Mindsight


Level: 5

Range: special

Duration: 1 Turn/lvl.

Area of Effect: Creature Touched

Components: V,S,M

Casting Time: 6

Save: None

By means of this spell, a wizard gains the ability to “see” everything within a range of 20′ plus 10/ per two levels of the caster, regardless of intervening objects of any sort. No actual sensory organs are needed for the spell to function, and thus the mage may be blindfolded or in a completely dark room while using the mindsight spell. Furthermore, everything within the radius of the spell is perceived simultaneously; hence there is no need for the mage to look up or down to “see” objects above or below him.

Mind sight does not light a darkened area, though, so the mage would still perceive a dark room as a dark room, not a lighted one. The mage may overcome this obstacle by using the mindsight spell in conjunction with a darksense, infravision, or ultravision spell.

When using Manor’s Mindsight, a mage may not perceive illusions or phantasms for what they really are (unless his intelligence would normally allow him to distinguish between the illusion and reality), nor may he distinguish between magical objects and non-magical items, or make distinctions of alignment. Similarly, the mage cannot see traps, tricks, pits, magical symbols, or other invisible or magically concealed items or objects, unless he would be able to detect such items normally. A mage may surmount the problem by casting spells such as detect invisible, detect evil, detect magic, etc. previous to the actual casting of mindsight. These spells may be used with mindsight even if the radius of such spells are not equal to the radius of the mindsight spell.

The mage maintain the mindsight spell without concentration, and may move, cast spells, and engage in other activities while mindsight is in effect. If the mage wishes to view anything through the spell, however, he must concentrate and is then unable to move, cast spells, or engage in any strenuous activities. If the mage is attacked while concentrating on the mindsight, the spell is not ruined and the caster may resume viewing after combat is resolved. The material component of the spell is the preserved eye of a blink dog, which is reusable.