Oregon History Books

Oregon History Books

A (short) list of Oregon History Books that I own. List is created mostly so I can peruse it while visiting dusty antique stores, or moldy book stores during my travels and add to it.

80 Years in the Same Neighborhood, A History of the Sandy, Oregon Area” by Phil Jonsrud

A Song of Yamhill and Oregon’s Northwestern Willamette Valley” by Gordon N. Zimmerman

“A Touch of Oregon: Lovesong to a State” by Ralph Friedman

The Adventures of Dr. Huckleberry: Tillamook County, Oregon,” by E.R. Huckleberry, M.D.

“Adventures of the First Settlers on the Oregon or Columbia River, 1810-1813” by Alexander Ross, Robert J. Frank and William G. Robbins

Adventures on the Columbia River” by Ross Cox

All For Nothing: The True Story of the Last Great American Train Robbery” by Larry and Howard, John Sturholm

The American Northwest: A History of Oregon and Washington” by Gordon B. Dodds

Bathroom Book of Oregon Trivia: Weird, Wacky, and Wild” by Mark Thorburn and Lisa Wojna

Battle Rock – The Hero’s Story” by Bert and Margie Webber

“Barlow Road” by Clackamas County Historical Society and Wasco County Historical Society

Best of the Old Northwest: True Stories, Anecdotes, Legends and Mysteries of Those Exciting Times” by Marge Davenport

Chronicles from Pedee, Oregon” by Lena Belle Tartar

“Columbia River Gorge History, Volume one by Jim Attwell

Discovering Oregon” by Barbara Shangle

“Echoes From Old Crook County by Crook County Historical Society

“Empire of the Columbia by Dorothy O Johansen

Fabulous Folks of the Old Northwest” by Marge Davenport

Ghost Towns of the American West by Berthold Steinhilber

Ghost Towns of the West” by Lambert Florn

Gold and Cattle Country” by Herman. Jackman (1961 edition)

The Great Extravaganza: Portland And The Lewis And Clark Exposition” by Carl Abbott

Great Moments In Oregon History” by Win Mccormack (and Dick Pintarich)

Hiking Oregon’s History : The Stories Behind Historic Places You Can Walk to See” by William L. Sullivan

Historical Atlas of Washington and Oregon” by Derek Hayes

Historical Oregon by R. N. Preston

“Konapee’s Eden Historic and Scenic Handbook : Of Columbia River Gorge” by Oral Bullard

Life of Charles Erskine Scott Wood” by Erskine Wood

Lincoln County Lore” by Lincoln County Historial Society

“Lost Mines and Treasures of the Pacific Northwest” by Ruby El Hult (1954 edition)

Maury Mountains Historical Tour” by Crook County Historical Society

Meriwether Lewis: A Biography” by Richard Dillon

More on the Pendleton Underground” by Pam Severe

“Northwest Gem Trails: A Field Guide for the Gem Hunter, Mineral Collector and Tourist” by H. C. Dak

Northwest Glory Days” by Marge Davenport

The Oregon Book: Information A to Z” by Connie Battaile

The Oregon Companion: An Historical Gazetteer of the Useful, the Curious, and the Arcane” by Richard H. Engeman

The Oregon Desert by E.R. Jackman and R.A. Long

Oregon Disasters: True Stories of Tragedy and Survival” by Rachel Dresbeck

“Oregon’s Dry Side: Exploring East of the Cascade Crest” by Alan D. St. John

“Oregon Geographic Names” (Copyright 1992) by Lewis A. MacArthur

“Oregon For the Curious” by Ralph Friedman

Oregon Ghost Towns” by Lambert Florin

Oregon’s Golden Years: Bonanza of the West” by Miles F. Potter

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume LIX, Number 3 – September 1958

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume LXC, No. 4 – December 1964

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume LXXXV, No. 3 – Fall, 1984

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume LXXXV, No. 4 – Winter, 1984

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume LXXXVII, No. 1 – Spring, 1986

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume LXXXVII, No. 2 – Summer, 1986

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 88, NO. 4 – WInter, 1987

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 89, NO. 1 – Spring 1988

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 89, NO. 3 – Fall 1988

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 90, NO. 1 – Spring 1989

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 90, NO.2 – Summer 1989

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 90, NO. 4 – Winter 1989

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 91, NO. 1 – Spring 1990

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 91, NO.2 – Summer 1990

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 93, NO.2 – Summer 1992

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 94, NO. 4 – Winter 1992-93

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 95, Number 4 – Winter 1994-95

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 96, Number 1 – Spring 1995

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 97, Number 1 – Spring 1996

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 97, Number 3 – Fall 1996

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 100, Number 3 – Fall 1999

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 100, Number 4 – Winter 1999

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 101, Number 2 – Summer 2000

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 102, Number 3 – Fall 2001

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 104, Number 3 – Fall 2003

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 104, Number 4 – Winter 2003

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 105, Number 1 – Spring 2004

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 105, Number 2 – Summer 2004

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 105, Number 3 – Fall 2004

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 105, Number 4 – Winter 2004

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 105, Number 4 – Summer 2005

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 106, Number 3 – Fall 2005

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 106, Number 4 – Winter 2005

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 107, Number 1 – Spring 2006

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 107, Number 2 – Summer 2006

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Vol 107, No. 3 – Fall 2006

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 107, Number 4 – Winter 2006

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 108, Number 1 – Spring 2007

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 108, Number 2 – Summer 2007

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 108, Number 3 – Fall 2007

Oregon: Then & Now by Steve Terrill, Thomas Robinson and John Daniel

The Other Side of Oregon” by Ralph Friedman

Outlaw Tales of Oregon: True Stories of Oregon’s Most Infamous Robbers, Rustlers, and Bandits” by Jim Yuskavitch

Portland, a Pictorial History by Harry Stein

“Portraits: Fort Rock Valley Homestead Years” by Helen Parks

“Pacific Coast (Tales of the Wild West Series)” by Rick Steber

“Picturesque Frontier: The Army’s Fort Dalles” by Priscilla Knuth

Polk County Pioneer Sketches Volume 1 and 2” compiled by Sarah Childress

Portland Confidential” by Phil Stanford

“The Rose City of the World by Ruby Fay Purdy

“The Sandal and the Cave: The Indians of Oregon” by Luther S. Cressman and Dennis L. Jenkins (1964 Red Cover edition)

Steamboats on Northwest Rivers” by Bill Gulick

Somewhere in Oregon” by Patrick c. Wilkins

Spooky Oregon: Tales of Hauntings, Strange Happenings, and Other Local Lore” by S. E. Schlosser and Paul G. Hoffman

“Tales Out of Oregon” by Ralph Friedman

Tall Tales from Rogue River: The Yarns of Hathaway Jones” edited by Stephen Dow Beckham

“Ten Years in Oregon. Travels and adventures of Dr. E. White and lady, west of the Rocky Mountains” Compiled by A. J. Allen. (1968 limited edition)

“Thirty-One Years In Baker County: A History Of The County From 1861 to 1893” by Isaac Hiatt

“We Claimed This Land: Portland’s Pioneer Settlers” by Eugene E. Snyder

“Weird Oregon: Your Travel Guide to Oregon’s Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets” by Al Eufrasio, Jefferson Davis, Mark Sceurman and Mark Moran

Willamette Landings: Ghost Towns of the River” by Howard McKinley Corning

“Women of the West” by Max Binheim (1928 edition)
Wish List

Encyclopedia of Indian Wars: Western Battles and Skirmishes 1850-1890

High Desert Roses, Volume Two: Lake County for the Curious (Volume 2)

Oregon Post Offices, 1847-1982” by Richard W. Helbock. Not to be confused with “A checklist of Oregon post offices, 1847-1988 (La Posta pocket guide series)” also by Mr. Helbock. The later is simply a checklist of canceled post office marks for collectors and of no use to me.

Nimrod: Courts, Claims, and Killing on the Oregon Frontier” by Ronald B. Lansing

How To: Create and Import vcf VCards

How To: Create and Import vcf VCards

VCards are simply virtual business cards used to exchange contact information. They are easily recognizable with the .vcf file extension. Vcards have rapidly become a universally excepted way of transferring contact information between devices. They can be sent to most phones such as Blackberries and iPhones, or to all the popular Email programs and multiple contact collection programs.

The first step in creating a VCard is actually the hardest. Below is an example of my own VCard:

FN:Rick Hamell

As can be seen it shows all the important contact info that would be found in any contact program. In addition to Email addresses it includes my phone number and URL to my website.

Many programs such as Apple’s Address Book, or Microsoft Outlook will allow exporting a contact to a VCard file. They can also be edited with a text file as long as the conventions in structure are observed. The easiest method is to use an online generator. I prefer Wacomenance.co.uk but the one at Vicintl.com is more streamlined and compatible. Keep in mind that while MOST programs should read all the fields in a VCARD, some will drop fields such as second and third email addresses.

After creating a card the next step is to import it in to the preferred Contact Program.

Microsoft Outlook:

  • Click on File menu, then choose Import And Export.
  • Click to select the Import a vCard file (*.vcf) check box, and then click Next.
  • Select the vCard file, and then click Open.

Microsoft Entourage:

  • Open Entourage
  • Click on Address Button
  • Drag .VCF file to upper right hand window of Entourage

Apple Address Book:

  • Simply Double Click on the .VCF Card

Mozilla Thunderbird:

  • Attach VCard in Email to self
  • Click on VCard
  • Click OK in “New Card for” Dialog Box

Keep in mind that VCards only really work well with one contact at a time. This is not the way to export or import a fully populated address book. Also, it’s best to be careful where the file goes as it could be used for malicious purposes. Only send the file out to people known to you.