How To: Change Mac Icons

How To: Change Mac Icons

Nothing says “Hands off! This is MY Mac” like a highly customized desktop.

Once you’ve chosen a Icon Set (or six,) unpack them to a folder on the desktop.

Right click then Get Info on the new Icon. At the top will be a picture of the Icon, highlight this then use to copy the Icon to your clipboard.

Go back to the folder you’d like to change, IE, your hard drive’s Icon. Right click on it, the go to Get Info. Highlight the Icon at the top, but use this time.

Close the Get Info window, and the Icon should change!

Disney Magic Kingdom, Orlando Florida Pictures

Disney Magic Kingdom, Orlando Florida Pictures

March, 2012 – In Orlando Florida again. Hit Disney World/Magic Kingdom up. Again. Not quite as artistic this time.

Big Thunder Mountain across from Tom Sawyer’s Island

Cinderella’s Castle, with dancing going on in front!
Castle Dance

A random sign.
Do Not Bump

Topiary Mickey and Minnie
Mickey and Minnie

And the People Mover. Quite possibly still my favorite ride at Disney. Still rather upset that it’s shut down totally in Anaheim.
People Mover