RPG: Diadem of Water Elemental Control

RPG: Diadem of Water Elemental Control

The Diadem of Water Elemental Control is only useable by Druids.

Description: A plain gold Diadem with no ornamentation other then a wavy line running the length of the band.

Usage: The wearer can control up to 3+Wisdom bonus (if any) number of Water Elementals at one time.

He can give them all the same command, a successful Will roll must be made to give one a different command then the others unless it is a dismissal command.

Water Elementals must be within line of site for initial commands. They will carry out their last orders though when out of site.

Until issued a command, Water Elementals are free willed and will act and react as normal. Hostile actions towards the Water Elementals before a command is issued, will result in a -3 Penalty to the Will Roll.

Magic Item: Pocket of Holding

Magic Item: Pocket of Holding

The Pocket of Holding looks like a small rounded at one end piece of fabric. The other end has a flap and a button closing it.

The Pocket of Holding has the same capacity as a large belt pouch, but always appears empty from the outside. When the Pocket is left empty for 24 hours, it automatically falls off whatever garment it is on. It can then be moved to another garment, and seamlessly blends in to the new garment.

When spotting an attached pocket, there is a DC 20 check to notice something odd about it. A pocket of holding has a +5 concealment check for anything that is inside it.

Price is the same as a bag of holding.