Guild Wars 2 Weaponsmithing Farming Locations

Guild Wars 2 Weaponsmithing Farming Locations

***Update 12/22/13 – I do not play Guild Wars 2 much anymore. But I’d like to keep this resource up and running. If you’d like to take over editing it, please let me know. Either email or leave a comment below. I’m also looking for people who would like to do the same thing for the other crafting skills. Thank you!****

One of the biggest pains in Guild Wars 2 is farming for components to level the crafting skills. Here are suggestions of locations to find items for the Weaponsmithing Crafting Skills

The Crafting skill is sorted out by level, with the minimum suggested number of crafting items needed to advance to the next crafting tier. IE, You’ll need 28 Tiny Claws total when advancing from Levels 0-75 (Tier 1) to Levels 75-150 (Tier 2)

Please note Copper Ore, Greenwood Logs, Iron Ore, Soft Wood Logs, Seasoned Wood Logs, Hard Wood Logs, Platinum Ore, Elder Wood Logs, and Mithril Ore are also obtainable by using Salvage Kits on Armor and Weapons.

Tier 1 – Level 0-75
Copper Ore, Qty 180
– Caledon Forest (Level 1-15)
– Metrica Province (Level 1-15)
– Plains of Ashford Continue reading “Guild Wars 2 Weaponsmithing Farming Locations”