IRS Phone Call Scam

IRS Phone Call Scam

Here is another particularly scary scam. Someone from the IRS calls and says that they need to talk you right away or they will forward the issue to the courts and have you arrested. If you call them back, they strong arm you into going down to Western Union and sending a Money Order. They won’t let you off the phone until you send the money order, once you get to that point, it is too late!

I theorize that they are getting information from one of the recent credit card or data breaches. Since I’ve been subject to four of them in the past year alone, I’m pretty resigned to the fact that I’m going to see more of this. (Yes, I’m signed up for the free Credit Checking reports.)

“Steve Wilson” has been working pretty hard to get a hold of me. So far he has called me from three different phone numbers:
347-688-5901 (Added 04/01/2015)

The first day he did this, he must have been new on the job. I got five calls from the 773 phone numbers, and three voice mails following the same script. Since then he’s varied the script a bit but it is essentially the same.

Unfortunately for Steve, the IRS is well aware of these, but there is little that can be done about it. While the IRS might call you to discuss an issue, it is more likely they will mail you first. Even if they did call, they would not demand immediate payment over the phone, and certainly not via Western Union.

Please do not fall for this one!

Important Disney Phone Numbers

Important Disney Phone Numbers

Just because they’re hard to find in one place anywhere else, here is a list of important phone numbers for various Disney related places.

Walt Disney World Resort Guest information 407-824-4321

Walt Disney Downtown Disney 407-939-2648

Disney Quest Downtown Disney 407-938-6253

Cirque du Soleil 407-939-7600

Walt Disney World Merchandise Guest Services 407-363-6200

Disneyland Recorded Information 714-781-4565

Disney DeliverEars / Merchandise Guest Services (US only) 800-760-3566

Disney Catalog (US Only) 800-237-5751

Magic Kingdom Club Gold Card 800-313-4763

Disney Auctions and Disney Deals 1-800-328-0899

Walt Disney Event Services
Phone: 866-247-1203 or 407-827-7600
Fax: 407-566-1387

Please comment below if any of these no longer work, or you have another one to add to the list.

How to: From “.phone owner” instead of correct user

How to: From “.phone owner” instead of correct user

The problem is that in Entourage, emails are saying that they’re from “.phone owner” instead of the correct (usually yourself.)

This comes about from iPhones synching contacts in a Enterprise environment. The “default” contact on the phone is the user who owns it. So this issue comes up when contacts are synched between the iPhone and Entourage.

Luckily this is easy to fix. In Entourage, go to Address Book. Look for .Phone Owner. Open the contact (double click or right click) then go to “Name & Email”

Change the contact name to the correct name, save and close and you’re all good!

Credit Card Company Back Door Phone Numbers

Credit Card Company Back Door Phone Numbers

Here”s a list of backdoor phone numbers to Credit Card Companies. This is partially taken from the Forums and includes numbers from my own research.

American Express: 800-809-6849 (lending dept)
American Express: 800-874-2717
American Express: 800-223-2670
American Express Oasis Program: 888-232-3261
Barclay’s: 866-750-6031 (corporate)
Best Buy: 888-237-8289 (customer care)
Best Buy: 800-365-0292(CSR)
Bank of America: 800-732-9194 (dept. unknown)
Bank of America: 866-865-7842; 866-506-5067 (Credit Dept. Analysts/Recon)
Bank of America: 302-741-1825 (Recon)
Bank of America: 800-421-2110 (for cli ? )
Bank of America: 888-831-4181
Bank of America – Credit Analyst Department: 1-866-751-1257
Capital One: 800-951-6951 (Customer relations)
Capital One:-800-548-4593 (application department; status)
Capital One: 800-889-9939 or 800-625-7866 (Account Specialist)
Capital One: 877-513-9959 (Account Retention?)
Capital One: 800-427-9458 (Fraud department. They take ALL calls seriously!)
Capital One: 800-258-9319 (Debt Recovery)
CareCredit: 866-893-7864 (credit services)
Chase: 800-432-3117(App status)
Chase: 800-648-5588 or 800-945-2006 for APR decrease(Card Services)
Chase: 877-781-3109(combining & product change)
Chase: 888-245-0625 (Credit Analyst – Recons)
Chase: 888-871-4715 (Lending Department)
Chase: 888-643-9628 (FAX – underwriting)
Chevron: 801-743-2030(Credit Dept)
Chevron: 800-243-8766 (ask for UW)
Citi: 800-950-5114 (Account Specialist)
Citi: 888-201-4523 (Approval Status)
Discover: 888-676-3695(Recon)
GEMB/GE Money Bank/Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy: 888-248-3182 (credit services)
HSBC: 800-694-9222 (cust. service)
HSBC: 831-755-6699 (executive customer service)
Hooters: 801-545-6705 or 800-850-4668
J.C.Penny:866-239-4362 (credit services)
Juniper: 866-408-4064 (Credit Analyst)
Juniper: 866-750-6031 (corporate)
Key Bank MC/Citi: 800-288-4653 (underwriting)
Krogers: 888-954-6767
Lowes: 800-445-6937 (application status)
Lowes: 866-232-7443 (underwriter)
Lowes: 800-444-1408 (fraud and/or underwriting)
Macys: 800-243-6552, 800-458-6229
National City: 800-762-0974 (Credit Dept)
Nordstrom: 1-866-445-0430 (hit 2, then 0#) (card services)
Orchard: 800-395-6090
Sam’s Club: 800-301-5546 , 866-246-4282 (credit services)
Shell: 800-223-3296 , 866-438-7435 (credit department)
Shell: 800-377-5150 (customer service)
Target: 612-307-8010, 612-307-5580 (Target Financial Services – FAX – Underwriting – VP: Robert M. Barnhart)
Target: 605-323-2028 (Target National Bank – FAX – VP: Jim Meyer)
Target: 800-659-2396, 800-394-1829, 888-755-5852, 888-755-5856, 612-307-5811, 800-621-2410, 888-608-7627, 888-394-1885 (credit services)
Target: 612-304-6073 (guest relations – President of TFS: Terrence J. Scully)
Target: 866-225-7040 (BACKDOOR)
Tiffany & Co: 800-770-0800
U.S. Bank: 800-364-7390
Victoria’s Secret/VS: 800-695-9458
Victoria’s Secret/VS: 614-729-7572
Wal-Mart/(GE Moneybank)/GEMB 1-866-419-4096, 877-294-7548 (Underwriting)
Wal-Mart (by GE Money Bank) is: 1-877-294-7880 (reported to be the best number)
WaMU CSR: 800-356-0011, or 800-280-9441; 888-687-2273.
WaMu: 800-687-2273 (Applications/New Accounts)
Wells Fargo: 415-396-1104

Please update me with any additions or subtractions