Reasons I know the panhandlers at onramps are scams

Reasons I know the panhandlers at onramps are scams

Ok, not ALWAYS a scam. But frequently enough that I have to really wonder and no longer give money out.

1.) The same guy working the same spot who two months ago had a sign that said “from out of town, need bus fare”

2.) A middle aged, heavy set woman and her two kids getting into a brand new Mercedes Benz

3.) The panhandler who exchanged a small white package for a wad of bills with a guy in a Lexus

4.) The “homeless veteran” sporting the rolex watch

5.) The guy who flung the McDonald’s gift certificates back

6.) The guy who went from really happy and friendly to sad and slouching in the distance from Starbucks to his “corner.”

7.) The kid who said “Fuck you” to the person in front of me, myself, and lady behind as we drove by.

8.) The lady with the iPhone texting while at the corner.

Personally, seeing these guys every single day gets old. I don’t know who really needs help or not any more. Apparently I’m not the only one. It’s harder because some of them DO need help.

Domain Name Appraisal Scams

Domain Name Appraisal Scams

Here’s a new one on me. The Domain Name Appraisal Scam. The email is simple, some emails you asking to buy your domain name for 65% of it’s appraised value. They include links to three different “appraisal services,” one of which is a scam site. The scam site is of course the cheapest of them all.

What is not quite clear in this scam is if they’re also stealing credit card info, or just trying to get people to pay for a bogus appraisal.


Dear Sir or Madam,

We are interested to buy your domain name BBXGAME.COM and offer to buy it from you for 65% of the appraised market value.

As of now we accept appraisals from either one of the following leading appraisal companies:

If you already have an appraisal please forward it to us.

As soon as we have received your appraisal we will send you our payment (we use Paypal for amounts less than $2,000 and for amounts above $2,000) as well as further instructions on how to complete the transfer of the domain name.

We appreciate your business,

Yours truly,

Jeff Miller

In this case the fake Domain Name Appraisal company is Others have reported the fake appraisal company being and

On a side note and out of curiosity I did a Google Search for Free Domain Name Appraisals and came up with these: appraises for $1600-$2400, $25, and $506 in that order. Which goes to show that the art of Domain Name Appraisals is black at best.