Habanero Stuffed Tomatoes Recipe

Habanero Stuffed Tomatoes Recipe

This is a good Vegetarian or Vegan recipe that even meat eaters will enjoy. Can be a main dish or used as a side.

2 medium sized tomatoes per person
1 habanero (or two jalapeƱos if you want it a little less warm)
“Wild” or Mixed rice. You want the kind that has several different types mixed together
Feta Cheese (try to get the kind with the least amount of salt for the most flavor, or use a Vegan Feta)

Start cooking rice per instructions, use the smallest amount possible as you will have leftovers. Preheat oven to 350F. Cut tops of tomatoes off and scoop the insides out. Be sure to get as much as possible as you want a bowl shape. When rice is done mix the tomatoes scoopings, feta cheese and the chopped habanero (or jalapeƱos,) together. Spoon into the hallowed out tomatoes. Put the tops back on, and put in oven for ten to twelve minutes. Enjoy with several glasses of water.

The left over rice can be served later with a grilled portabella mushroom, or a side of steamed vegetables.

Note that you can remove the jalapenos and habaneros totally, I’d suggest replacing them with Green Peppers or onions.