All I want to do is Sing and Dance

All I want to do is Sing and Dance

I’m looking for suggestions on new music to check out. I use to use Kazaa Lite for this. I’d randomly type in a word, or perhaps a type of music and download everything I came across. Then I’d spend hours going through what I downloaded looking for stuff I liked. Then it was a quick trip down to Everyday Music to look and see what they had that I liked.

I found a good group called Toybox after looking for the word “Sailor.” I was actually looking for Ray Steven’s “The Pirate Song, (I Want to Sing and Dance,)” after seeing some friends perform it at Embers (also known locally as “the” Bar,) for a GBLT benefit.

Anyways – I liked it so much that I downloaded a few more of their songs. They’re very Aqua like – but for some reason the tunes and words are much catchier. I mean, Barbie Girl is ok, but Toy Box takes that a step further and puts it in all their songs. From the first album Fantastic, I like “The Sailor Song,” “ET,” “Tarzan and Jane,” and “Best Friend.” Best Friend is funny, on the CD there is a music video included that brings us back to Aqua’s Barbie Girl.

Anyways, I think that my favorite type of music has become Techno or Punk Remakes of more famous songs. Me First and the Gimme Gimmeies are a really good example. Pretty much their entire discography is based on remakes. One of my favorites is “Science Fiction Double Feature,” being a big Rocky fan back in the day (a mere two years ago,) it really hit the spot with me.

Another type that I enjoy is Old Time Radio. Jack Benny is probally my personal favorite, but (George) Burns, and (Gracie) Allens, Bob Hope, Fibber McGee, etc, are all really good too. My only gripe is that my car MP3 player won’t play these at the lower bit rates. Most are 30 minute shows, since the orginial format is so bad they’re ripped at a really low rate, so 21 – 30 minutes ends up being your typical 5-7MB file. Being a bit of an amateur historian, it’s really cool to listen to these old shows. Unluckily I don’t have the 45 minute commute to work like I use to, so it’s hard to find time to listen to them. 9 times out of 10, they’re usually funnier then anything that’s on the air today.

So if anyone has any suggestions for some music to check out, (remove the extra period,) would be appreciated. Please no Modern Country or Rap! I don’t want to shoot myself, or get shot for listening to the wrong type of music.

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