Annual Business Services Scam

**Update – Annual Business Services have updated their web site:
Stay away from these people!!!****

The Annual Business Services Scam is an mailing coming in an official looking envelope. Upon opening it a form directs the company to fill out the form to “prepare and provide corporate minutes that meet the following requirements of law.” This is usually followed by a paragraph from the legal code with the relevant legal statue quoted. They also instruct that the form be filled out and remitted with an $125 fee (check only.)

They prey on newly registered LLC and DBA companies, usually people who have never run a business before and who may not know what rules they actually need to follow. While far from the only companies that look at newly registered business names to generate sales leads, their tactics are comparatively dishonest.

The people perpetuating this scam appears to be running under multiple Company names in multiple states. National Corporate Research LTD has an huge listing of variations on this scam, including the business names being used. They note that in the fine print of the documentation (below) that there is frequently a variation on “This product has not been approved or endorsed by any government agency and this offer is not being made by an agency of the government.”

Annual Business Services Scam

Other companies with this, or similar, scams are “Corporate Compliance Solicitation,” “Corporate Records Services,” or “Compliance Services.” NCR lists many of these scams and has a link to each Secretary of State’s website talking about these scams.


The Oregon Secretary of State is well aware of this scam. They state:

“Despite its appearance, the Annual Records Solicitation Form (PDF) solicitation was not sent by the Secretary of State Corporation Division. It is neither authorized nor sanctioned in any way by the state of Oregon.

Official business correspondence from the Secretary of State Corporation Division always contains these elements:

An image of the Oregon seal.
The words “Secretary of State Corporation Division.”
Our phone number: 503-986-2200.
Corporations registered to do business in Oregon are required to maintain records and hold annual meetings of shareholders. However, they are not required to file them with the Secretary of State Corporation Division.”

Note that an updated side bar on the Oregon Secretary of State’s web page points out another common scam:

“Attorneys for The Mandatory Poster Agency Inc – the company behind this mailing – have contacted the state of Oregon to maintain the solicitation is a legitimate service. The Oregon Department of Justice continues to take complaints from businesses. The Corporation Division maintains its warning that bus​​inesses should read the solicitation carefully to avoid being misled.

The attorney’s letter (PDF) states that customers who ar​e dissatisfied with the service are guaranteed a full refund upon request. To request a refund, send your written request to:

The Mandatory Poster Agency Inc
dba Corporate Records Service
6323 W Saginaw Hwy Ste E
Lansing, MI 48917

If The Mandatory Poster Agency, dba Corporate Records Service, fails to issue a refund as requested, please contact the Oregon Department of Justice, Financial Fraud and Consumer Protection Section at 877-877-9392.”

The Better Business Bureau webpage reports that The Mandatory Poster Agency “sells” (in a threatening manner,) Labor Law posters. Their literature states that the posters are mandatory and provides a handy form to order some at prices in the $300 range. These posters are usually free from your local state labor agency though. The letter looks official just like the Compliance scam above. Based on the fact that the company is using the same tactics, it’s obvious that they know they’re scamming. It’s also just as obvious that new businesses are falling for it.

Other states posting alerts about these scams are:
North Carolina
Tennessee (from “Tennessee Council for Corporations”)

70 thoughts on “Annual Business Services Scam

  1. Ella Nimz Reply

    The mandatory Agency dba Corporate records states that they ah e nothing to do with “Annual Business Services ” when I emailed them and requested a refund .
    I called the consumer protection section and they directed me to file a complaint online . And gave me a number for this Annual business service 1-855-246-8622. Where some “dude” that was totally out of it maybe even drunk or high said I should get my “processed package” in the mail and I need to return it to him for. Full refund . I said I haven’t received anything I want my money back my 125.00 dollars. He said he can’t do nothing till he gets this “packet” back that I never received. Said his name is “Royce Wedge”
    I said I have filled a complaint and now I will file one with the bank for fraud

  2. Ali Reply

    I just received a mailing from “Annual Business Services” with a form to complete and return. My business is in Washington. Something looked fishy about the mailing which caused me to do some homework online and discover it was a scam. I wanted to leave a posting to let readers know they appear to be operating in Washington as well. Return envelope was addressed to “Annual Business Services”, 1001 Cooper Point Road, Suite 140-#143, Olympia, WA 98502. If you look up this address in Olympia, it is a UPS store. i.e. #143 is a p.o. box at the UPS store!

    • Ann Reply

      I got the same thing too, for Washington State! Same Olympia address, too. Thank goodness I looked up if this was a scam, right before I was about to mail them $125. Yes, this was my first year of being an LLC, so I didn’t know any better. It makes me angry that these people are scamming honest people out of hard-earned money. And I feel sorry for the people who sent them money, thinking this is their duty to run an honest business.

  3. Wendy Reply

    I too received a mailing from “Annual Business Services” for my business in Mississippi. I am so thankful that I found this page and to realize that this is nothing but a scam. Into the shredder the papers go…thanks again!!!

  4. DogMan Reply

    Yes – these scam artist just hit me here in Ohio. Their letter did not meet my “common sense” law, and luckily; I found this blog to verify my gut feeling. Thank you.

    • P.S. Reply

      Yes, I am in Ohio too and received it this past Friday. Instead of calling our attorney decided to do a web search…am so glad I did ! These damn people trying to scam others !

      • P.S. Reply

        I just checked the address 605 N High # 312 Columbus OH 43215…haha…605 N High is an UPS STORE !!!! # 312 must be a box number they are using !

  5. rema Reply

    I received a similar mailing in Waterloo, Ontario. Return address was 2 Toronto Street in Toronto which is a UPS store.

  6. Daniel Reply

    I received one in Ontario, Canada and was inclined to shred it. Your post confirms it. Thank you

  7. Joe Seaborne Reply

    I just received the same letter and thought it was from the government or something. Looked like a scam so I called the company, confirmed that they are a scam and trashed the document. I hope nobody falls for this scam!

  8. Big Pissedoff Dude Reply

    Just received the same scam thing in WA state.
    Wish the dude asked me to my face for the money 😉
    F-in scammer

  9. Outlaw Reply

    Received the scam letter to day
    Sure wish I could meet up with these folks0We could rock and roll

  10. Sherri Reply

    We are in Alberta, Canada. We also received one, with remit to Annual Business Services, 2 Toronto Street, Suite 498, Toronto, ON M5C 2B5. Figured it was a scam since I’ve been working here for 12 years and this is the first I’ve ever seen of this type of thing. So glad to have found this page!

  11. RITA Reply

    I just received the same letter asking me to remit to the same address in Toronto as stated in the email above. Thank you for alerting me to this scam!!

  12. pat Reply

    The scam has reached the Yukon territory as well. I scanned the barcode on the SO official form and got the name,”Antonio Farinha”.wonder if he could be charged with something?

  13. Val Reply

    I’m with a law firm in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. Came to our client at his work address in Surrey (he has a doing business as name), thankfully he thought to check before sending in his cheque so he avoided getting scammed. When in doubt call your lawyer.

  14. P.S. Evans Reply

    I want to let you know it is in Ohio as well. I received the same form as described above with a return address of 605 N High St # 312 Columbus OH 43215. Something sounded fishy to me as well; so instead of calling our attorney I did a web search instead. Thank goodness I did ! Beware of these scams….damn people ~

  15. Larry Reply

    Like the rest of you I received the same letter here in WA State. My gut told me there was something just not right about this so I made some phone calls to the State Dept of Licensing and found out about the scam. I lodged a complaint with the State Attorney Generals office online. I suggest everyone else take the time to do the same. Perhaps it might do some good to stop this from hurting others.

  16. Erika Reply

    Does anyone know where we can report this activity? I know they’ve been banned in Oregon… perhaps we can have the same happen in WA State and the other affected states?

    • admin Post authorReply

      I don’t think there is anything they are doing is technically illegal.

      • Lisa Reply

        Well, add Alaska to the list of states where “Annual Business Services” is alive and well. I pride myself on being a savvy small business owner, but they got $125 out of me, when I filed for my second business. Their mailing looked enough like the renewal for my other business, that I paid it without catching on in time. I picked up on it when I was gathering my tax information together, and realized that there were two “renewals.”

        I agree with you… they technically are not doing anything illegal, just misleading. They do provide a service, albeit an unnecessary one. Drat, this was annoying!

  17. Bob Wall Reply

    In Canada also operating as Annual Business Services in Toronto Canada. Probably not going to get shut down, but clearly a $125 request to do nothing

  18. Travis Reply

    Phx, AZ – I just received the same letter. We have been in business for 40 yrs so I guess they’re running out of new businesses to scam? Their address listed here: 3039 West Peoria Ave., Suite C102-445, Phx, AZ 85029. I haven’t looked up the address to see if it’s valid…. trashing it now!

  19. Mike Reply

    It looks official, but its a total scam. I registered as a trade name only (sole proprietor) and got this. Came from an Annapolis, MD office.

  20. PJD Reply

    Just received the same scam approach in Anchorage, Alaska today, January 25. Had a return address of ABS 645 G. Street Suite 100-695, Anchorage, AK 99501.

  21. brian smith Reply

    I just received the same scam here in VIRGINIA, Checked the address on google earth and I found a UPS store.

  22. JPH Reply

    I just received this and from the start it looked fishy, this page confirmed it. Thank you for that. However I can not believe that this kind of scams are allowed to happen. I am not a lawyer but I am sure this is not legal. The whole thing is just discusting. Just to give more info this is the info of the person who registered their webpage:

    Registrant Name: Tate Howe
    Registrant Organization: Annual Business Services
    Registrant Address1: 9349 84th Street N
    Registrant City: Largo
    Registrant State/Province: Florida
    Registrant Postal Code: 33777
    Registrant Country: United States
    Registrant Country Code: US
    Registrant Phone Number: +1.8312460428
    Registrant Email:

    And this are the members of this “company” and their other “companies”. It would be good to be aware of all of them:

  23. yao Reply

    Received the same letter and request for payment in Virginia. The return address is ABS 5806 Grove Avenue #727 Richmond, VA 23226. Coincidentally, there is a UPS store at this location as well. Does UPS or the FBI know they are using their locations to conduct interstate fraud?

  24. NMR Reply

    Received a letter said to be from ABS business Compliance Division, 2000 Pennsylvania Ave, NW,WashingtonDC 20006 advising me that I have not complied with Federal labor Law and face potential fees and penalties.and my violation is under ABS 1082A(b)(1)…After reading the other members’ comments here, I am certain that the ABS will send me another letter asking to pay a certain sum….now I am sure that I have been cautioned enough to ignore such threatening letters….Since these people leave an address, why the Feds not enquire such scams and put the culprits behind bar….

    • Amanda Reply

      I just got a postcard with the same exact information today. Gave me a scare for a hot second but I thought it was fishy.

    • Frank Reply

      Got the same message. looks like the Address 2000 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, DC is actually for a bunch of shops on George Washington University’s campus.

    • feza Reply

      I got a postcard from the same address plus it says D.O.C.S. 1532.8(b). I had a feeling it was a scam because it was not from a government agency like IRS of Dept. of Commerce.

  25. sally Reply

    Rick, You really should get your facts straight before posting something like this. You have mention 3 completely different companies in this article:

    **Update – Annual Business Services have updated their web site:

    They are also going under the names Compliance Services and Corporate Records Service
    Annual Business Services, Compliance Services and Corporate Records are 3 completely different companies! You cannot send one company money and expect to get a refund from another!
    Also, what these companies do is the same thing attorneys and accountants do for a lot more money! They charge between $300-$500 to do the same thing! Business owners get informed!

    • Rick Post authorReply

      Thank you for stopping by Sally, I removed the misleading update. The companies have always been listed separately in the fourth paragraph though.

      Fortunately, this is NOT something attorneys and accountants do. LLC and DBA companies have no legal obligation to provide annual minutes of their “shareholders” meeting to any entity in the United States. In fact, if there are “shareholders” in an LLC or DBA, they are not doing business correctly and should be an Incorporated Business Entity instead. Both an attorney and an accountant would both spot such a flaw and would recommend it to be resolved. No honest attorney or accountant would do this for an registered LLC or DBA, as it would be against the ethics of their practice, would likely result in termination of their license and could possibly carry criminal charges.

      No, what ABS and its ilk are doing is an out right scam. They send an official looking form, throw in a bunch of legalize, and misquote the relevant laws to scare new business owners into paying a “fee” they do not need to pay.

  26. sally Reply

    You are correct, an LLC is not obligated to do this and neither is a non-profit corporation but a for-profit corporation is and attorneys and accountants do this all the time and charge anywhere from $300-$500 to do it.

  27. Rick Post authorReply

    You are splitting hairs. If Annual Business Services was contacting Corporations (note that DBAs do not need to do this either,) this would not be considered a scam. Since they are specifically targeting newly registered LLCs and DBAs with what can easily be called threatening letters, that do not need to follow this law, they are a definitely a scam.

    I have to ask, do you work for the company?

  28. sally Reply

    And I still don’t understand why you have an Annual Business Services order form and tell people to request a refund from Corporate Records Services in Michigan??? They will not refund for something purchased from another company. Did you not see Ella Nimz comment??? They are different companies.

    • Rick Post authorReply

      My apologies, I thought it was clear that those are two separate scams both targeting newly registered businesses. I updated the post so that it was more apparent that they are separate.

  29. sally Reply

    No, just someone who has experience paying an attorney $350 to do the annual records and knows first hand about attempting to get a refund from Mandatory Poster for money that was sent to Annual Business based on misinformation from the SOS website!

  30. ingrid Reply

    Likewise newly set up dba and received this postcard with return address Business Compliance Division * 2000 Pennsylvania Ave NW * Washington DC 20006 been a while since I worked in DC but this seemed fishy – most government agencies will send the registered owner of a dba business registered mail or certified mail in the correct name of the business but this was a postcard very improper…thanks for giving me the 411- keep up the good work- name withheld- Baltimore Md.

  31. Lisa Schulte Reply

    You can add Minnesota to the list. I just received this in the mail and it says right on the form ” you are not obligated to use annual business services to prepare your annual minutes.”

  32. E Myllenbeck Reply


    Just received an official looking letter from ABS, 5806 Grove Avenue, #727, Richmond, VA 23226. It is a UPS address. It is part of a scam after doing some research. This is now in Virginia.

    Please watch out and make sure that you do not get caught up in it. They prey on new businesses. Their website looks official, so do not let that fool you either.

  33. Stefan Reply

    I just received a mailing from ABS and googled them which brought me to this page. Thank you for the info, I filed their correspondence in the garbage can!

  34. Rose Goodman Reply

    Well, this helps me a great deal. My husband and I received a post card as well. We are in Norfolk Virginia. My husband was on the phone with him. I told him to end the call and I did the research. It’s a shame we have to look out for jerks like these.

  35. LC Reply

    When I read that they must have my $125 by a certain time, I immediately went to my know-it-all friend. ..the Google and found this page. I never give my money away to anyplace I know nothing about! Thanks so much for the info!

    • Pat Francis Reply

      I had not read the other responses when I wrote mine, so please pardon the redundancy. Also, my company is NOT new. I registered with the SCC in October of 2012.

  36. Baylee Reply

    I just got a 2015 one! Thank got I verify this company through google. I almost mail my check to them!!
    I got one from 5806 Grove Ave #727, Richmond, VA

  37. Naomi Reply

    Just received a post card in the mail yesterday. Of course like everyone says at first it scares the crap out of you. On the back it says: PLEASE CALL IMMEDIATELY to avoid potential fees and penalties! Got to love companies like this that make millions from those of us that bust our butt to make an HONEST dollar!

  38. Wendy Reply

    I just got a postcard from the ‘Business Compliance Division’ which as other commenters have noted is located in a shopping center at 2000 Pennsylvania Ave., NW notifying of the same compliance violations for my LLC which is registered in Virginia. The number we are told to call is 1-855-530-2615. Appreciate everyone posting their experience with this.

    • Mel Reply

      Yep, I received a post cart today with the same address and phone number. Glad to see I’m not the only non-trusting individual. Good to have this site to confirm our attention to details pay off.

  39. Trish Bartholomew Reply

    I just got a postcard from the ‘Business Compliance Division’. I was sure it was a scam. Very glad to see your web site is on top of this. Thanks!

  40. Carol Maxwell Reply

    I have received both the letter and now a follow-up postcard. No intention of responding to either. I will also file a complaint with the BBB and Attorney General.

  41. Juan Soria Reply

    Yup. I just received one too. The address 2000 Pennsylvania Ave Wash DC 20006 is a shopping center. Thank god I found this. Thanks everyone.

  42. Virginia phone flashing Reply

    We also got it from business compliance division 2000 Pennsylvania ave me Washington D.C. 20006 the address is a ups store in a shopping center I am from Charlottesville Virginia and the logo is not a unique government logo it’s a general icon that can be found in Corel draw or word perfect, you can tell real deal letters if you dealt with govt and courts enough that’s what made me suspicious of the post card they sent

  43. Virginia phone flashing Reply

    I just spoke with no other then Royce wedge and indeed he couldn’t answer anything about what they are protecting me from, they get everything from public record and that’s all they know. Each time you call it’s the same name who handles the entire 50 statesNi asked why they use ups store address they supposedly based from Florida but the mail comes from Washington to help with my Virginia company?☺ Be careful if the scammer I asked is out the 68$ scam our the$125 scam he went silent then tried testing his script so I hung up

  44. No scam here Reply

    No matter the extension you try the same joker answers lmao Royce wedge I tried every extension. What a bull Sh!t lame scammer, you need a letter of existence LOL what a bunch of malarkey

  45. Ken Reply

    I got two bogus looking mails with the same demand.

    Business Compliance Division
    2000 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
    Washington, DC 20006

    5806 Grove Avenue #727
    Richmond, VA 23226

  46. Id Reply

    They’ve moved to Kentucky. I received a postcard from the Business Compliance Division today.

    1588 Lees Town Rd
    Suite 130-269
    Lexington, KY, 40511

    Phone # 1-855-530-2615

    Seriously, it only takes a minute to google these and figure out they’re a scam. I registered my LLC only a month ago so they must be mostly checking for new businesses.

    • Mic Reply

      I also received the same thing. Glad i could find your comment to verify that this is a scam.

  47. Hoang Tan Reply

    In Texas today. I got the “Annual Records Statement” from Division of Corporate Services, Compliance Division – Texas Corporations. 1101 W 34th St #228 Austin, TX 78705. Phone #855-530-2615. Email:

    Form includes Texas BOC to make it looks real.
    Form asks for all shareholder names and %Owned.

    Asking to RETURN ENTIRE FORM WITH $150 FEE PAYABLE TO: (address above)

    The address is an UPS store; email has a fake domain “”

    This is not just a scam. THIS IS A CRIME. Do you have any idea how to pursue this crime?

  48. worldview10 Reply

    Well, I too got this phishing it. My business is registered in PA. It says NOTICE OF POTENTIAL COMPLIANCE VIOLATIONS

    PLEASE CALL IMMEDIATELY. 1-855-530-2615

    Avoid potential fess and penalties
    Key Code =

    This is from
    Business Compliance Division
    3915 union Deposit Rd #921
    Harrisburg, Pa 17109

    I wonder why this phishing guys invest in gathering new company info and send paper mails. Probably some people get caught in it to compensate for information gathering expense.

    what can be done and whom can we complain to investigate and punish?

  49. Barbara Forbes Reply

    Last summer I received one for a new Colorado LLC. It is from:

    Annual Records Statement
    Division of Corporate Services
    Compliance Division – Colorado Corporations
    757 E. 20th Ave., Suite 370-142
    Denver, CO 80205
    Phone 855-530-2615

    Phone number does not work nor is there such an e-mail.

    They wanted a $150 fee payable to Division of Corporate Services or a CC number.

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