Around the World in 80 years

Around the World in 80 years

One of my favorite stories/movies is Around the World in 80 days by Jules Verne. (That man was a genius, I’m convinced that he actually was a time traveler.) Between that book, and my intrests in History and Archaeology, I want to spend the rest of my life traveling around the world.

One of the guys I use to work with quit his job a couple of weeks ago to travel Europe: here is his web site. In a short two weeks he’s already seen everything I want to see in that part of the UK.

The problem as usual, comes down to money. I’m not really concerned about the current political weather going on right now, it’ll blow oever eventually if we get a President who actually tries to fix what is going on. Besides that, there will always be dissendents and terrorists. There will always be somebody willing to die for their religious beliefs, no matter how misguided we may thing they are.

I’m not sure if I would follow Jule’s Verne’s route around the world, or go the opposite way. I think my ideal route would take me south through Mexico, down to Brazil to sample the culture. Then over to Peru to visit the Incan Ruins. I’d also want to visit Argentina and Columbia see how they differ as countires. I’d then like to take a boat across the ocean and visit the Island that Sir Francis Drake stopped at in the 1700’s when he was being pursued by the entire Spanish Pacific Fleet. Then hope over to Easter Island and spend some time in the South Pacific visiting old World War II sites. See how close I can get to Bikini Atoll, etc.

Afterwards I’d head to Australia, visit the land down under and see if I can get myself a Vegimite sandwich. I’m not really sure what there is to do in Australia. I’d like to learn Scuba Diving and see the Great Barrier Reef. Maybe visit the Sydeny Opera House. I’d love to take a little Walk-about though, hire myself a crusty old guide like Crocidile Dundee and see the country.

My next stop would be to travel North along the SouthEast Asian Coast. Visit Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, Bankok, etc. In this case I’d be traveling mostly for the food and culture. There dosen’t seem to be many historic places to visit in those countries other then Temples and such, but I’d love to find a local tour guide to show me.

I hear that there is a new dam in China. Smithsonian Magazine had an article about it a couple of months ago. The name escapes me, but essentially it’s a large dam that has actually destroyed several villages. The Chinese government help relocate something like 10,000 people, built new houses (mostly in the form of gian apartment complexes,) and even built factories for help people find jobs. The interesting thing is that the area has become quite a tourist area. Lots of the locals have even started their own buisnesses catering to tourists! Something that it was pointed out, would not have been possible even 20 years ago. I wonder if the assimilation of Hong Kong had much to do with it.

I’m interested in seeing the great wall, especially the parts that have been torn down or erroded. National Geographic had an article about following Marco Polo’s journey. I think that would be awesome to follow myself.

Somewhere along the line I’d want to stop in Japan and live there for a few months. The Japanese culture astounds me seen from afar. Very traditional, yet willing to except new things without question. Their outlook on sex is fascinating, the sex clubs, prostitutes who are middle aged house wives trying to make an extra buck, etc. I’d also love to visit some of the hot springs and temples, really learn what it was like to live in Japan 1500+ years ago.

My next stop would be aboard the Orient Express. It dosen’t seem like it runs all the way to Istanbul any longer, except once a year. But I would love to ride it back to Europe, Viennea or Bucharest. Of course once in Europe, what wouldn’t I see?

Everything I could! I’d drive from one country to another, visiting historic places, chateus, castles, battlefields, beaches, etc.

*sigh* Now… I just need to win the lottery.

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