How To: Create a Chart in Neo Office

How To: Create a Chart in Neo Office

NeoOffice is one of my most favorite free applications. Unluckily, like other Office programs it is starting to suffer from feature bloat. Apparently there are a million other things people want from a full fledged office program other then basic writing of documents.

One of these is apparently charts. Pie Charts, graphs, bar charts, etc. Anything to make a presentation look good and soften the blow of impending bankruptcy.

Step one is to create (or simply open) a spread sheet of the data to be displayed in Chart format.

Then click on the rows or columns that need to present in the chart.

At the top of the screen, choose insert then go down to Chart (near the bottom)

Double Check that the desired fields are listed in the range section. If either the Row or Columns is a label field, be sure to check the boxes on the left. Also put the chart on a different sheet (which is probably most desired,) by changing the “Chart Results in Worksheet” field. This will allow copy and pasting of the chart into another document, or even being linked to from a different document.

Hit Next the choose the chart design. Make sure Row or Columns is checked as the primary data source, then hit next again. It may be desirable to choose an off set pie chart for instance, this can be done on this screen.

Otherwise click on “create” and NeoOffice will work it’s magic. In a few second a brand new chart will be inserted on the worksheet specified. The edges of the chart can be grabbed with the mouse to expand the size of the chart. And it can be copy and pasted into a document, or even exported to a .gif file for posting on a web page.

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