IRS Phone Call Scam

IRS Phone Call Scam

Here is another particularly scary scam. Someone from the IRS calls and says that they need to talk you right away or they will forward the issue to the courts and have you arrested. If you call them back, they strong arm you into going down to Western Union and sending a Money Order. They won’t let you off the phone until you send the money order, once you get to that point, it is too late!

I theorize that they are getting information from one of the recent credit card or data breaches. Since I’ve been subject to four of them in the past year alone, I’m pretty resigned to the fact that I’m going to see more of this. (Yes, I’m signed up for the free Credit Checking reports.)

“Steve Wilson” has been working pretty hard to get a hold of me. So far he has called me from three different phone numbers:
347-688-5901 (Added 04/01/2015)

The first day he did this, he must have been new on the job. I got five calls from the 773 phone numbers, and three voice mails following the same script. Since then he’s varied the script a bit but it is essentially the same.

Unfortunately for Steve, the IRS is well aware of these, but there is little that can be done about it. While the IRS might call you to discuss an issue, it is more likely they will mail you first. Even if they did call, they would not demand immediate payment over the phone, and certainly not via Western Union.

Please do not fall for this one!

2 thoughts on “IRS Phone Call Scam

  1. Richard Sakmar Reply

    Have been getting calls from 773-639-4444. Indian sounding female says final notice IRS has lawsuit against me. I need to call back to find out more. I called back got male asking for my name. Told him no. I don’t believe he is IRS. He said needed my name to find my case number. I never got a letter. Hung up. They called back couple times. So I started calling them. Cell phone in Chicago. Told them I will trace the call. They hung up. Called them a few more times. Left phone on desk with speaker on. They hang up after 30 seconds or so.

  2. C C Reply

    I got the same call today from 347-308-5546 Idicating that I am under an IRS criminal investigation, dont answer these types of calls and don’t fall for their BS and send them to hell. Mine too was an indian sounding person.

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