Locations: Newhaven Crossing

Locations: Newhaven Crossing

Newhaven Crossing is one of the fabled twelve ring cities arranged on the Great Plains around Mar Gullend Dek – the giant haunted castle carved out of a Mountain. Each of the ring cities was originally a remote fortress to protect the castle. In the past two thousand years they have grown to be great cities themselves. Five of the cities are dedicated through ancient peace treaties and pacts to one of the major races, Halflings, Goblin kind, Elven, Dwarven and Centaur. The rest are primarily human, but are accustomed to members of other races.

Newhaven Crossing is the most North Eastern of the Twelve Ring Cities. Situated on the coast at the Wineworm River it has become an important trade route up and down the coast, and across the sea. It has a large undercity with connections to the Underworld. It’s primary import is Wine from the Arabel area, (the most North Eastern of the Ring Cities,) along the Wineworm river. It’s major export is fish, along with timber from the Northern Forest. It is rumored that anything can be found and bought – or sold some where in Newhaven Crossing though.

The core of the city surrounds the old fort, which has been renovated and upgraded many times. There are about five thousand troops stationed in the fort at all times. Another five thousand patrol and maintain small forts in an area to the north that covers 100,000 square miles. To the south of the fort is the dock area, where there is room for up to 100 ships at a time. Ten naval ships are stationed there to keep the peace, enforce rules, and stop the occasional Northern pirates that may end up this far south.

Newhaven Crossing is home to the Handmaidens of the Lady Helena. The Handmaidens are a love cult who maintains houses of “worship” (brothels) in most any city with more then 500 citizens. In addition they take in female orphans and maintain highly regarded schools for young ladies both low born and high born. Handmaidens have a high marriage rate as they are constantly sought after for thier intelligence, and their knowledge of business, politics and many other areas. The most promising students are sent to the Acadamy of Learning in Newhaven Crossing. The school is limited to 500 students total, and entrance to the school must be sponsored by a high priestess at one of the houses. Characters can become a Handmaiden, but they need to have a 15+ Charisma, 16+ Intelligence, at least three knowledge skills and be Female.

Other deities with temples in the town include The Brothers of Talric and Nanreen – The Goddess of Merchants.

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