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As a GM who primarily relies on home brewed game worlds, I have a host of resources that I have written over the decades for my various gaming groups. I don’t care to pontificate about the ins and outs of being a GM. Or how to tell a good story, or argue endlessly about rules. I want to have fun, and bring my players along for the ride. Everything on this page is free to use in your own games. Everything is copyrighted though, so content may not be published in any source other then these pages.

Any comments or suggestions are appreciated. I’m slowly putting more of my stuff online as I come across it, so stay subscribed!

Some topics of interest:

D20 NPC Versions of Team Banzai
These need PCGen to open
Dr. Buckaroo Baonzai
Perfect Tommy

D20 Fantasy Locations
Garnoc’s Gloves
Village of Edward’s Fields
The Bolthole
The Hidden Island
Newhaven Crossing

All RPG Posts
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