RPG: Diadem of Water Elemental Control

RPG: Diadem of Water Elemental Control

The Diadem of Water Elemental Control is only useable by Druids.

Description: A plain gold Diadem with no ornamentation other then a wavy line running the length of the band.

Usage: The wearer can control up to 3+Wisdom bonus (if any) number of Water Elementals at one time.

He can give them all the same command, a successful Will roll must be made to give one a different command then the others unless it is a dismissal command.

Water Elementals must be within line of site for initial commands. They will carry out their last orders though when out of site.

Until issued a command, Water Elementals are free willed and will act and react as normal. Hostile actions towards the Water Elementals before a command is issued, will result in a -3 Penalty to the Will Roll.

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