Random DND online Generators – Code Only

Random DND online Generators – Code Only

Here are links to the GITHUB repository for some of the best random DND online generators that ever existed. The author, Jamis Buck, has released the code into the wild, and if anybody gets these going I would be grateful.

I am also willing to host the generators on one of my sites if space is needed.

Library Templates (Needed for the NPC Generator)
DND NPC Generator
3rd Edition Rules Templates
Random Dungeon Generator – This was the best online random dungeon generator ever!
4th Edition NPC Generator

RPG: Dread Pirate King Borloff

RPG: Dread Pirate King Borloff

Borloff is a good generic Pirate Captain for D20 Fantasy games.

Description: Borloff was born into piracy. His father raised Borloff to replace him from an early age. By the age of fifteen he had risen through the ranks, doing every job possible aboard ship before taking command of his own sloop. Borloff is somewhat of a lovable swindler. He has friends and enemies in many ports, usually the same person. He knows it’s only a matter of time before finally being caught, and will quit piracy “after just one more successful capture.” Unfortunately that last job never quite turns out as successful as it needs to be, and he usually forgoes his own share of the loot to be sure the crew gets enough.

Borloff, male human Rog12: CR 12; Size M (5 ft., 9 in. tall); HD 12d6-12; hp 39; Init +8 (+4 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative); Spd 30 ft.; AC 14 (+4 Dex); Attack +10/+5 melee, or +13/+8 ranged; SV Fort +3, Ref +12, Will +6; AL CE; Str 13, Dex 18, Con 9, Int 14, Wis 15, Cha 11. Languages Spoken: Common, Giant, Ignan. Skill points: Rog 165 Skills and feats: Balance +13, Bluff +11, Climb +16, Decipher Script +19, Disable Device +17, Hide +14, Jump +15, Listen +2, Move Silently +16, Open Lock +11, Search +15, Sense Motive +16, Spot +17, Swim +16; Blind-Fight, Deceitful, Diligent, [Evasion], Improved Initiative, Power Attack. Possessions: 27,000 gp in gear.

Adventure Hooks:

– Borloff “left” a map in the possession of one of his many acquaintances on shore. They’re pretty sure that it’s worthless and offer to sell it cheap a member of the party. The map can be as real or unreal as possible, but should include some seemingly nonsense and random directions. (Take the fifth up after the green door)

– The party needs a ship. Borloff has one and offers to rent it cheap.

– The party needs a job. Borloff happens to have one, he just needs some help delivering a trifling little trinket to one of his admirers. Unfortunately the young lady in question is the daughter of the local merchant who has lost many a ship to Borloff’s raids, and has put a large reward on his head.

– The crew has mutinied. Borloff finds himself captain of a crew-less ship and Shanghais the party to fill in “temporarily.”

NPC: Perfect Tommy (Buckaroo Banzai D20)

NPC: Perfect Tommy (Buckaroo Banzai D20)

Another members of the world famous Hong Kong Cavaliers is Perfect Tommy.

Perfect Tommy

Perfect Tommy’s D20 Modern Character Sheet

Encounter Suggestions:
– Perfect Tommy is just a cover for the real man, one who excels at disguises and misdirection
– Egyptian Police hire the PCs to track down known fugitive “Perfect Tommy”

Description from World Watch Online:

Real name unknown, believed to have met Buckaroo at Phillips Exeter, but may be only self-taught with a grade-school education acquired in the South. Young, handsome, of good family. Vain, pleasure-loving, heartless, sordid, callous and sentimental, he can be brave to excess or cringingly cowardly. An enigma. A chameleon. Changes his mind as fast as he changes his hair color. A product of broken dreams. Told Buckaroo upon his induction to the Hong Kong Cavaliers, “I’m Perfect Tommy. Find Me.” Nicknamed by Buckaroo “Knight of the Lesser Boulevards.” Accepted to a special program at MIT where he could have coordinated material testing in cryogenic propellants to determine compatibility of various chemical gasses and fluids associated with rocket propulsion and laser systems, but a woman and a scandal forced him to leave Cambridge for a time. Went to Egypt and there taught himself the rhythm guitar; was involved in an opium bust for which he received a prison term; escaped and (posing as a Belgian) joined the Foreign Legion. Served in Africa and survived, a better man for it. Has postulated the existence of a new layer of atmosphere between the troposphere and the stratosphere, calling it the flatusphere, an accumulation of methane gas derived from the world’s constant farting and politicians’ bullshit. It was his design for the Jet Car’s suspension that convinced Buckaroo that the promise of the OSCILLATION OVERTHRUSTER might at last be realized.

It appears to be a Heckler and Koch P7M8 Pistol
9mm blowback operated, often referred to as a “squeeze cocker” for the unique safety mechanism.
8 round magazine.
1.75 pounds

Remington 870 Mark 6.
Foldable stock.
12 gauge, pump action
20 inch barrel, 7.53 pounds
5 round tube magazine

Gretsch Hollow body electric.

NPC: Reno Nevada (Buckaroo Banzai D20)

NPC: Reno Nevada (Buckaroo Banzai D20)

Another of Buckaroo Banzai’s companions is Reno Nevada.

Reno Nevada
Reno is an avid sax player for the Hong Kong Cavaliers

Reno Nevada’s D20 Stats

Encounter Suggestions:
– Usually encountered as a member of Team Banzai or the Hong Kong Cavaliers
– A shipment of Buckaroo Banzai Merchandise has been stolen. Reno needs some help to recover it
– Government Agents are working to revive a top secret program. Unfortunately things go wrong, and the only person who might know how to fix is the mysterious figure Reno Nevada, member of Team Banzai

Description from World Watch OnLine:

Real name unknown, of Latin extraction. Dark, moody, dangerous, although possessing an easy grin and a quirky artistic streak. Fond of bright, flashy colors. Executes bold pencil sketches of Buckaroo and the Cavaliers which he sells to national magazines. The real force behind the many Buckaroo Banzai cottage industries (comic books, male action figures, dime novels, “hanks o’ hair” collectibles). To quote an unnamed source: “slim with small feet and hands. His features are regular and pleasing, and his tiny black mustache (since shaved off) gives him the appearance of a modest bank clerk or accountant, but the eyes strike a jarring discord, their gaze always producing that sudden tightening of the spinal nerves which the unexpected appearance of a deadly reptile causes.” The same report adds, “he has three speeds; gun, knife and rope.” Intensely loyal to Buckaroo. Has played the saxophone since childhood.

(Note: Reno was a member of a Government “Think Tank” when he submitted his application to the Banzai Institute, roughly ten years prior to the adventure chronicled in Across the 8th Dimension. In the adventure “Bastardy Proves A Spur,” Reno and Pecos declare their love for each other and promise to marry.)

The book quotes him as having a “.45 automatic” (pg. 168). This, of course, refers to John Brownings design of the Colt M1911.
A .45 ACP round (830 fps with government hardball)
7 round magazine
2.8 pounds

British Sterling L2 series submachinegun.
9mm parabellum (9×19)… (aka 9mm)
30 round magazine
Full auto

NPC: Rawhide (Buckaroo Banzai Companion)

NPC: Rawhide (Buckaroo Banzai Companion)

Rawhide has known Dr. Buckaroo Banzai longer then any of the other members of Team Banzai.

Rawhide has a variety of skills

Rawhide D20 Modern Character Sheet

Description from World Watch Online:

Real name unknown, of Western United States origin, straight as an arrow, owns no more than he can carry on his horse. Has known Buckaroo longer than any of the others. Believed to have a piece of bottom land in Wyoming, possible dependents, several brothers, one of whom may once have operated on the other side of the law, holds several advanced degrees in psychology, anthropology and entomology that belie his easygoing Zen-like manner. Interests: the human mind, the piano, all life-forms and cultures. Own once-stated belief: “the study of crime is the study of mankind in its truest form.”
The following is adapted from the April 1986 edition of ‘World Watch One’:

“Although in Earl Mac Rauch’s novel The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai (written in collaboration with our own Reno) the deaths of our three companions (Rawhide, Sam, and McIlvaine) are confirmed, in truth it was a necessary ruse. When Rawhide and the others were felled and John Parker confirmed their wounds mortal, Buckaroo held a hurried conference with New Jersey, then scrambled the Institutes medical team and committed the three seemingly lifeless bodies to the Cryogenic Lab. After the Lectroid crisis had been averted, Buckaroo and New Jersey returned their full attention to the hope of restoring life to our comrades. Fortunately, further consultation with John Parker revealed that he had failed pre-med as well as flight school; Lectroid M.D.s John Kildare and John Eligius were called in, and concerted study resulted in breakthrough research on the physiological differences between human and Lectroid nervous systems. A treatment (the details of which must remain confidential) was formulated and applied, and Rawhide, Sam, and McIlvaine were returned to this world.

Buckaroo and Rawhide then decided to boldly seize this unique opportunity to send the three men, whom the blackhearted Hanoi Xan was unaware still existed, against him. Rawhide led the trio in an assault on the World Crime League’s east coast stronghold and destroyed it, taking many Death Dwarves captive. By the time this mission was completed, however, the novel by E.M.R. had gone to press with the misleading information about our comrades’ demise. We regret the distress we have caused among the ranks of our friends and supporters (Rawhide, in particular, was amazed at the outpouring of public sentiment on his behalf) and hope you will understand that such an opportunity to strike such a blow against the World Crime League could not be allowed to pass.”

Note: Fancies a BBI intern named Big Norse.

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