NPC: Reno Nevada (Buckaroo Banzai D20)

NPC: Reno Nevada (Buckaroo Banzai D20)

Another of Buckaroo Banzai’s companions is Reno Nevada.

Reno Nevada
Reno is an avid sax player for the Hong Kong Cavaliers

Reno Nevada’s D20 Stats

Encounter Suggestions:
– Usually encountered as a member of Team Banzai or the Hong Kong Cavaliers
– A shipment of Buckaroo Banzai Merchandise has been stolen. Reno needs some help to recover it
– Government Agents are working to revive a top secret program. Unfortunately things go wrong, and the only person who might know how to fix is the mysterious figure Reno Nevada, member of Team Banzai

Description from World Watch OnLine:

Real name unknown, of Latin extraction. Dark, moody, dangerous, although possessing an easy grin and a quirky artistic streak. Fond of bright, flashy colors. Executes bold pencil sketches of Buckaroo and the Cavaliers which he sells to national magazines. The real force behind the many Buckaroo Banzai cottage industries (comic books, male action figures, dime novels, “hanks o’ hair” collectibles). To quote an unnamed source: “slim with small feet and hands. His features are regular and pleasing, and his tiny black mustache (since shaved off) gives him the appearance of a modest bank clerk or accountant, but the eyes strike a jarring discord, their gaze always producing that sudden tightening of the spinal nerves which the unexpected appearance of a deadly reptile causes.” The same report adds, “he has three speeds; gun, knife and rope.” Intensely loyal to Buckaroo. Has played the saxophone since childhood.

(Note: Reno was a member of a Government “Think Tank” when he submitted his application to the Banzai Institute, roughly ten years prior to the adventure chronicled in Across the 8th Dimension. In the adventure “Bastardy Proves A Spur,” Reno and Pecos declare their love for each other and promise to marry.)

The book quotes him as having a “.45 automatic” (pg. 168). This, of course, refers to John Brownings design of the Colt M1911.
A .45 ACP round (830 fps with government hardball)
7 round magazine
2.8 pounds

British Sterling L2 series submachinegun.
9mm parabellum (9×19)… (aka 9mm)
30 round magazine
Full auto

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