RPG: Diadem of Water Elemental Control

RPG: Diadem of Water Elemental Control

The Diadem of Water Elemental Control is only useable by Druids.

Description: A plain gold Diadem with no ornamentation other then a wavy line running the length of the band.

Usage: The wearer can control up to 3+Wisdom bonus (if any) number of Water Elementals at one time.

He can give them all the same command, a successful Will roll must be made to give one a different command then the others unless it is a dismissal command.

Water Elementals must be within line of site for initial commands. They will carry out their last orders though when out of site.

Until issued a command, Water Elementals are free willed and will act and react as normal. Hostile actions towards the Water Elementals before a command is issued, will result in a -3 Penalty to the Will Roll.

NPC: Rawhide (Buckaroo Banzai Companion)

NPC: Rawhide (Buckaroo Banzai Companion)

Rawhide has known Dr. Buckaroo Banzai longer then any of the other members of Team Banzai.

Rawhide has a variety of skills

Rawhide D20 Modern Character Sheet

Description from World Watch Online:

Real name unknown, of Western United States origin, straight as an arrow, owns no more than he can carry on his horse. Has known Buckaroo longer than any of the others. Believed to have a piece of bottom land in Wyoming, possible dependents, several brothers, one of whom may once have operated on the other side of the law, holds several advanced degrees in psychology, anthropology and entomology that belie his easygoing Zen-like manner. Interests: the human mind, the piano, all life-forms and cultures. Own once-stated belief: “the study of crime is the study of mankind in its truest form.”
The following is adapted from the April 1986 edition of ‘World Watch One’:

“Although in Earl Mac Rauch’s novel The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai (written in collaboration with our own Reno) the deaths of our three companions (Rawhide, Sam, and McIlvaine) are confirmed, in truth it was a necessary ruse. When Rawhide and the others were felled and John Parker confirmed their wounds mortal, Buckaroo held a hurried conference with New Jersey, then scrambled the Institutes medical team and committed the three seemingly lifeless bodies to the Cryogenic Lab. After the Lectroid crisis had been averted, Buckaroo and New Jersey returned their full attention to the hope of restoring life to our comrades. Fortunately, further consultation with John Parker revealed that he had failed pre-med as well as flight school; Lectroid M.D.s John Kildare and John Eligius were called in, and concerted study resulted in breakthrough research on the physiological differences between human and Lectroid nervous systems. A treatment (the details of which must remain confidential) was formulated and applied, and Rawhide, Sam, and McIlvaine were returned to this world.

Buckaroo and Rawhide then decided to boldly seize this unique opportunity to send the three men, whom the blackhearted Hanoi Xan was unaware still existed, against him. Rawhide led the trio in an assault on the World Crime League’s east coast stronghold and destroyed it, taking many Death Dwarves captive. By the time this mission was completed, however, the novel by E.M.R. had gone to press with the misleading information about our comrades’ demise. We regret the distress we have caused among the ranks of our friends and supporters (Rawhide, in particular, was amazed at the outpouring of public sentiment on his behalf) and hope you will understand that such an opportunity to strike such a blow against the World Crime League could not be allowed to pass.”

Note: Fancies a BBI intern named Big Norse.

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