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In my many years working in the IT industry, I have run across a variety of weird issues. Many of these took hours of research and testing to resolve, while others were just a matter of finding the correct commands. I frequently write posts specifically to help me remember an obscure command that I will need to re-run periodically. There are also a multitude of “How To” articles that I wrote to fill specific needs either for myself or for a client.

Typically I’ve supported hybrid environments. Such as Mac, Windows, Linux clients all talking to Mac, Windows or Linux file servers. Active Directory and LDAP setup in a “Golden Triangle” configuration for account access. Or iPhones, Blackberries and Androids syncing with Entourage, Outlook or Zimbra. So a lot of the articles I’ve written will reflect that diversity in technology.

These articles are all posted here. Keep in mind that in some cases these articles may be out of date due to bug fixes or software revisions. In other cases the article may not feel complete or may need more explanation. Please feel free to comment on the relevant article if this is the case, or if you have questions, and I will endeavor to help you resolve the issue as much as possible. Keep in mind that I may not have access to all the technology pieces any longer, so my help may end up being more general and not very specific.

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