List of Community Colleges in Oregon

Here is a List of Community Colleges in Oregon.

Oregon Department of Community Colleges & Workforce Development
Blue Mountain Community College
Central Oregon Community College
Chemeketa Community College
Clackamas Community College
Clatsop Community College
Klamath Community College
Lane Community College
Linn-Benton Community College
Mount Hood Community College
Oregon Coast Community College
Portland Community College
Rogue Community College
Southwestern Oregon Community College
Tillamook Bay Community College
Treasure Valley Community College
Umpqua Community College
Heald College–Portland

Random Fantasy Names

Random Fantasy Names

Originally posted from Fidonet, and saved by myself onto a floppy disc for future use. So Brian Kettering – who ever you are, thanks!
(original format preserved.)

From : Brian Kettering (POST 05-May-1993 19:12)
Subject: Names of the Month
Since people liked my post of many fantasy names, I have decided to post a
few more each month for everyone to use and enjoy. If one or three catch
your eye, write me back and tell me why (oooooh, a rhyme!).
Achiena Ejaena Kamithar Rechinar Valethar Cagoril Goruta
Adhereal Ethurael Kavaena Retaena Viorzha Chasetyr Halura
Akimar Farenal Kazil Rocamara Vuzarael Chidildra Henashal
Basemar Felethar Korithar Ruthamaal Worustan Cimiryl Ibohama
Cabistone Fuliurael Larostan Samithar Xaimar Daeros Icanal
Caera Gaudrael Lovumar Savaston Xalathar Darital Idenshield
Camara Hazuther Marael Sezerael Xemara Dawndale Ikajira
Chalutyr Ichama Nazarael Shamara Zirael Denecar Jaaor
Cuathar Isomar Oakethar Shirael Zothimar Elizaret Jacipur
Dachamar Izether Panduther Tarael Aeothor Elinilera Jenin
Darael Jacuraal Parither Thalastan Alalira Evidar Jimuril
Dejemal Jamara Pedimar Tharel Anaer Ezhuer Kaera
Dezim Jizarael Perom Theston Aviux Fezire Kajena
Dezir Joxiral Piur Tinuviel Balisaer Fosmar Karashal
Duthurael Jutham Ra’kirael Ulorael Barthon Gelesia Kavin

(Another) Top 100 Novels of All Time List

(Another) Top 100 Novels of All Time List

Here is my own (Another) Top 100 Novels of All Time. In fact it’s actually much more because I couldn’t trim it far enough, plus there are entire series listed. The Wheel of Time Series is 13 books by itself.

1 – The Odyssey by Homer
2 – Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren
3 – The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
4 – American Gods, by Neil Gaiman
5 – A Clockwork Orange, by Anthony Burgess
6 – The Dark Tower Series, by Stephen King
7 – The Dune Chronicles, by Frank Herbert
8 – Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury
9 – The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, by Douglas Adams
10 – Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
11 – The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien
12 – On Basilisk Station, by David Weber
13 – Horatio Hornblower Series by C. S. Forester
14 – Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson
15 – The Vorkosigan Saga, by Lois McMaster Bujold
16 – The Wheel Of Time Series, by Robert Jordan
17 – Ulysses, by James Joyce
18 – The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald
19 – A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, by James Joyce
20 – Lolita, by Vladimir Nabokov
21 – Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley
22 – The Sound and the Fury, by William Faulkner
23 – Catch-22, by Joseph Heller
24 – Darkness at Noon, by Arthur Koestler
25 – The Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck
26 – Under the Volcano, by Malcolm Lowry
27 – The Way of All Flesh, by Samuel Butler
28 – Nineteen Eighty-Four, by George Orwell
29 – I, Claudius, by Robert Graves
30 – To the Lighthouse, by Virginia Woolf
31 – An American Tragedy, by Theodore Dreiser
32 – The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter, by Carson McCullers
33 – Slaughterhouse-Five, by Kurt Vonnegut
34 – Invisible Man, by Ralph Ellison
35 – Native Son, by Richard Wright
36 – Henderson the Rain King, by Saul Bellow
37 – U.S.A. (trilogy), by John Dos Passos
38 – Winesburg, Ohio, by Sherwood Anderson
39 – A Passage to India, by E. M. Forster
40 – The Wings of the Dove, by Henry James
41 – The Ambassadors, by Henry James
42 – Tender Is the Night, by F. Scott Fitzgerald
43 – Studs Lonigan (trilogy), by James T. Farrell
44 – The Good Soldierby Ford Madox Ford
45 – Animal Farm, by George Orwell
46 – The Golden Bowl, by Henry James
47 – A Handful of Dust, by Evelyn Waugh
48 – As I Lay Dying, by William Faulkner
49 – All the King’s Men, by Robert Penn Warren
50 – The Bridge of San Luis Rey, by Thornton Wilder
51 – Howards End, by E. M. Forster
52 – Go Tell It on the Mountain, by James Baldwin
53 – The Heart of the Matter, by Graham Greene
54 – Lord of the Flies, by William Golding
55 – Deliverance, by James Dickey
56 – A Dance to the Music of Time (series), by Anthony Powell
57 – Point Counter Point, by Aldous Huxley
58 – The Sun Also Rises, by Ernest Hemingway
59 – The Secret Agent, by Joseph Conrad
60 – Nostromo, by Joseph Conrad
61 – The Rainbow, by D. H. Lawrence
62 – Women in Love, by D. H. Lawrence
63 – Tropic of Cancer, by Henry Miller
64 – Starship Troopers, by Robert Heinlein
65 – Portnoy’s Complaint, by Philip Roth
66 – Pale Fire, by Vladimir Nabokov
67 – Light in August, by William Faulkner
68 – On the Road, by Jack Kerouac
69 – The Maltese Falcon, by Dashiell Hammett
70 – Parade’s End, by Ford Madox Ford
71 – The Age of Innocence, by Edith Wharton
72 – Zuleika Dobson, by Max Beerbohm
73 – The Moviegoer, by Walker Percy
74 – Death Comes for the Archbishop, by Willa Cather
75 – From Here to Eternity, by James Jones
76 – The Wapshot Chronicle, by John Cheever
77 – The Catcher in the Rye, by J. D. Salinger
78 – Of Human Bondage, by W. Somerset Maugham
79 – Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad
80 – Main Street, by Sinclair Lewis
81 – The House of Mirth, by Edith Wharton
82 – The Alexandria Quartet, by Lawrence Durrell
83 – Three Musketeers, by Alexandre Dumas
84 – A High Wind in Jamaica, by Richard Hughes
85 – A House for Mr Biswas, by V. S. Naipaul
86 – The Day of the Locust, by Nathanael West
87 – A Farewell to Arms, by Ernest Hemingway
88 – Scoop, by Evelyn Waugh
89 – The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, by Muriel Spark
90 – Finnegans Wake, by James Joyce
91 – A Room with a View, by E. M. Forster
92 – Brideshead Revisited, by Evelyn Waugh
93 – The Adventures of Augie March, by Saul Bellow
94 – Angle of Repose, by Wallace Stegner
95 – A Bend in the River, by V. S. Naipaul
96 – The Death of the Heart, by Elizabeth Bowen
97 – Lord Jim, by Joseph Conrad
98 – Ragtime, by E. L. Doctorow
99 – The Old Wives’ Tale, by Arnold Bennett
100 – The Call of the Wild, by Jack London
101 – Loving, by Henry Green
102 – Midnight’s Children, by Salman Rushdie
103 – Tobacco Road, by Erskine Caldwell
104 – Ironweed, by William Kennedy
105 – The Magus, by John Fowles
106 – Under the Net, by Iris Murdoch
107 – Sophie’s Choice, by William Styron
108 – The Sheltering Sky, by Paul Bowles
109 – The Postman Always Rings Twice, by James M. Cain
110 – The Ginger Man, by J. P. Donleavy
111 – The Magnificent Ambersons, by Booth Tarkington
112 – 2001: A Space Odyssey, by Arthur C. Clarke
113 = 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, by Jules Verne

A good book is one that makes you think, makes you discover new worlds, and one that changes your life. All of these changed mine.

IT Recruiting Company Reviews

IT Recruiting Company Reviews

It feels like the economy is turning around – or recruiters are getting desperate. Over the past two years I’ve been getting a lot of hits for jobs that are way out of my skill range, or have two or less keywords on my resume match the job description. It’s obvious that these companies are using the shotgun approach to finding workers in hopes that something will stick.

While I’m not calling any of these companies* scammers, I’d be extremely wary in dealing with them at all. Such an approach to recruiting means that these people are trying to fill a quota and don’t care about either the people they’re recruiting, or the Companies they’re recruiting for.

adroIT Software & Consulting, Inc;
– Contact #1, August 9th, 2011, one keyword match

American Cyber System;
– Contact #1, June 28th, 2011, no keyword matches
– Contact #2, October 12th, 2011, one keyword match

Apex Systems; These people have been on my radar for a while, but have skirted being put on this page for a variety of reasons. I usually get an email from them at least once a month, but here is the problem, they have never contacted me back about any job I tried to apply for that they sent me.
– Contact #xxx, September 01, 2012 – One keyword match – off of former company name!

Atlantic Partners Corporation
– Contact #1, February 1st, 2012 – One Keyword match

Bellsoft Inc;
– Contact #1, August 1, 2011. Job request was not even in my industry!
– Contact #2, September 17th, 2011. Short term contract, 2500 miles away, one keyword match

inSync Staffing;
– Contact #1, October 03, 2012 – One keyword match – MICROSOFT Office! Job was for an architect position.

– Contact #1, Oct 21, 2011. One keyword match on resume

National Executive Recruiting, “division of a national Medical Diagnostics Company” (their words)
– Contact #1, Jun 12, 2012. No keywords, not at one of my usual emails, position was for Medical Technology Sales. And email started out “Greetings xxx” but not my name.

Paladin Inc;
– Contact #4, Jan 13th, 2012 – Position was minimum wage, entry level copy room. No keyword matches.
– Contact #7, Oct 20th, 2012 – Not in industry. Continue to disregard “unsubscribe” request via link posted in all their emails.

Ramy Infotech; These guys seem to hire Indian recruiters who just spam out jobs to random people. Every email I’ve ever sent them, including ones asking for more information about the position, or the one time I was really interested in the position has been ignored.
– Contact #8, June 28, 2011. One keyword match
– Contact #9, August 31, 2011. Two keyword matches
– Contact #10, October 21, 2011. One keyword match
– Contact #11, October 24, 2011. One keyword match, outside of area
– Contact #12, October 24, 2011. Same as above, even the same recruiter.

*Recruiting Companies; You are on this list because you either;

A.) Declined to mark me in your contact system as unavailable after the third request or do not provide a way to remove myself out of your system
B.) Continue to send Job Descriptions that match two or less keywords out of the 40+ that are on my resume
C.) Are an insurance company recruiting way outside of your industry and using questionable tactics to do so
D.) Repeatedly do not contact me back about jobs that I am interested in, even to say “Thanks! I’ll submit your resume!”

Oregon History Books

Oregon History Books

A (short) list of Oregon History Books that I own. List is created mostly so I can peruse it while visiting dusty antique stores, or moldy book stores during my travels and add to it.

80 Years in the Same Neighborhood, A History of the Sandy, Oregon Area” by Phil Jonsrud

A Song of Yamhill and Oregon’s Northwestern Willamette Valley” by Gordon N. Zimmerman

“A Touch of Oregon: Lovesong to a State” by Ralph Friedman

The Adventures of Dr. Huckleberry: Tillamook County, Oregon,” by E.R. Huckleberry, M.D.

“Adventures of the First Settlers on the Oregon or Columbia River, 1810-1813” by Alexander Ross, Robert J. Frank and William G. Robbins

Adventures on the Columbia River” by Ross Cox

All For Nothing: The True Story of the Last Great American Train Robbery” by Larry and Howard, John Sturholm

The American Northwest: A History of Oregon and Washington” by Gordon B. Dodds

Bathroom Book of Oregon Trivia: Weird, Wacky, and Wild” by Mark Thorburn and Lisa Wojna

Battle Rock – The Hero’s Story” by Bert and Margie Webber

“Barlow Road” by Clackamas County Historical Society and Wasco County Historical Society

Best of the Old Northwest: True Stories, Anecdotes, Legends and Mysteries of Those Exciting Times” by Marge Davenport

Chronicles from Pedee, Oregon” by Lena Belle Tartar

“Columbia River Gorge History, Volume one by Jim Attwell

Discovering Oregon” by Barbara Shangle

“Echoes From Old Crook County by Crook County Historical Society

“Empire of the Columbia by Dorothy O Johansen

Fabulous Folks of the Old Northwest” by Marge Davenport

Ghost Towns of the American West by Berthold Steinhilber

Ghost Towns of the West” by Lambert Florn

Gold and Cattle Country” by Herman. Jackman (1961 edition)

The Great Extravaganza: Portland And The Lewis And Clark Exposition” by Carl Abbott

Great Moments In Oregon History” by Win Mccormack (and Dick Pintarich)

Hiking Oregon’s History : The Stories Behind Historic Places You Can Walk to See” by William L. Sullivan

Historical Atlas of Washington and Oregon” by Derek Hayes

Historical Oregon by R. N. Preston

“Konapee’s Eden Historic and Scenic Handbook : Of Columbia River Gorge” by Oral Bullard

Life of Charles Erskine Scott Wood” by Erskine Wood

Lincoln County Lore” by Lincoln County Historial Society

“Lost Mines and Treasures of the Pacific Northwest” by Ruby El Hult (1954 edition)

Maury Mountains Historical Tour” by Crook County Historical Society

Meriwether Lewis: A Biography” by Richard Dillon

More on the Pendleton Underground” by Pam Severe

“Northwest Gem Trails: A Field Guide for the Gem Hunter, Mineral Collector and Tourist” by H. C. Dak

Northwest Glory Days” by Marge Davenport

The Oregon Book: Information A to Z” by Connie Battaile

The Oregon Companion: An Historical Gazetteer of the Useful, the Curious, and the Arcane” by Richard H. Engeman

The Oregon Desert by E.R. Jackman and R.A. Long

Oregon Disasters: True Stories of Tragedy and Survival” by Rachel Dresbeck

“Oregon’s Dry Side: Exploring East of the Cascade Crest” by Alan D. St. John

“Oregon Geographic Names” (Copyright 1992) by Lewis A. MacArthur

“Oregon For the Curious” by Ralph Friedman

Oregon Ghost Towns” by Lambert Florin

Oregon’s Golden Years: Bonanza of the West” by Miles F. Potter

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume LIX, Number 3 – September 1958

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume LXC, No. 4 – December 1964

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume LXXXV, No. 3 – Fall, 1984

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume LXXXV, No. 4 – Winter, 1984

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume LXXXVII, No. 1 – Spring, 1986

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume LXXXVII, No. 2 – Summer, 1986

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 88, NO. 4 – WInter, 1987

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 89, NO. 1 – Spring 1988

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 89, NO. 3 – Fall 1988

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 90, NO. 1 – Spring 1989

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 90, NO.2 – Summer 1989

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 90, NO. 4 – Winter 1989

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 91, NO. 1 – Spring 1990

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 91, NO.2 – Summer 1990

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 93, NO.2 – Summer 1992

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 94, NO. 4 – Winter 1992-93

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 95, Number 4 – Winter 1994-95

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 96, Number 1 – Spring 1995

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 97, Number 1 – Spring 1996

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 97, Number 3 – Fall 1996

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 100, Number 3 – Fall 1999

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 100, Number 4 – Winter 1999

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 101, Number 2 – Summer 2000

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 102, Number 3 – Fall 2001

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 104, Number 3 – Fall 2003

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 104, Number 4 – Winter 2003

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 105, Number 1 – Spring 2004

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 105, Number 2 – Summer 2004

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 105, Number 3 – Fall 2004

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 105, Number 4 – Winter 2004

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 105, Number 4 – Summer 2005

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 106, Number 3 – Fall 2005

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 106, Number 4 – Winter 2005

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 107, Number 1 – Spring 2006

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 107, Number 2 – Summer 2006

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Vol 107, No. 3 – Fall 2006

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 107, Number 4 – Winter 2006

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 108, Number 1 – Spring 2007

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 108, Number 2 – Summer 2007

“Oregon Historical Quarterly” Volume 108, Number 3 – Fall 2007

Oregon: Then & Now by Steve Terrill, Thomas Robinson and John Daniel

The Other Side of Oregon” by Ralph Friedman

Outlaw Tales of Oregon: True Stories of Oregon’s Most Infamous Robbers, Rustlers, and Bandits” by Jim Yuskavitch

Portland, a Pictorial History by Harry Stein

“Portraits: Fort Rock Valley Homestead Years” by Helen Parks

“Pacific Coast (Tales of the Wild West Series)” by Rick Steber

“Picturesque Frontier: The Army’s Fort Dalles” by Priscilla Knuth

Polk County Pioneer Sketches Volume 1 and 2” compiled by Sarah Childress

Portland Confidential” by Phil Stanford

“The Rose City of the World by Ruby Fay Purdy

“The Sandal and the Cave: The Indians of Oregon” by Luther S. Cressman and Dennis L. Jenkins (1964 Red Cover edition)

Steamboats on Northwest Rivers” by Bill Gulick

Somewhere in Oregon” by Patrick c. Wilkins

Spooky Oregon: Tales of Hauntings, Strange Happenings, and Other Local Lore” by S. E. Schlosser and Paul G. Hoffman

“Tales Out of Oregon” by Ralph Friedman

Tall Tales from Rogue River: The Yarns of Hathaway Jones” edited by Stephen Dow Beckham

“Ten Years in Oregon. Travels and adventures of Dr. E. White and lady, west of the Rocky Mountains” Compiled by A. J. Allen. (1968 limited edition)

“Thirty-One Years In Baker County: A History Of The County From 1861 to 1893” by Isaac Hiatt

“We Claimed This Land: Portland’s Pioneer Settlers” by Eugene E. Snyder

“Weird Oregon: Your Travel Guide to Oregon’s Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets” by Al Eufrasio, Jefferson Davis, Mark Sceurman and Mark Moran

Willamette Landings: Ghost Towns of the River” by Howard McKinley Corning

“Women of the West” by Max Binheim (1928 edition)
Wish List

Encyclopedia of Indian Wars: Western Battles and Skirmishes 1850-1890

High Desert Roses, Volume Two: Lake County for the Curious (Volume 2)

Oregon Post Offices, 1847-1982” by Richard W. Helbock. Not to be confused with “A checklist of Oregon post offices, 1847-1988 (La Posta pocket guide series)” also by Mr. Helbock. The later is simply a checklist of canceled post office marks for collectors and of no use to me.

Nimrod: Courts, Claims, and Killing on the Oregon Frontier” by Ronald B. Lansing