How To: Find OSX Server Serial Number

How To: Find OSX Server Serial Number

Here is the command via terminal to find the Serial Number for OS X Server.

sudo /System/Library/ServerSetup/serverserialnumberutil -get

Out put will be the serial number, the name and company that it’s registered too.

This only works on OS X Server 10.6 or higher.

3 thoughts on “How To: Find OSX Server Serial Number

  1. melaleuca Reply

    You just totatlly saved me. I had been trying to figure this out for 30 minutes before I found your instructions. I don't know how much longer I'd have kept looking before finding it on my own. I love my Mac, but they sure didn't make finding the serial number very easy. (either that, or I'm just dumb… either are possible)

  2. BuggedTech Reply

    I took over administration of a few Mac OSX Server at work and need to figure out the serial numbers on my own. This is a lot of help for me, saved me a lot of time.

    Now if I can only do that in the other mac 10.5 servers…

    But thanks a lot, this really helped me.


  3. BuggedTech Reply


    I was able to figure out the equivalent command that would work for 10.4 and 10.5 OSX Servers

    ~$ sudo /System/Library/ServerSetup/serversetup -getServerSerialNumber

    Hope that helps others who also need that info.


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