How To: Fix Safari 3.2 Crashing

I’m still a huge fan of Apple’s Safari Browser. I feel it’s faster (and much less of a memory hog) then Firefox.

But, the 3.2 Updated introduced a strange bug. Whenever I use tabbed browsing, it started crashing a lot. Clearing Cache and deleting preferences have not fixed at all. Even Onyx didn’t seem to help.

I was able to find a nice utility called AppleJack that really helped a lot. It can be downloaded from this VersionTracker Link:

Once AppleJack is installed reboot the computer. While it’s restarting hold down the ‘s’ key to go into single user mode. type (as an admin user): applejack auto restart

The computer will do a bunch of stuff cleaning up files, checking disks, etc, then reboot automatically. After this, Safari should all be good to go.

I have also heard that reinstalling Safari totally with the stand along installer off of Apple’s website fixes this issue.

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