Magic Item: Legacy Rod of Lordly Might

Magic Item: Legacy Rod of Lordly Might

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Legacy Rod of Lordly Might

Base item: +1 Warmace (CW)
Special ability: +5 to Survival checks to keep from getting lost. May tell depth as the Dwarf racial ability. Always knows direction of North.

The Warmace is a heavy, awkward weapon. Without proper training, it is a two-handed weapon that inflicts a -1 penalty to AC. With proper training, it’s a one-handed weapon that inflicts a -1 penalty to AC.

5th Level: Adaptive Weapon I
6th Level: Hold Person 1/day as touch attack
7th level: Flaming weapon
8th level: +2 enhancement bonus,
9: Adaptive Weapon II
10: Fear 1/day
11: Vampiric Touch 1/day
12: +3 enhancement bonus, Flaming Burst
13: Hold Monster 1/day as touch attack
14: Adaptive Weapon III
15: Climbing Pole/Surging Pole
16: +4 enhancement bonus
17: Hold Person 3/day as Touch attack
18: Fear 3/day
19: Vampiric Touch 3/day
20: +5 enhancement bonus

Adaptive Weapon I: As a Swift Action, the wielder may depress a button on the haft and cause a curved blade to spring from one side of the Warmace’s head, effectively turning the weapon into a Dwarven War-Axe. If the wielder is proficient with the Warmace, they are also treated as proficient with this form of the weapon as well. Pushing the same button causes the blade to retract as a Swift Action. Pushing a second button causes a long spike to extend from the tip of the mace as a Swift Action, letting it be used as a Spear; and pushing that button again retracts the spike as a Swift Action.

Spell-Like Abilities: the wielder may use the listed Spell-like abilities, which function as the spells, except as follows: the hold person/hold monster and Vampiric Touch effects require the wielder to touch the target with the Rod. Activating these effects is a Swift action, and the effects will function on either a normal melee attack or a touch attack.

Adaptive Weapon II: as above, except that the blade of the axe is now treated as Silver for purposes of overcoming Damage Reduction, while the spike is treated as Cold Iron.

Adaptive Weapon III: as above, but additionally, the haft can be lengthened, so possible weapons now include a Glaive and Ranseur.

Climbing Pole/Surging Pole:When button 4 is pushed, a spike that can anchor in granite is extruded from the ball, while the other end sprouts three sharp hooks. The rod lengthens to anywhere between 5 and 50 feet in a single round, stopping when button 4 is pushed again. Horizontal bars three inches long fold out from the sides, 1 foot apart, in staggered progression. The rod is firmly held by the spike and hooks and can bear up to 4,000 pounds. The wielder can retract the pole by pushing button 5. Extending the Pole in this manner requires a Standard Action, as does retracting it.
Additionally, the Pole may be used to force open doors, or attempt to push enemies away. The pole has a +12 Strength modifier; if used to push an enemy, treat as a Bull Rush attempt that does not provoke an AoO or require the wielder to move, but has a maximum distance of 50 feet from the wielder.

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