My “Things to do before I die,” list

My “Things to do before I die,” list

This is my “Things to do before I die,” bucket list. I’m working on it slowly. There is a chance the Olympics may happen this year.

1.) Go on an African Safari

2.) Follow the Lewis and Clarke Trail

3.) Visit New York

4.) Walk the Great Wall of China

5.) Attend the Olympics

6.) Visit every continent

7.) Publish a book

8.) Get a degree

9.) Drive a Super Car

10.) See Easter Island

11.) Ride the Orient Express

12.) Ride an elephant (in India or Thailand)

13.) Visit the ten greatest temples in the world

14.) Cruise across the Atlantic Ocean

15.) Visit every National Park in the US

16.) Watch a rocket launch

17.) Hike the “Backdoor to Machu Picchu

18.) Visit Petra (in Jordan)

1.) Visit Colonial Williamsburg
2.) Visit Monticello
3.) Visit Washington DC
4.) Visit Houston Space Center
5.) Wine tasting in Napa Valley
6.) Visit New York City

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