Website Design SPAM

Website Design SPAM

This morning I get a SPAM email from

The email reads:


Hope you are doing well.

I am Olena, Business Development Manager. We are online marketing firm based in India.

I was surfing through site from your domain and came across yours Website: I have been observing various changes in trends in the
industry and the types of sites other players in your domain are using.

The field has grown since you last updated your website as per available records in Domain tools. There are a lot more advanced and user friendly websites which appeal to the consumer.

A website determines the brand of a firm in the online world.

We have special offer which you may like to avail.

Do let me know if you are willing to discuss a possible redesigning/redevelopment of your website and I can send you more details on the packages/action.

Kind Regards


Post: – Business Development Manager
Reply Me:-

Note: Though this is not an automated email, we are sending these emails to all those people whom we find eligible of using our services. To unsubscribe from future mails (i.e., to ensure that we do not contact you again for this matter), please send a blank email ”

Here’s what their website looks like:

That’s right, their site is totally blank. My website is obviously really terrible if a web design company with a blank website thinks they can make mine better.

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