Worst recruiting email of the week

Worst recruiting email of the week

from: sandra.washburn@insphereis.com (I’m assuming this is a mail serve address for sending emails and collecting replies)

Good Afernoon,

We are seeking sales associates for our growing office. Successful candidates must be highly motivated, have proven

leadership abilities, customer service attitude and integrity. A desire for professional development, a willingness to learn and

exceptional people skills are essential to this position. We offer strong potential for growth and advancement.

Our culture can be described as highly energetic and fast-paced.

This requires each individual on our core team to be self-motivated and self-directed. We are solution-oriented and always

focused on results. Promotions are from within and based on performance, not seniority!


. Ability to work in an independent environment.

. Driven by achievement and financial rewards.

. Financially stable.

. Proven success driving business results.


Andrea Bailly
Office Assistant


(503) 246-5260


Areas of failure
1.) No information about who the company is.
2.) Email address in signature is spelled wrong.
3.) “Office Assistant”?
4.) Their website has an annoying autoplay video that stutters badly. Even after letting it cache.
5.) Trying to recruit sales people from the IT crowd, a group of people who tend to have a lot of money and time already invested in their careers.

Over all, not quite as bad as American Income Life but much worse then the other 15 emails I’ve gotten from Insurance Companies looking to hire sales reps.

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  1. tk Reply

    Just received basically the same email from the same Gmail address. I found your post while checking the validity of this place on the Internet. I guess thats a NO GO for me!

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