RPG Tables: Random Outlaw and Bandit Band generator

RPG Tables: Random Outlaw and Bandit Band generator

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These tables are good for creating random Outlaw gangs or Bandit bands. Examples of such is Robin Hood’s Band of Merry Men.

Roll d10 – The outlaw band’s primary “business” involves:
1. Poaching from the sovereign’s preserve or a prominent noble’s lands. (Roll on Random Poacher Band Generator)
2. Harboring fugitives.
3. Harassing government officials and nobles who pass along the road.(Roll on Random Robber Band Generator)
4. Robbing caravans carrying gems, precious metals, and exotic goods. (Roll on Random Robber Band Generator)
5. Holding up incoming or outgoing ships or wagons. (Roll on Random Robber Band Generator)
6. Smuggling drugs—smokeleaf, a hallucinogenic mushroom, sleepysalt, sharpsugar, etc. (Roll on Random Smuggler band generator)
7. Smuggling rare antiquities.(Roll on Random Smuggler band generator)
8. Smuggling stolen goods. (Roll on Random Smuggler band generator)
9. Smuggling living things (examples: exotic beasts, foreign harlots, fugitives, slaves, etc) (Roll on Random Smuggler band generator)
10. Serving as muscle for shady merchants and/or brothel-keepers.

Roll d10 – The outlaw band’s colors are:
1. Black.
2. Gold.
3. Forest green.
4. Bronze.
5. Tan / khaki.
6. Brown / beaver.
7. Dark grey / gunmetal.
8. Maroon.
9. Dark brown / chocolate.
10. Olive green.

Roll d12 – The outlaw band’s symbol is:
1. A skull.
2. An arrow.
3. A dagger.
4. A goblet.
5. The moon.
6. A star.
7. A snake.
8. A badger.
9. A spider.
10. A rat.
11. A wolf.
12. A bear.

Roll d12 – The outlaw band’s leader is:
1. A dangerous megalomaniac.
2. A charismatic demagogue.
3. A mysterious foreigner.
4. A talented thief.
5. A member of a prominent family.
6. A ruthless killer.
7. A femme fatale.
8. A charming rogue.
9. A dashing swashbuckler.
10. A brutish thug.
11. A devoted priest.
12. A well-known fugitive.

Roll d6 – The outlaw band’s members are primarily:
1. Out-of-work artisans.
2. Displaced peasants.
3. Desperate peasants.
4. Escaped slaves.
5. Combat veterans.
6. Foreign refugees.

Roll d8 – The outlaw band’s goals include:
1. Domination of the region’s trade.
2. Sabotage of the region’s trade.
3. Revenge against a rival band of outlaws.
4. Revenge against the region’s elite.
5. Rebellion against the region’s elite.
6. Equality and freedom for all.
7. A wealthy and peaceful retirement.
8. Violence to slake their bloodlust.

Roll d10 – Members of the outlaw band typically arm themselves with:
1. Wooden clubs.
2. Over-sized daggers.
3. Shortbows and arrows.
4. Longbows and arrows.
5. Daggers and crossbows.
6. Axes and knives.
7. Sticks and stones.
8. Shortswords.
9. Brass knuckles.
10. Daggers and sling shots.

Roll d10 – The outlaw band’s headquarters is hidden in or near:
1. The residence of a prominent noble.
2. The village’s market square.
3. A wayside inn.
4. A tavern.
5. A brothel.
6. An old lighthouse.
7. An abandoned cabin.
8. A waterfall.
9. A cave.
10. A dense forest.

Roll d10 – The outlaw band is feared or respected by:
1. Ambassadors and tax collectors.
2. Merchants and peddlers.
3. Politicians and magistrates.
4. Guards and sheriffs.
5. Soldiers and warriors.
6. Nobles and wealthy travelers.
7. Knights and loyalists.
8. Peasants and farmers.
9. Priests and sages.
10. Women and children.

Roll d12 – Distinguishing feature for an individual:
1. A flashy earring ring.
2. Shiny leather boots.
3. A hole in the toe of one boot.
4. A dagger in each boot.
5. A mask on the face.
6. A wide-brimmed hat.
7. A dragon tattoo on the forearm.
8. A flame tattoo around the arm.
9. A maniacal laugh.
10. Nothing
11. An open shirt and a very hairy chest.
12. Extravagant mustaches.

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