The Net Rogues’ Gallery – NPCs for Fantasy Games

the peacemaker by eddus_a_um

The Net Rogues’ Gallery – NPCs for Fantasy Games

The Net Rogues’ Gallery is one of the dozens of “Netbooks” that were created in the 80s/90s on Usenet and Fidonet messages boards to provide NPCs (Non-Player characters) for the First (DnD) and Second (ADnD) editions of Dungeons and Dragons. Despite that, most of these should take very little work to make into a useful character for the 3.0 and 3.5 (D20 Versions,) for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, or use as templates for other Fantasy role playing games.

Art by Eddus-a-um

*Note – This is a copy of the “original” backup on Posting here makes no assumptions of copyright, merely an wish to help preserve these old files that so many old time GMs worked on and used.

The Net Rogues’ Gallery


Compiled by Steven R. Hamby 1st August 1993

Have you ever been running a game of AD&D and suddenly find you need an
NPC to help your players out of a sticky situation when you haven’t prepared
any? Or turned up for a gaming session and found you’ve left your character
sheets at home? Or needed an arch-villain to give the game your running an
unexpected twist?
If the answer to any (or all) of these questions is yes then this work might
be of some use to you.
A “Rogues’ Gallery” is a collection of NPCs available for a DM to use in
his/her game to help or hinder the players. Many companies produce them for
use in theirs and other peoples game systems. This one was put together by
me using the contributions of some of the members of the AD&D discussion
list (AD&D-L@UTARLVM1.UTA.EDU) and my own “old” PCs and NPCs.
The major differences between the Net Rogues’ Gallery and other similar
publications are that:
A, this one is made up of material provided bt players and DMs of AD&D, not
games designers.
B, this one will be up-dated upon on a regular basis (provided people keep
contributing to it), which the others don’t.
C, its completely free and copies can be passed out to your friends free of
charge, ever heard of a gaming company allowing you to do that!

Of course there is still one thing to remember. If you wish to change any of
the entries within this work then it is recommended that you contact the
owner of that entry for his/her permission (the ones with no name or e-mail
address associated with them belong to me) before doing so.

If you wish to contribute to the NRG, complain about it, or point out any
“errors”, then please e-mail me at the following address.

Contributors to the Net Rogues’ Gallery


Alexande Shternshain – S1105272@TECHST02.TECHNION.AC.IL
“Brother Tyrus Hellbane” – C9108613@CC.NEWCASTLE.EDU.AU
Anthony Ross – ROSS@LCLARK.EDU
“Vampire Kiss” – HERR1516@SNYPLAVA.BITNET

Quick reference table


Name : Race : Class(es) : Level : Alignment : Sex : Edition
Alzandra : Human : Fighter : 4 : LN : F : 1st
Arrinoth : Human : Cleric : 5 : CN : M : 2nd
Azaghal : Dwarf : F/C (m) : 11/11 : LG : M : 2nd
Bansca : Half-elf : B/D/R (m) : 9/8/8 : NG : M : 2nd
Caleaxia : Half-elf : Cleric : 4 : CG : F : 1st
Callumas : Elf : M/T (m) : 6/7 : CN : M : 1st
Casxio : Human : r/m/T (t) : 10/11/12 : NG : M : 2nd
Dante : Human : Ranger : 2 : CG : M : 2nd
Do : Dwarf : Fighter * : 1 : NG : M : 2nd
Eli : Human : Cleric : 1 : NG : M : 2nd
Finovar : Human : Druid : 14 : N : M : 2nd
Galain : Dwarf : F/C (m) : 6/5 : LG : M : 1st
Gaston : Human : t/P (d) : 5/9 : LG : M : 2nd
Gayrlana : Human : Paladin : 2 : LG : F : 2nd
Gedric : Dwarf : F/C (m) : 10/10 : NG : M : 2nd
Gilim : Dwarf : Fighter * : 2 : NG : M : 2nd
Godfire : Human : Fighter : 1 : CG : M : 2nd
Greymoon : Human : Fighter : 12 : CN : M : 1st
Grimm : Human : Necromancer*: 14 : LN : M : 2nd
Hnaef : Human : Ranger : 2 : CG : M : 2nd
Keldin : Human : c/T (d) : 4/7 : CG : M : 2nd
Kyle : Halfling : Thief : 16 : NE : M : 2nd
Logastor : Kender : T/Psi (m) : 13/10 : LN : M : 2nd
Loraginos : Human : Invoker : 1 : LN : M : 2nd
Pellaeus : Human : Paladin : 7 : LG : M : 1st
Quentin : Human : Bard : 2 : N : M : 2nd
Rumpy : Human : Conjurer : 3 : CN : M : 2nd
S’questr’n: Drow : F/C/M : 9/9/10 : CE : F : 2nd
Sanas : Half-elf : Fighter : 4 : NG : M : 1st
Sethi : Half-elf : thief : 16 : N : M : 2nd
Tandeska : Human : Mage : 13 : LN : M : 2nd
Telieq : Human : Necromancer : 1 : N : M : 2nd
Tweck : Human : R/T (m) : 10/14 : NG : M : 2nd
Tyrus : Human : F/T (m) : 5/6 : ?? : M : ???
Uriah : Half-elf : F/C/M (m) : 1/1/1 : NG : M : 2nd
Valentine : Half-elf : Thief : 12 : N : F : 2nd

* = NPC is a kit of that class
m = multi-classed character
d = dual-classed character
t = triple-classed character

The Net Rogues’ Gallery

Alzandra Maveni – Fighter

Name: Alzandra Maveni Edition: 1st

Class: Fighter Level: 4 Age: 20 Eyes: Green
Race: Human Alignment: LN Height: 5′ 7″ Hair: Sandy
Deity: none Pantheon: Agnostic Weight: 146 lbs
Place of origin: Candanus Sex: Female

STR 17 +1 to hit, +1 to damage, open doors 1-3, bend bars 13%
INT 15 add lang 4
WIS 14
DEX 16 react adj +1, miss adj +1, defence adj -2
CON 18 hit pont adj +4, sys shock 99%, res surv 100%
CHA 9 max henchmen 4,

Weapon Profs Armour
============ ======
Broad sword Armour worn = Plate mail Actual AC = -1
Battle axe AC base = 2 Rear AC = 2
Dagger Magic adj = +1 Surprised AC = 1
Long bow Dex adj = -2 Shieldless AC = 0
Morning star Shield = medium

Hit points
Hit die type = d10 Con bonus = +4 Hit points = 41
Hit points per level = 6/3/10/6

Thac0 = 18 Weapon in hand: Broad sword

Saving throws
============= base save bonuses modified save
Poison/paralyzation 13 — 13
Petrif/polymorph 14 — 14
Rod/staff/wand 15 — 15
Breath weapon 16 — 16
Spells 16 — 16

Magical items Money
============= =====
Plate mail +1 Copper pieces = 56
Broad sword +2 Silver pieces = 31
Potion of extra healing Gold pieces = 67
Potion of gaseous form Electrum pieces = 7
Platinum pieces = 2
Gems = none
Jewelry = 120gp necklace under armour
Other = none

High hard boots 5 torches Iron rations (3 weeks)
Woolen cloak Tinderbox Waterskin (1 pint) (2 off)
Backpack Bullseye lantern Sharpening stone
Belt and pouches Flasks of oil (3)
Silver handmirror Quiver
Rope (20 ft) 20 arrows
10 ft pole Spare bowstring


Alzandra is the daughter of a rich merchant from the city of Candanus.
As a child she was somewhat spoilt by her parents, indulging her every whim;
including training in the use of weapons and combat.
Alzandra grew up into a attractive looking woman of statuesque appearance.
However, she was also arrogant, aloof, and refused to behave in the manner in
which a woman of her station should. Her father berated her constantly and in
the end threatened to send her to a convent of the church of Jesunkhil.
That day she sold most of her jewelry, bought a suit of chain mail, a broad
sword, provisions, and a horse and left the city for the capital city.
Once there she joined a mercenary company, with which, until recently, she
was still adventuring with.
However, she is still arrogant and aloof.


Arrinoth Cutblade – Cleric

From: Alexande Shternshain

LEVEL : 5 D: 10
HP : 23 CO: 8
AC : 4 CH: 9
AGE : 49




BACKGROUND: He was born in the capital-city of his country, to a family of
wealthy merchants. Wealthy, that is, until he decided he just HAD to study
the arcane art of magic. He wasn’t very good, so he had to go through magic
school 3 times. This nearly impoverished his parents, who just couldn’t say
no to their only son. At last, at age of 25, he became a wizard. After
several years of working in the local guild, he decided that casting
IDENTIFY spells for passing adventurers is just fu#$%king unintersting.
So, our hero decided to go out and see the world. He joined a party of
adventurers, and for some time, all was going well: they fought monsters,
won a fair amount of treasure and excitement (he got to level 4 in the
process). UNTIL, one cursed day, they had the misery to find GERIZAG, the
fabled city of undead. In the city’s largest palace, the party was attacked
by a spectre. The creature was in a frenzy of destruction, after they
mistaskingly released him from his grave. Almost all party members lost
life levels in that fight. Arrinoth was the unlickiest. He was struck
twice, and reduced to level ZERO. His surviving companions carried his
almost lifeless body home , beyond Blue Moon Mountains. But Arrinoth
didn’t die. His exceptional health (well, it WAS exception before his
little ‘accident’) helped him to recover, 6 month later. In a shock ,
he discovered, that he lost ALL his magical talent, for wich he worked
for years. Others would break down, but not him. As soon as he could
walk , he went to the nearest temple of RUSLAN THE MIGHTY (deity of war),
and simply said to the high priest :’I want to learn how to defeat undead.
Teach me, please.’. The high priest decided to put him through a test.
He said :’ If you are willing to sacrifice what used to be most precios to
you, RUSLAN will receive you. Hearing this, Arrinoth went home, brought
his spellbook, and before the eyes of the priest, burned it. The temple
was filled with unnaturally bright light. “THE MIGHTY ONE agreed to
receive you” – said the high priest. And so in was. Arrinoth studied
hard to make his way through the church hierarchy, waiting for a day
when he could use his skills to turn or destroy that spectre.
(He is , in fact +1 on all turning attempts, +2 vs. spectres, and +4 vs.
THAT PARTICULAR spectre – because of his immence hatred to undead). He
soon will begin gathering a party of adventurers to cross the Blue Moon
Mountains again, and face his old enemy. He will not reveal the nature
of Gerizag to his fellow-party-members, nor will he warn them of the
monster awaiting them in the palace (He doesn’t want them to be scared
and run away). He just wants to beat the sh%t out of the spectre, and
he doesnt really care if he or anyone else gets hurt.

BTW: In my world, the god of war allows his clerics to use any large
cutting weapons. if your campain is differnt, adjust his weapons


Azaghal ‘the Pure’ – Fighter/Cleric

From: Brother Tyrus

Character : Azaghal ‘The Pure’
Players Name : Jason Mulligan Race : Mountain Dwarf
Class : Fighter/Cleric Level : 11/11
Kit : Champion
Alignment : Lawful Good Family :
Race/Clan : Homeland : Crystalmist Mts
Liege/Patron : Religion :
Sex : Male Age : 90 Social Class :
Height : 4’8″ Wt. : 165 Birth Rank : 1st # Siblings : 2
Hair : Brown Eyes : Blue Appearance : See Below


20 STR Hit: +3 Dmg: +8 Wgt: 535 Max Press: 700 O/D: 17 BB/LG: 60%
16 DEX React Adj : +1 Miss Att Adj : +1 Def Adj : -2
18 CON HP Adj : +4 System Shock : 99% Res.Sr : 100%
13 INT # Languages : 13 Spell Lvl : — Chance : — Max/Lvl : —
19 WIS Mag Def Adj : +4 Bonus Spells : 3,2,1,2
15 CHR Max Hench : 7 Loyalty Base : +3 Reaction Adj : +3

~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
* – current movement rate
&Op Modify. Paralyze/ Save.
Base Rate: 6 * _______ Poison __ 6___
Light ( ) _______ Rod,Staff,
Mod ( ) _______ __+5___ or Wand __ 9___
Hvy ( ) _______ Petrify/
Svr ( ) _______ _______ Polymorph __ 8___
Jog ( x2 ) _______ Breath
Run ( x3 ) _______ _______ Weapon __ 8___
Run ( x4 ) _______
Run ( x5 ) _______ __+5___ Spells __10___

_______ Adjusted AC Armor Type (Pieces)
\ A C / Surprised ____ Plate Mail +3________ _76__
\-2 / Shieldless_-2_ Dex Bonus____________
\_/ Rear _0__ _____________________

2-Handed Battle Axe 2 +7/+13 1d10/2d8 – 6

Special Attacks

Special Abilities/Limitations NWProficiencies/Skills/Languages
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
+1 to damage vs orcs, goblins, etc Skill Slots Ab Check
Specialization with 2-H Battle Axe ———————————
Infravision 60′ Dwarf Runes 1 Int/+2
Clerical Spells Direction Sense 1 Wis/+2
Armorer 1 Int/+0
Surv, Underground 1 Int/+0
Blindfighting 1 NA/NA
Alertness 1 Wis/+1
Singing 1 Chr/+2
Endurance – Con/+0
Intimidation – Str/Chr/+0
Religion – Wis/+0

Weapons Languages –
2H Battle Axe (spec) Common (R/W) – NA
Battle Axe Alignment – NA
Hand Axe Orcish 1 NA
War Hammer Elvish 1 NA
Hvy Crossbow

Cleric Spells (8,6,5,5,2,1)

GEAR (Supplies included) Location Weight
to be chosen


Total (pounds)____________________________

Experience Treasure
~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~
750,000 Coins:


Miscellaneous Information (Magical Items, Command Words, Small Maps, etc.)
Girdle of Stone Giant Strength
Plate Mail +3
2-Handed Battle Axe +3
Pearl of Wisdom
Rod of Ressurection (21 Charges)
Neclace of Prayer Beads
Bead of Atonement (1)
Bead of Summons (1)
Bead of Blessing (1)
Bead of Karma (1)
Talisman of Pure Good

Azaghal is about four feet and eight inches in height and weighs about
170 pounds. He is stocky as is usual for a dwarf. He has deep blue eyes,
and dark brown hair, and a long dark brown beard which he keeps immaculately
tidy and clean, and is of noble bearing.
Over his sparkling plate mail, he wears a bright Royal Blue surcoat, and
wears a bright red cloak/cape.
All he carries in the way of weapons are his Great 2 handed Battle Axe, and
a smaller hand axe by his side.

Outwardly he appears as a normal dwarf, but in reality, he has taken on
qualities of other races. Like a sense of humour (albeit warped), a like for
magic, and lost the dwarven dislike of the forest. He keeps these feelings to
himself mostly, and to his closest friends.
He has a great love of music and singing. He even has developed a liking for
elven verse and song. But he doesnt tell any-one.
At times, Azaghal has taken on a manner closest to that of a Human Paladin.
And thus, in some lands Azaghal is known as the Dwarven Paladin.
Azaghal has travelled widely, been on many adventures. One adventure of note
was the rescueing of Queen Yolande’s daughter, and bringing her back safely to
Celene. For which Azaghal was allowed to build a church for Moradin within the
capital, Enstad. Azaghal also was given a title for within Celene.


Bansca ‘the Fair’ Deepsinger – Bard/Druid/Ranger

From: Richard Farrell

Name = Bansca “The Fair” Deepsinger
Race = Half-Elf.
Class = Bard/Druid/Ranger
Level = 9 / 8 / 8
Alignment = NG ( Danu )
Sex. = Male Age = 23 Ht. = 6′ 2″ Wt. = 135 lbs
Hair = Copper. Eyes = Green
Appearance = Lean, Handsome, Clean-Shaven man, with long braided hair.
Social Class = Upper Lower (Freeman) Status = Initiate.
Liege/Patron = Arakhan ( The Grand Druid. )

STR 16 Saving Throws
DEX 17 Mod. Name. Save.
CON 15 +3 PPDM 7
INT 14 +3(+5)RS&W 10
WIS 16 +3 Pet/Poly 10
CHR 15 +3(+5) BW 12
COM 19 +3(+5) Spell 11

AC = -4 Bracers AC=2 Cloak of Prot. +3 Dex bonus.-3
Hit Points = 56

Scimitar of Speed +2
Scimitar of the Planes
Lomgbow + 30 Sheaf and 10 Flight arrows.
Spear +2
Darts (8)
Ring of Teleportation.

Special Abilities.

Standard 1/2 elf.
Fight 2 handed.
Move Silently = 77
Hide in Shadows = 64
Climb Walls = 95
Detect Noise = 50
Pick Pockets = 70
Read Languages = 50

+4 to hit (insert Druids greatest enemy, on my world priests of famine)
Animal Empathy (save vs Rods at -3)
Priest Spells as Ranger.
2d6 Ranger Followers.

+2 to save vs Fire and Electricity.
Druid Spells.
Identify Plants etc.
Pass without trace at 12″
Immune to Woodland Charm.

Bard Spells.
Inspire Allies.
Alter Mood (Save vs PPDM at -3)
Counter Muisical Attacks
Identify Magic 45%
Attract 10d6 followers.
Use Books and Scrolls.

NWP WP Slots
Tracking 2 Hander Style 1
Harp, Lute, Flute. Scimitar 1
Read Write. Spear 1
Local History. Staff 1
Singing. Longbow 1
Tumbling Dart 1
Hunting Sickle 1
Info Gathering.
Fast Talking.

Celtic, Common, Halfling, Dwarf, Elven, Gnome, Dryad, Treant, Faun,
Bronze Dragon, + a human toungue. (Kathenarr on my world.)

Shapechange Forms.
Giant Wolverine.
AC 4 Move 15 3 attacks Claw/claw/bite 1d4+1/1d4+1/2d4
Special Attack = Musk.
Giant Scorpion
AC 3 Move 15 3 attacks Claw/claw/sting 1d10/1d10/1d4+poison type F
AC 5 Move 36(b) Fl 3 attacks Claw/claw/peck 1/1/1+Blind
SA = +2 to hit and double dmg on a dive.

Bansca’s mother was a wood-elf and a ranger, his father was a druid.
Bansca is an incredibly handsome, witty and charming lad who is
currently a special envoy (and occaisional spy) for the Grand Druid. He
travels the world (teleport ring) keeping an eye on things and reporting
back regularly to his master. He is resigned to the fact that he will
never achieve greatness in the druidic hierarchy, and he has a wonderful
singing career to console him.
Bansca often pretends to be just a Bard, especially
when on a mission where being a druid is unhealthy. He is allways
cheerful, and will start singing at the slightest provocation. Among the
allies on which he can call at need is Khementh, an Old Bronze Dragon
who lives under an island off the coast of (Gwal on my world) and is
an ally of the sea-elves. ( Your normal bronze dragon with 115 hp.)
Use Bansca to involve the PC’s in druidic plots, or simply as the
unintentional starter of a barroom brawl. (Picking up the wrong girl
again. 🙂 )


Caleaxia – Cleric

Name: Caleaxia Edition: 1st

Class: Cleric Level: 4 Age: 53 Eyes: grey
Race: Half-elf Alignment: CG Height: 5′ Hair: blonde
Deity: Rallathil Pantheon: Elven Weight: 104
Place of origin: Tulamein Sex: Female

INT 16 add lang 5
WIS 18 Magic att adj +4, bonus spells 2x1st 2x2nd 1x3rd 1x4th
DEX 12
CON 15 hit point adj +1, sys shock 91%, res surv 94%
CHA 12 max henchmen 5

Weapon Profs Armour
============ ======
Mace Armour worn = Chain mail Actual AC = 1
Flail AC base = 4 Rear AC = 4
Magic adj = +1 / +2 (s) Surprised AC = 1
Dex adj = none Shieldless AC = 4
Shield = Small (+2)

Hit points
Hit die type = d8 Con bonus = +1 Hit points = 27
Hit points per level = 8/2/7/6

Thac0 = 18 Weapon in hand: Mace

Saving throws
============= base save bonuses modified save
Poison/paralyzation 9 — 9
Petrif/polymorph 12 — 12
Rod/staff/wand 13 * 13*
Breath weapon 15 — 15
Spells 14 * 14*
* +4 versus mind effecting magical effects and spells

Turning Undead
Turning level = 4
T | T | 4 | 7 | 10 | 13 | 16 | 20 | | | | |

1st=5 2nd=4

Spells learnt
1st= cure light wounds (x3), detect magic, remove fear
2nd= hold person (x2), silence 15′ rad, slow poison

Magical items Money
============= =====
Chain mail +1 Copper pieces = 13
Shield +2 Silver pieces = 9
Mace +1 Gold pieces = 37
Potion of healing (2 off) Electrum pieces = none
potion of extra healing Platinum pieces = none
scroll of raise dead Gems = none
Jewelry = none
Other = none

Hooded cloak Bandages Iron rations (2 weeks)
Soft high boots Medicinal herbs Waterskin (1 pint)
Gloves Bone scroll case Wineskin (1/2 pint)
Surcoat Hooded lantern Silver holy symbol
Backpack Flasks of oil (3) Flasks of holy water (3 off)
Belt and pouches Tinderbox Holy wafers (10 off)


Caleaxia is a half-drow outcast. Her mother was raped by a member of a drow
raiding party and was then beaten until her attacker thought her dead.
However, Caleaxia’s mother was not dead and recovered, but found herself to
be pregnant by her attacker. Caleaxia was born many months later and was lucky
enough not to have only inherited the white hair of her attacker and a swarthy
cast to her skin; similar to that of Cabritsian traders. However Caleaxia, in
accordance with the laws regarding children of rape, was taken several miles
outside the city to the Temple of the Needy; a group of priests of various
deities who devoted their lives to the help of those less fortunate.
Here Caleaxia was raised and tutored by the priests, learning to read and
write and learning of all the deities of the various pantheons.
Caleaxia grew to love all the priests as surrogate fathers, but was
especially fond of an ancient elven priest called Ev’reban. It was Ev’reban
who taught Caleaxia of the elven gods and especially of his god Rillithane
Rallathil. At 18 Caleaxia asked Ev’reban to make her an initiate of the temple
of Rallathil.
When Caleaxia was 23 Ev’reban died of old age and Caleaxia left the Temple of
the Needy and journeyed to Tulamein in search of her mother. Unfortunately,
Caleaxia’s mother had left Tulamein many years previously; driven away by the
other people of the town for allowing herself to be raped by a drow and live.
Caleaxia went in search of her mother but never found her. Instead she took
up a life of adventure, but one day plans to journey into the depths of the
world in order to make the drow pay for the rape of her mother. Caleaxia hates
the drow with all her heart.


Callumas ‘Ice-eyes’ – Mage/Thief

Name: Callumas “Ice-eyes” Edition: 1st

Class: Mu/Thief Level: 6/7 Age: 166 Eyes: grey
Race: Elf (h) Alignment: CN Height: 5′ Hair: black
Deity: none Pantheon: atheist Weight: 98 lbs
Place of origin: Salbrij Sex: male

STR 15 open doors 1-2, bend bars 7%
INT 16 add. lang 5, % know spell 65%, min spells 7, max spells 11
WIS 13
DEX 17 react adj +2, missile adj +2, defence adj -3
CON 12 system shock 80%, ress survive 85%
CHA 13 max henchmen 5, react adj +5

Weapon Profs Armour
============ ======
short sword Armour worn = brac. AC4 Actual AC = -1
short bow AC base = 4 Rear AC = 2
dagger Magic adj = -2 (ring) Surprised AC = 2
blow pipe Dex adj = -3 Shieldless AC = -1
Shield = none

Hit points
Hit die type = d4/d6 Con bonus = n/a Hit points = 21
Hit points per level = 4/3/2/2/1/3/3/5/4/6/2/4/3

Thac0 = 19 Weapon in hand = long sword

Saving throws
============= base save bonuses modified save
Poison/paralyzation 12 +2 10
Petrif/polymorph 11 +2 9
Rod/staff/wand 9 +2 7
Breath weapon 13 +2 11
Spells 10 +2 8

Thief Skills
Skill | PP | OL | F/RT | MS | HIS | DN | CW | RL
Base score | 60 %| 52 %| 50 %| 55 %| 43 %| 25 %| 94 %| 35 %
Dex mod. | +5 %| +10 %| — %| +5 %| +5 %| — %| — %| — %
Race mod. | +5 %| -5 %| — %| +5 %| +10 %| +5 %| — %| — %
Total | 70 %| 57 %| 50 %| 65 %| 58 %| 30 %| 94 %| 35 %

1st=4 2nd=2 3rd=2 4th= 5th= 6th= 7th= 8th= 9th=

Spells learnt
1st= feather fall, magic missile, sleep, charm person
2nd= invisibility, mirror image
3rd= slow, dispel magic

Spells in spell book
1st= charm person, detect magic, feather fall, identify, magic missile,
sleep, spider climb
2nd= darkness 15′ rad, detect invisibility, invisibility, mirror image
3rd= dispel magic, feign death, fly, slow

Magical items Money
============= =====
Bracers AC4 Copper pieces = 30
Ring of prot +2 Silver pieces = 13
short sword +2 Gold pieces = 22
dagger +4 Electrum pieces = 12
dagger +2 Platinum pieces = 2
potion of levitation Gems = 5 x 50gp base gems
5 +2 arrows 2 x 100gp base gems
Jewelry = none

Other = none

soft boots backpack 2 weeks rations 3 flasks of oil
gloves belt pouch wineskin (1/2 pint) bone scrollcase
breeches dart case waterskin (1 pint) large sack
wool shirt 20 darts 50′ rope leather ties
cloak (for blowpipe) 5 torches 2 flasks of quicklime
domino mask qviver tinderbox thieves tools
belt 20 arrows hooded lantern


Callumas was born in the sleepy homlet of Salbrij, where his itinerant
parents were spending the winter. Callumas is the son of a travelling elven
healer and his wife, an elven mage. As a child he was bright and happy if a
little lazy and workshy, doing what pleased him not others. He learnt his
basics in magic from his mother during his childhood.
When his mother thought he was ready she sent Callumas to Gulmarsh to learn
the proper craft from his mother’s own teacher, Tavarint. Tavarint took
Callumas in as his apprentice and began instructing him in the principles and
discipline of magic. Callumas soon began to tire of this, wanting to start
using magic rather than reading and writing about it. He also started to
frequent the inns and public houses of Gulmarsh, drinking and gambling away
what money he had. Soon Callumas was heavily in debt and was forced to trying
to steal money to pay his debts.
His activities came to the attention on the local thieves guild, but rather
than killing or maiming Callumas they offered to let him join them. The guild
had just lost one of their two mages to the gibbet and needed a replacement.
Callumas spent the next few months learning magic from Tavarint during the
day and working with the thieves guild, and picking up their skills too, at
Eventually, Callumas’s apprenticeship to Tavarint ended and he began to
work full time for the guild. However, he soon bored of this and set out
looking for adventure, fame, and more to the point, wealth.
He is still looking for the latter two.
Callumas is called Ice-eyes because of his very pale grey eyes.


Casxio Jeanvelle – Ranger/Mage/Thief

From: Brother Tyrus

Character : Casxio Jeanvelle
Players Name : Peter McNamee Race : Human
Class : (Ranger|Mage) Thief Level : 10/11/12
Alignment : Neutral Good Family :
Race/Clan : Homeland :
Liege/Patron : Religion :
Sex : M Age : 38 Social Class : Status :
Height : 6’5″ Wt. : 172# Birth Rank : # Siblings :
Hair : Eyes : Appearance :


18/78 STR Hit: +2 Dmg: +4 Wgt: 185 Max Press: 330 O/D: 14 BB/LG:30%
18 DEX React Adj : +2 Miss Att Adj : +2 Def Adj : -4
15 CON HP Adj : +1 System Shock :90% Res.Sr :94%
17 INT # Languages : 6 Spell Lvl : 8th Chance :75 % Max/Lvl : 14
15 WIS Mag Def Adj : +1
15 CHR Max Hench : 7 Loyalty Base : +3 Reaction Adj : +3

~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
* – current movement rate
Modify. Paralyze/ Save.
Base Rate: 12 _______ Poison __8 ___
Light (56-85 ) _______ Rod,Staff,
Mod (86-115 ) _______ _______ or Wand __7 ___
Hvy (116-145) _______ Petrify/
Svr (146-170) _______ _______ Polymorph __9 ___
Jog ( x2 ) _______ Breath
Run ( x2 ) _______ _______ Weapon __9 ___
Run ( x2 ) _______
Run ( x2 ) _______ __+1___ Spells __8 ___

_______ Adjusted AC Armor Type (Pieces)
\ A C / Surprised _0__ Bracers ac2__________ __77__ 77
\-4 / Shieldless_-4_ Cloak of displacement
\_/ Rear _0__ _____________________

mod mod
Long Sword +3 3/2 +5 +7 6 1d8/1d12 — 0
Sun Blade +2* 3/2 +4(+6) +6(+8) 7(5) 1d8/1d12 — 0
Short Sword 3/2 +2 +4 9 1d6/1d8 — 1
2H Sword 3/2 +2 +4 9 1d10/3d6 — 8
Long Bow 2 +2 0 9 1d8/1d8 5/10/17 5
Hand Crossbow 1 +2 0 9 1d3/1d2 2/4/6 5
Knife 3/2 +2 +4 9 1d3/1d2 — 1
(thrown) 2 +4 +4 7 1d3/1d2 1/2/3 1
Throwing Axe +3 1 +7 +7 4 1d6/1d4 18 0

* – +4 vs evil
unmod THAC0 – 11

Special Attacks
Fight two handed no penalty
Backstab (x4 damage)
+4 to hit ranger enemy

Special Abilities/Limitations NWProficiencies/Skills/Languages
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Priest spells Tracking Wis/+3 0
Animal empathy Navigation Int/-2 1
Use mage and cleric scrolls Blind Fighting NA 2
Theif Skills :- Hunting Wis/-1 1
Pick Pockets……..95% Appraising Int/0 1
Open Locks……….95% Set Snares Dex/-1 1
Find/Remove Traps…95% Singing Cha/0 1
Move Silently…….95% Seamanship Dex/0 1
Hide in Shadows…..95% Tumbling Dex/0 2
Detect Noise……..60%
Climb Walls………95% Languages – Common (R/W) 1
Read Languages……31% – Thieves Cant

1 slot left

GEAR (Supplies included) Location Encumberance #
Clothing worn
Backpack back
Large sack slung
Rope 50′ (silk) slung
Torch pack
Flint and steel pouch
Tinderbox pouch
Scroll case pack
Parchment 20 sheets scroll case
Small wooden box pack
Quill and writing ink wooden box
Thief tools boot pocket
1 Large Belt Pouch belt
2 small belt pouches belt


Total (pounds)________________________________

Experience Treasure
~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~
625000 Coins
PP 213
+10% GP 145
EP 55
SP 73
CP 21

1 topaz@200gp
1 ruby@2000gp (in boot)

Miscellaneous Information (Magical Items, Command Words, Small Maps, etc.)
Ring of Wizardry (doubles 1st-3rd)
Ring of Invisibility
Bracers of Defense AC 2
Axe of Hurling +3
Sun Blade +2 (+4 vs evil, x2 damage vs neg plane creatures)
Long Sword +3
Cloak of Displacement (missile attacks miss 1st attack, +2 to save vs
attacks directed at wearer, Bonus of 2 to AC)
Rope of Entanglement

Clerical Spells (2 x 1st, 1 x 2nd)
1st : 2 to be chosen

2nd : 1 to be chosen

Mage Spells in Book (* signifies spell memorised)
1st Level (8) : pick 12 spells

2nd Level (8) : pick 10 spells

3rd Level (8) : pick 8 spells

4th Level (3) : pick 4 spells

5th Level (3) : pick 3 spells

History :
Casxio was born in the region of Miyarn, a small fishing village on the west
coast. His grandfather was a Ranger, and would take the young Casxio out into
the woods and show him the skills needed to carry on a family tradition.
The task fell to him as his father had been killed when he was 10, fighting
to protect the village against the giants which occasionally attacked. Upon
taking up his adventuring life when 15, he travelled the realm, but favoured
the sea, and longed to travel across it. This he did, when hired by a mage
for protection during his quest to find components for a new spell he was
working on. During the voyage, Casxio came to appreciate the work involved in
being a mage, and was interested in the working of the spells. Upon the end of
his hire, he asked the mage to take him on as his apprentice. This he did.
From that point, he stayed with the mage, and they worked on many spells
together, selling those they could and using them to help impoverished
villages. However, it was when travelling that he uncovered a plot to kill
the mage. A death warrant had been issued by a colletion of evil thieves so
the mage would stop his good work. Casxio implored one of the most powerful
thieves guilds in the area to intervene. The master thief asked a high price
for the service. The indenture of Casxio to the guild, and his agreement to
train in the arts of the thief. This he agreed to to save the life of the
mage. He initially begrudged the training, but then came to find a natural
flair, and liking for the life of a thief, which he has decided is his life
quest…to be master of his own guild.


Dante – Ranger


Character : Dante
Players Name : Craig Barnett Race : Human
Class : Ranger Level : 2
Alignment : Chaotic Good Family :
Race/Clan : Homeland :
Liege/Patron : Religion :
Sex : M Age : 24 Social Class : Status :
Height : 5’6″ Wt. : 164# Birth Rank : # Siblings :
Hair : Eyes : Appearance :


18/20 STR Hit: +1 Dmg: +3 Wgt: 135 Max Press: 280 O/D: 12 BB/LG:20%
18 DEX React Adj : +2 Miss Att Adj : +2 Def Adj : -4
17 CON HP Adj : +3 System Shock :97% Res.Sr : 98%
15 INT # Languages : 4
15 WIS Mag Def Adj : +1
10 CHR Max Hench : 4 Loyalty Base : 0 Reaction Adj : 0

~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
* – current movement rate
Modify. Paralyze/ Save.
Base Rate: 12 * _______ Poison __14___
Light (136-174) _______ Rod,Staff,
Mod (175-213) _______ _______ or Wand __16___
Hvy (214-252) _______ Petrify/
Svr (253-280) _______ _______ Polymorph __15___
Jog ( x2 ) _______ Breath
Run ( x2 ) _______ _______ Weapon __17___
Run ( x2 ) _______
Run ( x2 ) _______ _______ Spells __17___

_______ Adjusted AC Armor Type (Pieces)
\ A C / Surprised _8__ Leather______________ __21__ 19
\ 4 / Shieldless_4__ _____________________
\_/ Rear _8__ _____________________

mod mod
Short Bow 2 +2 0 17 1-6/1-6 5/10/18 4
Short Sword 1 +1 +3 18 1-6/1-8 — 1
Dagger 1 +1 +3 18 1-4/1-3 — 0
Long Sword+1 +2 1 +2 +4 17 1-8/1-12 — 2
(+2 vs magic using/enchanted creatures)

Special Attacks
When wearing studded leather armour or lighter ranger may fight two-handed
with no attack roll penalty
+4 to attack special enemy – OGRES!!

Special Abilities/Limitations NWProficiencies/Skills/Languages
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Move Silently……25% *
Hide in Shadows….20% * Gem Cutting 2
* – Halved in non-woodland areas Appraisal 2
Animal Empathy Tracking 3
Priest Spells (8th lvl) Blind Fighting 2
Attract Followers (10th lvl) Speak – Alignment
Can have no more treasure than you Common
can carry

GEAR (Supplies included) Location Encumberance #
Longsword +1 +2 belt 4
2 Daggers belt 2
Short Sword belt 3
Composite Short Bow Slung 6
Quiver Shoulder 1
20 Arrows Quiver 2
Dagger (hollow handle) boot 1
Leather Armour worn 15
Woodland Cloak }______ worn 5
Clothing }
Boots (hollow heels) worn –
Shovel backpack 10
5 Iron Spikes backpack 2.5
50′ Rope backpack 20
tripwire backpack –
Bell belt pouch –
Backpack back 2
5 Torches backpack 5
Grappling Hook backpack 4
3 Belt Pouches belt –
Golden wristband wrist –
Light Riding Horse — —
humble village clothes backpack 5

Money pouch 13

Total (pounds)________________________________ 100.5

Experience Treasure
~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~
3034 Coins
PP 14
+10% GP 237
EP 121
SP 186
CP 20

2*500gp gems

Miscellaneous Information (Magical Items, Command Words, Small Maps, etc.)
Long Sword +1, +2 versus Magic Using and Enchanted Creatures

History :
Dante’s mother was a prostitute in a small town on the Wild Coast. He never
knew who his father was, and earned his keep begging in the streets of the
town (town was Elredd). Dante had to live off the streets with his cunning
and wits. This was made easier due to his surprising strength, intelligence,
and ruthlessness. Some would even accuse him of cold blooded cruelty.
Eventually, he came to the notice of a person who had contacts with the
assassin’s guild (he was an assassin). Dante was 16 by now and had
established himself as somebody to be feared and avoided by most people who
knew of him. This person, who’s name was Gart, convinced Dante to try the
life of an assassin. Dante finally agreed, as it seemed a way to make a
living, and killing didn’t worry him at all.
Dante was brought into the local guild, and given training in the arts of
murder and deceipt. His natural ability shone through and he was recognised
as a potentially great assassin. He killed quite a few people, too, finally
reaching 3rd level.
It was at this stage that Dante was given the job of killing a priest. This
priest was a worshipper of the God of forests, but had made enough enemies to
warrant an assassin’s poisoned blade.
Dante went to the priest and made the attempt, but was set upon by ogres
before he could attack the Priest (whose name was Peyel). He was almost
killed by the ogres, and tortured horribly. He woke to find himself with the
priest he was sent to kill, who had healed him and saved his life.
For the first time in his life, Dante faced a moral dillemma. He was still
too weak to move much, so he and Peyel talked much, about life, beliefs and the
way of things. Dante, through these conversations and guilt, began to see his
past life in a different way – he realised he was truly not happy with his evil
ways, and repented his many murders. Evntually, he told Peyel the truth; what
he was, and what he had come to do. Peyel forgave him and blessed him. This
was the final straw for Dante. He decided to give up his evil ways, and leave
the assassin’s guild. Peyel offerred to help, and introduced him to the ways
and beliefs of good.
He also introduced him to a friend called Mark, a ranger, offerring Dante an
alternative life. Dante accepted, and began his life anew as a ranger.
Through all of this, he never forgot or forgave the fact that ogres had
tortured him and left him for dead.
Finally, Dante returned to his old guild to take his leave of Gart. When Gart
discovered what had happened, he went into a rage and attacked Dante. Dante
fought back and ended up killing Gart, but not before being discovered by the
rest of the guild. Dante fled and escaped the guild, and wandered until he
was picked up by Lirdium for the quest of the talisman at the Rock.


Do, Son of Noror – Sharpshooter

From: Anthony Ross

Name: Do, son of Noror Race: Hill Dwarf
Class: Fighter (Sharpshooter) Alignment: NG
Clan: Torkrest Level: 1
AC: Stud. L & Dex = 4 THACO: 20 (+3 kit & dex)
HP: 13 Age: 58
Strenth 09 Open Doors 25%, Bend Bars 1%
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 07 -1 save vs. magic
Dexterity 17 +2 reaction adjustment, +2 with missiles, -3 to AC
Constitution 16 95% system shock survival, 96% ressurection survival
Charisma 11
Description & Notes:
Do is a perfectionalist and a grumbler, who is incredibly bright to boot.
He is usually mumbling and complaining about something, and occaisionally
that mumbling contains brilliant thought in it. Unfortunately his brother
Gilim, isn’t really bright enough to catch the brilliance, so a lot gets
missed. He is far too individualistic too fit in with his clan’s legacy of
military service, therefore he has gone out with his brother to see how the
rest of the world lies. He doesn’t believe in any religion. He is a fanatic
about keeping his equipment clean, and gets really upset at himself when he
doesn’t preform well. He hates melee combat and his concept of tactics is to
simply retreat to cover and then fire his crossbow if at all possible. He
is perfectly happy to fire into a crowd, having utter confidence in his
ability to hit what he aims for. In game terms, he has to make a wisdom
check to keep from firing anytime there is a 50% or greater chance
of hitting an ally. This roll is modified by -1 for every time he hits an
ally in that melee. In addition, if he makes three sucesfull shots in a
row, he will start making called shots until he either passes a wisdom check or
misses three straight times.

Non-Weapon Proficiencies
% Bowyer/Fletcher (Dex-1) 17
% Endurance (Con) 16
% Mapping (Int) 15 Can acurately map while moving
1/2 speed
% Sign Language (Int +2) 17 Silent communication
Speaking (Int)
% Hill Dwarf (+5) 20 Your native tongue
% Orc 15
% Thyatian (+5) 20 You are fluent
% Traladaran 15

Weapons Skill Wt. Size Type Spd. Dam S-M Dam L
Do’s Lt. Crossbow* (Spec.) 7 M – 7 — —
Battleaxe (Not -2)7 M S 7 1d8 1d8
Do’s Light Quarrels** 2.5 S P – 1d6 1d6
Do’s KO Quarrels*** 0.5 S B – 1d6 1d4
Regular Light Quarrel 0 S P – 1d4 1d4
* Do’s personal crossbow fires thrice per two rounds, Short Range 180ft,
Medium 360ft at -2 to hit, Long 540ft at -5 to hit
** These must be personally built and maintained
*** These are blunt tipped and cause only temporary damage as per the hand
to hand combat rules.

Equipment (50.5) +
Weapons (16.5) +
Booty (3.1) = 70.5 lbs, moves at 6″ w/pony carrying equipment
6 5 4 3 2
35 45 55 65 75

Equipment (Figures in parentheses are lbs.)
Large Belt pouch (1)
% 3pp, 9gp, 6sp, 13cp (3.1)

Backpack (1)
% Flint & Steel
% 7 whetstones
% 3 oily rags
% 3 candles
% Bar of soap
% Gourd with potion of healing (1)
% Wooden case (2) carrying 40 wooden shafts (2)
% Wooden case (2) carrying 45 bolt-heads (4.5)
% Spare steel wire
% Small toolset (10)
% 2 weeks iron rations (2)

Tied to pack
% Waterskin filled with water (3)
% Bedroll (5)

Slung across body
% Handmade Light Crossbow carved from maple and ash, inlaid with obsidian
runes with a steel wire pull
% Special rollup bandolier/quiver (2) carrying 25 standard bolts, 5
non-standard bolts.

% Brown tunic emblazoned with Torkrest clan emblem in black over leather
armor (15), hard Dwarven military boots (2), coarse brown cotton breeches,


Eli Jiran – Cleric

From: Brother Tyrus

Character : Eli Jiran
Players Name : Peter Shaw Race : Human
Class : Cleric Level : 1
Alignment : Neutral Good Family : foundling
Race/Clan : unknown Homeland : unknown
Liege/Patron : God of Peace Religion : God of Peace
Sex : M Age : 18 Social Class : prob. upper Status: prob. high
Height : 74 Wt. : 172lb Birth Rank : unknown # Siblings : ?
Hair :red long curly Eyes : flawless vivid green Appearance : Charming,
elegant, happy, deep voiced. Tall, clear complexion


13 STR Hit: 0 Dmg: 0 Wgt: 45 Max Press: 140 O/D: 7 BB/LG:4 %
16 DEX React Adj : +1 Miss Att Adj : +1 Def Adj : -2
13 CON HP Adj : 0 System Shock :85% Res.Sr :90%
16 INT # Languages : 5 Spell Lvl : 8th Chance : 70% Max/Lvl : 11
18 WIS Mag Def Adj :+4
15 CHR Max Hench : 7 Loyalty Base : +3 Reaction Adj : +3

~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
* – current movement rate
Modify. Paralyze/ Save.
Base Rate: 12 _______ Poison __10___
Light (46-69 ) _______ Rod,Staff,
Mod (70-93 ) ___7_*_ _______ or Wand __14___
Hvy (94-117 ) _______ Petrify/
Svr (118-140) _______ _______ Polymorph __13___
Jog ( x2 ) _______ Breath
Run ( x2 ) _______ _______ Weapon __16___
Run ( x2 ) _______
Run ( x2 ) _______ __+4___ Spells __15___
_______ Adjusted AC Armor Type (Pieces)
\ A C / Surprised ____ __Padded armor ______ __8___ 8
\ 7 / Shieldless____ _____________________
\_/ Rear ____ _____________________

mod mod
Quarterstaff 1 0 0 20 1d6/1d6 — 4

thac0 : 20

Special Attacks

Special Abilities/Limitations NWProficiencies/Skills/Languages
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Bonus on certain spell types Healing 16/20
Can only use quarterstaff Herbalism 14/20
Can only attack if attacked read/write (common) 17/20
Other stuff as per DM
Can only wear leather at most. 5 nwp slots to spend
bonus xp for solving encounter

GEAR (Supplies included) Location Encumberance #
Riding Horse
On horsey: bit and bridle 2
harness 10
saddle 35
saddle blanket 4

On self lb GP
Padded Armour 10 4.000
belt — .0000
boots, low soft — .0000
cloak, cloth 1 .0000
leather gloves — .0000
cloth hat — .0000
shirt — .0000
Jerkin 2 .0000
Trousers 1 .0000
purse containing gold (see below) .2 .0010

Pouch (large) containing 1 1.000
small silver mirror x1 — 10.000
silver holy symbol 3 .0000
tinder box with flint — 0.050
silver bowl 1.5 8.000

Pouch (large) containing 1 1.000
mortar and pestle 1.0 1.000
pint of brandy in silver flask 4.0 4.000
bandages 1 s/yr sterile cotton — .010
scissors (sterile) — .100
sterile thread — .020
sterile needles x5 — .000

backpack (leather) containing 2 2.000
silver bowl 1.5 8.000
silver cup .5 2.000
cutlery silver knife and fork 1 2.000
3 bottles 3 .090
small silver mirror x2 2.0 20.000
whistle — .010
Pulley .5 1.000
stick of chalk x3 — .0003
bullseye lantern 3 12.000
lamp oil x 3 3 .0018
razor — .0100
silk rope 50′ 8.0 10.000
skin of water full 4.0 2.400
Iron rations 7.5 .300
holy water x2 vials 1.0 .000
2 oz pot of ink — 8.000
leather scroll case containing 1.5 .150
parchment x 10 1 10.000
2 quills — .008

Attached to the backpack
Bedroll 5 2.000
In a small sack: — .005
selection of herbs (medicinal) — 1.000
a silver kettle (for sterilising) 5 15.000

In hand
quatterstaff 5 .0000

Around neck:
golden pendant with likenesses on it 1 N/A

TOTAL COST 125.184


Total (pounds)______________________ 81.7 (254lb incl. self)

Experience Treasure
~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~
+10% PP 0
GP 4
EP 8
SP 1
CP 6

Miscellaneous Information (Magical Items, Command Words, Small Maps, etc.)
A silver holy symbol

Cleric spells
Cure light wounds lvl 1 1d8 + (DM)
Sanctuary lvl 1 holy symbol + small silver mirror
locate animals or plants lvl 1 holy symbol

History :
I was found by monks outside the Temple of Blessed Tranquility when I was
about three. Father Dameon was always kind and good hearted and honest.
When I was found, there was a pouch hanging around my neck, with a note,
elegantly written, requesting that the monks raise me in the ways of peace.
The writer described how my father had been murdered in a battle far away
from the temple, and that the warring tribes about my homeland (which was
also left unnamed) would seek my harm. I was dressed in silk robes and had
a golden meddalion around my neck. It was inscribed with the likeness of a
woman on one side and a man on the other. Also in the pouch was 30 platinum
The letter had explained that the monks should use the money in my education.
This is exactly what my mentor, Father Dameon, did. He instructed me in all
manner of law, and all the responsiblities of the order. He was a peaceful
man, who demonstratively lead us in the ways of our God. I was taught self
defense, using the quaterstaff. He even taught me how to read and write the
common tongue. I was also instructed in the ways of healing and herbalism.
Father Dameon treated me as if I was his own son, and injected with me
with respect for all creatures. I eat no meat, and thank animals for any
produce I have from them. Yet, the greatest thing Father Dameon taught me
was respect for myself. He held for me all these 15 years the pouch and
medalion and on the anniversary of my discovery, he handed me the pouch, with
the 13 pp that it still contained, and the note and medalion.

“Eli, my son,” his sun spotted hands clasping mine,”you are now a man
I am sure.” With that he looked up and down my form. “You have been nurtured
here in the bossom of our sweet God these 15yrs. I have loved and cosseted
you as if you were my own. But now you must decide. Will you take the final
vows of our temple, or will you search out your heritage?”

“My father,” I cried,”please advise me! My heart is heavy with the burden
of the years and who I am is entrenched in this shrine. Please do not send me
off without your blessing or advice.”

“My son, I think you should seek out your mother, if she still lives. You
should find who you are, so that you may feel secure in your future. If, when
you know who you are, you wish to return, then my aging heart will love to
confirm your commitment to our God in hearing your vows of celebacy. But, if
you are a noble born, and the gratuity left you suggests this may be so, then
your destiny may lie in producing a future generation to rule wisely over some
kingdom. However, once you take these, the last commitments of this temple,
you will be bound by your word to remain here.
“It could be possible that it was the God himself that brought you here. He
may be calling you to bring peace to the troubled realm that the note tells
of. So my son, I bid you go. Take all that we have taught you and live in
peace. If our God permits, I hope to hear from you before the time that he
calls me home.”

I took some bread, and a robe, and then walked to the nearest town where I
bought supplies and asked about the woman on the medalion. I felt that she
was my mother, for when I looked at her I could see the same face staring
down on me, bending to kiss my forehead. I could feel that she was my mother
in the odd way one can sometimes feel ones memories. But where to look?


Finovar – Druid

From: Brother Tyrus

Character : Finovar
Players Name : Edward Chegwidden Race : Human
Class : Druid Level : 14
Alignment : Neutral Family : –
Race/Clan : Homeland : Vesve Forest
Liege/Patron : – Religion : Druidic
Sex : M Age : 28 Social Class : –
Height : 5’9″ Wt. : 140 Birth Rank : unknown # Siblings : nil
Hair : Black Eyes : Blue Appearance : see history


11 STR Hit: – Dmg: – Wgt: 40 Max Press: 115 O/D: 6 BB/LG: 2%
14 DEX React Adj : – Miss Att Adj : – Def Adj : –
14 CON HP Adj : – System Shock : 88% Res.Sr : 92%
10 INT # Languages : 2
18 WIS Mag Def Adj : +4 Bonus Spells : 4th, 3rd, 2 2nd, 2 1st
17 CHR Max Hench : 10 Loyalty Base : +6 Reaction Adj : +6

~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
* – current movement rate
Modify. Paralyze/ Save.
Base Rate: 12 * _______ Poison ___5___
Light ( ) _______ Rod,Staff,
Mod ( ) _______ _______ or Wand ___9___
Hvy ( ) _______ Petrify/
Svr ( ) _______ _______ Polymorph ___8___
Jog ( x2 ) _______ Breath
Run ( x3 ) _______ _______ Weapon __11___
Run ( x4 ) _______
Run ( x5 ) _______ _______ Spells __10___

_______ Adjusted AC Armor Type (Pieces)
\ A C / Surprised _4_ _Robes (protection)__ __66__
\ 4 / Shieldless_4_ _____________________
\_/ Rear _4_ _____________________

Druid Staff 1 +2/+2 10 1d6+2 – 2
Hornblade 1 +2/+2 10 1d8+2 – 3
sling 1 12 1d4 4/8/16 6

Special Attacks

Special Abilities/Limitations NWProficiencies/Skills/Languages
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Shapechange 3/day Skill Slots Ab Check
Identify plants, animals and ———————————
pure water Lng(common) – –
Pass without trace (overgrowth) Lng(Druidic) – –
Immune to woodland charms Lng(dryad) – –
+2 to Saves VS Fire & Lightning Lng(elf) – –
Is served by 3 druids of Lv 11 Lng(treant) – –
Priest Spells Lng(nixie) – –
Lng(pixie) – –
Lng(gnome) – –
Lng(centaur) – –
Lng(manticor) – –
Lng(sprite) – –
Lng(faun) – –
Lng(lizard man) – –
Herbalism 2 8
Vesve Forest History 1 17
Tracking 2 18
Blindfighting 2 –
Writing 1 11

Spells (8,8,7,6,3,2,1)
1st Level 2nd Level
~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~
Create Water Charm Person or Mammal
Cure Light Wounds (x3) Fire Trap
Detect Snares & Pits Flame Blade
Detect Poison Heat Metal (x2)
Faerie Fire (x2) Obscurement
Speak with Animals

3rd Level 4th Level
~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~
Flame Walk Control Temperature 10’R
Hold Animal Cure Serious Wounds (x2)
Meld into Stone Giant Insect
Plant Growth Neutralize Poison
Protection from Fire Sticks to Snakes
Stone Shape
Water Breathing

5th Level 6th Level
~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~
Animal Growth Conjure Fire Elemental
Cure Critical Wounds Fire Seeds

7th Level

GEAR (Supplies included) Location Weight
Cloak, good cloth
Robes (Magical)
Belt pouch, small (8)
Belt pouch, large (2)
Flint and Steel
Grappling Hook
Scroll Case
Oil (2 vials)
Paper (5 sheets)
Quill and writing inks, etc
Rope, Silk (50′)
Sack, small (2)
Signal Whistle
Torch (3)
Winter Blanket


Total (pounds)____________________________

Experience Treasure
~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~
1,500,000 Coins: 50gp

Gems: 2 @ 100gp ea

Miscellaneous Information (Magical Items, Command Words, Small Maps, etc.)
Hornblade, Scimitar +2
Pouch of Accessability
Necklace of Adaption
Robes: act as bracers AC4
Beads of Force (4)
12 Goodberries
6 potions of Extra healing (in steel vials)
Ring of Elemental Control (Earth)
Druid Staff (20 charges)

The druid staff is a shaft of oak with a head carved in the shape
of a wild animal, usually a boar, wolf, deer, or eagle. The staff allows
the user to perform several special functions.

It can be used to summon animals of the type carved onto the staff.
At a cost of two charges, the user can send out a call. All animals of the
appropriate type within 12 miles hasten to the druid as quickly as
possible. Once they reach the druid, they act as if under an animal control
The staff can also be used to cast animal control on any animal
within sight of the staff, at a cost of 1 charge.

The staff functions as a magical weapon, with a +2 bonus to attack,
inflicting 1d6+2 points of damage on a successful hit.

The staff also functions as a python staff, with the
characteristics of the staff of the serpent as detailed in the DMG. This
includes the destruction of the staff if the snake is killed. Using the
staff as a snake costs one charge.

At a cost of two charges, the staff can be used to cast one of the
following spells:

Call Lightning Plant Growth
Dispel Magic Cure Disease
Cure Serious Speak With
Wounds Plants

Once per month, with no cost in charges, the staff can perform one
of the following greater abilities:

Wall of Fire Insect Plague
Transmute Rock to Wall of Thorns
Conjure Fire Conjure Earth
Elemental Elemental

The Staff can be recharged.

History :

Finovar, was born son of a Ranger helping with the war against the
Humaniods in Vesve forest. Shortly after his birth, his parent were killed
during a major battle defending their home from humanoids in the service of

Miraculously surviving the attack, Finovar wandered off, and was found in
the woods by Lharave, a Dryad living in the forest. She brought him up,
showing him the ways of the forest, and protecting him from the wars
within the great forest.

Taking the forest as his own, he has helped in the wars against Iuz for
many years, and has continued climbing the Druidical hierarcy. Until now
he is the Great Druid of this area. Upon hearing about the treasures of
Iggwilv, Finovar realised that he must make sure that the treasure is found
and that Iuz or his followers didnt get it.

Finovar is about five feet and nine inches tall, and weighs about one
hundred and forty pounds. Finovar is slim, attractive and looks very much
accustomed to wilderness travel. Finvar appears young, with black hair,
blue eyes and a short, black beard. He carries very little, having just
some brown robes, a hornlike sword, and a grand wooden staff. Also, he has
many pouchs that carry many herbs, and spell components.
Alongside Finovar is his companion Ben, a large Grizzly bear. He has
other animal friends, but only brought Ben. He has been trained as
a guard, and as a protector.

Stats for Ben

AC: 6
Move: 12″
HD: 5+5
HP: 40
Thac0: 15
No of Attacks: 3
Damage: 1-6/1-6/1-8

See Monstrous Compendium for more Info


Galain ‘Iron-heart’ Pashdan – Fighter/Cleric

Name: Galain “Iron-heart” Pashdan Edition: 1st

Class: F/C Level: 6/5 Age: 153 Eyes: Green
Race: Dwarf Alignment: LG Height: 4′ 2″ Hair: Grey
Deity: Dumathion Pantheon: Dwarven Weight: 163 lbs
Place of origin: Unknown Sex: Male

STR 18/53 +2 to hit, +3 to dam, open doors 1-4, bend bars 25%
INT 10 add lang 2
WIS 17 mag att adj +3, bonus spells 2x1st 2x2nd 1x3rd
DEX 15 defense adj -1
CON 15 hit point adj +1, sys shock 91%, res surv 94%
CHA 11 max henchmen 4

Weapon Profs Armour
============ ======
Battle axe Armour worn = Plate mail Actual AC = -2
Crossbow AC base = 2 Rear AC = 1
Dagger Magic adj = +2 / +1 Surprised AC = -1
Morning star Dex adj = -1 Shieldless AC = 0
Mace Shield = Medium (+1)

Hit points
Hit die type = d10/d8 Con bonus = +1 Hit points = 37
Hit points per level = 8/4/4/9/6/4/6/3/5/8/6

Thac0 = 16 Weapon in hand: Battle axe

Saving throws
============= base save bonuses modified save
Poison/paralyzation 9 –# 9#
Petrif/polymorph 12 — 12
Rod/staff/wand 13 +4* 7*
Breath weapon 13 — 13
Spells 14 +4* 10*
* +3 versus mind effecting spells
# +4 versus poison

Turning Undead
Turning level = 5
T | T | T | 4 | 7 | 10 | 13 | 16 | 20 | | | |

1st=5 2nd=5 3rd=2

Spells learnt
1st= cure light wounds (x4), command
2nd= hold person (x2), silence 15′ rad, slow poison (x2)
3rd= dispel magic, prayer

Magical items Money
============= =====
Plate mail +2 Copper pieces = 19
Shield +1 Silver pieces = 11
Battle axe +1 Gold pieces = 127
Crossbow +1 Electrum pieces = none
Scroll of resurrection Platinum pieces = none
Potion of healing (3 off) Gems = 2 x 50gp base
Potion of red dragon control Jewelry = none
Other = none

Hard boots Bandages Iron rations (3 weeks)
Gloves Whet stone Iron scrollcase
Belt Sack Waterskin (2 pints)
Backpack Lantern Flasks of holy water (4 off)
Floppy hat Flasks of oil (3) Rope (50′)


Not much is known about Galain. He refuses to tell anything of his
background; where he comes from, his family, or even his religion. It is
obvious, however, that he is on a mission of some sort; though he will not
admit to it.
The only thing known about Galain is his recent background. Five years ago
he arrived in Canandas looking for a place in an adventuring company. Since
then he has travelled with several groups, though never staying with one for
more then two or three “outings”. Every now and then he will disappear for
several weeks and then turn up again as if nothing untoward had occurred.
His nickname of Iron-heart is partly due to the fact that he never flees from
an enemy, and from the fact that he never makes friends with any of his fellow

(DM’s can fit any background they wish to this character to provide whatever
subplot they want to their campaigns, etc.)


Gaston de Smerduk ‘Bladehawk’ – Thief/Paladin


From: “Richard Farrell (Gaston de Smerduk)”

Gaston de Smerduk ( Bladehawk )

Race = Human.
Class = Loads. Sorry, Thief/Paladin. (Ex thief, now Paladin.)
Kit = Swashbuckler.
Level = Thief 5/Paladin 9.
Alignment = Lawful Good. ( Was Lawful Neutral. )
Sex = Male.
Age = 22
Height. = 5′ 10″
Weight. = 155 lb’s
Hair. = Dark.
Eyes. = Gray/Green.
Social Class.= Middle Upper Class.
Birth Rank. = First.
Status. = Count.
#Siblings. = None.
Appearance. = Slim yet muscular, handsome features with neat hair
and a mustache. Always wears a domino mask. 8->

STR 17 +1 to hit and damage. Wgt All.=85. Max Press.=220. OD=10 BB=13%
DEX 17 +2 Rxn Adj. +2 Missile Att. Adj. -3 Def. Adj.
CON 15 +1 HP Adj.
INT 14 4 Languages
WIS 13
CHR 17 Max Hench 10 Loy Base +6 Rxn Adj +6
COM 16

Saving Throws. Modifier. Save.
PPDM. +5 10
RodStaffWand +5(+7) 12
Petrify/Poly +5 11
Breath Weapon +5(+7) 12
Spells +5(+7) 13

Armour Class. = -6 Bracers AC=2
Surprised. = -1 Ring of Protection+3
Shieldless = -6 Swashbuckler benefit.
Rear = -1 NB Single Weapon Spec. gives AC = -8

Hit Points = 67
THAC0 = 11

Pick Pockets = 25
Open Locks = 20
Find/Remove Traps = 05
Move Silently = 70
Hide in Shadows = 70
Detect Noise = 15
Climb Walls = 90
Read Languages = 00

Backstab. +4 to hit, Dmg * 3

Detect Evil 60′
Immune to Disease.
Heal 2 hps/level 1/day
Cure Disease 1/week/5 levels
Aura of Protection 10′ radius.
Turn Undead.

+2 Rxn Adj from Women.
-2 to AC in Light Armour.

Non Weapon Profs. Weapon Proficiencies. Slots
Etiquette All Blades 3
Tumbling Crossbows 2
Dancing Single Weapon Spc * 2 2
Heraldry 2 Weapon Style Spc 1
Reading/Writing Rapier Spc 1
Disguise Main Gauche Spc 1
Jumping Stiletto Spc 1
Tightrope Walking Thrown Dagger 1
Landbased Riding (Horse) Quarterstaff Spc 2
Artistic Ability

Notes and Magic Items.

Stilletto in Secret Spring Sheath.
Rapier of Speed +3
Crossbow of Angling.
Scroll [Potection from Cold]
Potion of Extra Healing
Main Gauche +4 Defender.
I’ve really posted enough as and about Bladehawk, he’s a witty bloke in
a mask who’ll challenge evil-doers that the authorities are ignoring.
On my world that’s because the authorites are corrupt.


Gayrlana – Paladin

From: Brother Tyrus

Character : Gayrlana
Players Name : Jason Mulligan Race : Human
Class : Paladin Level : 2
Alignment : Lawful Good Family :
Race/Clan : Homeland :
Liege/Patron : Religion :
Sex : F Age : 19 Social Class : Status :
Height : 5’10” Wt. : 137# Birth Rank : # Siblings :
Hair : Eyes : Appearance :
Honor : (Base Honor___) Reaction Adjustment :


18/52 STR Hit: +2 Dmg: +3 Wgt: 160 Max Press: 305 O/D: 13 BB/LG: 25%
16 DEX React Adj : +1 Miss Att Adj : +1 Def Adj : -2
15 CON HP Adj : +1 System Shock : 94% Res.Sr : 90%
11 INT # Languages : 2
13 WIS Mag Def Adj : 0
17 CHR Max Hench : 10 Loyalty Base : +6 Reaction Adj : +6

~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
* – current movement rate
Modify. Paralyze/ Save.
Base Rate: 12 * ___+2__ Poison __14___
Light (56-85 ) _______ Rod,Staff,
Mod (86-115 ) _______ ___+2__ or Wand __16___
Hvy (116-145) _______ Petrify/
Svr (146-170) _______ ___+2__ Polymorph __15___
Jog ( x2 ) _______ Breath
Run ( x2 ) _______ ___+2__ Weapon __17___
Run ( x2 ) _______
Run ( x2 ) _______ ___+2__ Spells __17___

_______ Adjusted AC Armor Type (Pieces)
\ A C / Surprised ____ Plate mail_+1________ __23__ 23
\ -2/ Shieldless__0_ Helm_________________
\_/ Rear ____ Shield_____+1________

Lance 1 +2 +3 * 17 d6+1/2d6 – 7
Long Sword 1 +2 +3 17 d8 / d12 – 4
Bastard Sword 1 +2 +3 17 2d4 / 2d8 – 8
Dagger 1 +2 +3 17 d4 / d3 – 2

* – lance does double damage when charging or when set for a charge

Special Attacks

Special Abilities/Limitations NWProficiencies/Skills/Languages
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Detect evil 60′ Riding, Land Based, Horse
+2 to all saves Dancing
Immune to disease Heraldry
Heal by ‘laying on hands’ Etiquette
Cure diseases Languages – Alignment
Protection from Evil 10′ radius Common (R/W)
With holy sword paladin projects
circle of power
Turn undead at 3rd level
Call for warhorse at 4th level
Cast priest spells at 9th level
May not possess more than 10 magical
Never retains wealth
Must pay 10% tithe of income

GEAR (Supplies included) Location Encumberance #
Golden Platemail worn 50
villagers robes bavkpack 5
Dagger belt 1
Long Sword belt 4
Golden Great Helm head 10
Lance horse —
War Dog (Huan) — —
Medium Warhorse — —
Hooded Mink Cloak worn 15
Medium Shield arm 10

Money 7

Total (pounds)________________________________ 103

Experience Treasure
~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~
2989 Coins
+10% GP 29
EP 120
SP 62

1*500gp gems

Miscellaneous Information (Magical Items, Command Words, Small Maps, etc.)
Plate Mail +1
Shield +1

History :
Born into royal family of the Great Kingdom. From a early age she was
repulsed by the corruption of her family. So when she was about 15 years
old she ran away from her homeland, but vowed to return one day to heal the
Kingdom of its sickness.

She has become a mercenary with honor, and she is known as ‘Lady
Bloodsword’. She usually helps people with causes dedicated to good. Her
only companions are her horse(white medium war-horse) ‘Crysania’ and her
pet war-dog ‘Huan’.

She is 6’0 tall, 150lbs. She has waist-length honey blode hair. She
has bright blue eyes. She has a golden set of plate-mail, with golden helm,
which covers half of her face. The helm also has wings on both sides and a
plume that goes down her back. She also wears a hooded cloak made of mink.


Gedric – Fighter/Cleric

Name: Gedric Edition: 2nd

Class: F/C Level: 10/10 Age: 287 Eyes: black
Race: Dwarf Alignment: NG Height: 4′ 1″ Hair: brown
Deity: Moradin Pantheon: Dwarven Weight: 158
Place of origin: Earthfast Mtns, Faerun Sex: Male

STR 14 open doors 8, bend bars 7%
INT 10 add lang 2
WIS 18 magic def adj +4, bonus spells 2x1st 2x2nd 1x3rd 1x4th
DEX 13
CON 18 hit point adj +4, sys shock 99%, res surv 100%
CHA 11 max henchmen 4

Weapon Profs Armour
============ ======
Morning star (sp) Armour worn = Field plate Actual AC = -2
Flail AC base = 1 Rear AC = 1
Mace Magic adj = +1 / +2 Surprised AC = -2
Staff-sling Dex adj = none Shieldless AC = 1
Warhammer Shield = medium (+2)

Non-weapon profs Languages
================ =========
Riding, land Gnome
Healing Hobgoblin
Blind fighting

Hit points
Hit die type = d10/d8 Con bonus = +4 Hit points = 87
Hit points per level (f)= 8/3/5/2/5/9/5/7/4/3
” ” ” ” (c)= 5/7/8/2/5/4/6/5/7/2

Thac0 = 11 Weapon in hand: Morning star

Saving throws
============= base save bonuses modified save
Poison/paralyzation 6# +2# 4(1)#
Petrif/polymorph 9 +2 7
Rod/staff/wand 10* +7* 3(1)*
Breath weapon 9 +2 7
Spells 11* +7* 4(1)*
* +4 versus mind effecting spells
# +5 versus poison

Turning Undead
Turning level = 10th
D* | D* | D* | D | D | T | T | 4 | 7 | 10 | 13 | 16 | 19

1st=6 2nd=6 3rd=4 4th=4 5th=2

Spells learnt
1st= cure light wounds (x4), remove fear, detect evil
2nd= hold person (x2), heat metal (x2), silence 15′ rad, trip
3rd= dispel magic, continual light, remove paralysis, stone shape
4th= cure serious wounds (x2), neutralise poison, free action
5th= cure critical wounds, raise dead

Magical items Money
============= =====
Field plate +1 Copper pieces = 125
Shield +2 Silver pieces = 67
Morning star +3 Gold pieces = 52
Staff-sling +2 Electrum pieces = 11
Rod of resurrection (23 ch) Platinum pieces = 21
Staff of healing Gems = 7x100gp base gems
Ring +2 (for saves)
Potion of extra healing Jewelry = none
(3 off)
Potion of speed Other = none


Gilim, Son of Noror, Axe for Hire

From: Anthony Ross

Name: Gilim, son of Noror Race: Hill Dwarf Height: 3′ 11″
Class: Fighter (Axe for Hire) Alignment: NG Weight: 155lbs
Clan: Torkrest Level: 2 Age: 77
AC: Chain = 5 THACO: 19 (+2 to hit) HP: 14
Strength 17 +1 to hit, +1 to damage, Open Doors 50%, Bend Bars 13%
Intelligence 07
Wisdom 09
Dexterity 10
Constitution 13 85% system shock survival, 90% ressurection survival
Charisma 12
Description & Notes
Gilim is a pragmatist, always acting in the most rational if not the most
ethical manner. As Do’s big brother he sees himself as Do’s protector,
and doesn’t give Do credit enough to be able to protect himself. This can
lead to some interesting brotherly combat. Gilim’s pragmatism is
undermined by his lack of intelligence, so what he percieves to be perfectly
rational may be flat out stupid due to some obvious oversight on his part.
However, he will not charge into combat without weighing the odds first.
When he does go, he is a master with his battleaxe. He primarily worships
Kador the Dwarven god of war although lesser gods of strength and others are
worshipped. Often says hearty things like “Dwarves always buy the first
round!” His normal morale is 14, he has infravision to 60ft, and his
birthday is Numont the 16th. His kit is the fighter’s Axe For Hire kit as
decribed in the Complete Book of Dwarves.

Non-Weapon Proficiencies
% Endurance (Con) 13 Can preform strenuous activity twice
as long
% Sign Language (Int +2) 12 Simple silent communication using hand
% Speak, Thyatian (Int +5) 14 Know enough to get by
% Speak, Hill Dwarf (+13) 20 Native tongue
% Survival, Foothills (Int) 09

Weapons Skill Wt. Size Type Spd. Dam S-M Dam L
Battleaxe* (Spec.) 7 M S 4 1d8+4 1d8+4
Lt. Crossbow** (Prof.) 7 M – 7 — —
Light Quarrel 1.3 S P – 1d4 1d4
* Gilim is specialized in the battleaxe which grants him +1 to hit and +2
to damge, which is reflected above. Additionally, he is specialized in
the 2-Handed style which grants him a +1 to damage and reduced weapon
speed, both reflected above. See pages 62-63 of the Complete Fighter’s
** The crossbow fires once per round, Short Range 180ft, Medium 360ft at
-2 to hit, Long 540ft at -5 to hit

Equipment (67) +
Weapons (15.3) +

Booty (0.8) = 83.1 lbs, moves at 6S

Equipment carried on Body
Large Belt pouch (1)
% 3pp, 11gp, 16sp, 13cp (.8)

Backpack (1)
% Flint & Steel
% 2 whetstones
% 1 oily rag
% 3 candles
% Bar of soap
% Gourd with 1/3 potion of Extra Healing (1)
% Silver flask with a Potion of Longevity (1)
% 5 leather straps
% 2 weeks iron rations (2)

Slung across body
% Light Crossbow
% Quiver (2) carrying 13 standard bolts

% Chain mail (40), hard Dwarven military boots (2), coarse brown cotton
breeches, longjohns.

Tied to pack
% Waterskin filled with water (3)
% Bedroll (5)
% 50ft Rope (10)

Game History
For many years Gilim followed his clans legacy of military training and a
career in the Dwarven army. When he learned his brother Do was going to
go explore the world, Gilim ended his gainful employment in the armed forces
and went with him, to keep him out of trouble. Do and his brother Gilim were
approached by Kae in a quiet pub in the town of Penhaligon. Kae offered
them employment as support personnel for the main party and they accepted.
After several months of adventuring with the group, Gilim had clearly
established himself as the deadliest of the lot in melee. Often defeating
the strongest of the party’s foes singlehandedly Gilim was ready to advance a
level. Before this could occur, the party embarked on a seemingly easy
mission, wherein his brother Do was slain by a poisoned bolt. As the Dwarven
priests cannot raise dead, Do was lost forever, and Gilim is in a deep
period of depression and mourning as he has failed in protecting his brother.
He knows he must return to Rockhome to tell his parents of Do’s death and
ask their mercy for his failings. He is becoming quite spiritual and
contemplative in these recent days, and could possibly become a priest
upon returning home.


Godfire of Barovio – Fighter

From: Brother Tyrus

Character : Godfire of Barovio
Players Name : Raul Pollicino Race : Human
Class : Fighter Level : 1
Alignment : Chaotic Good Family : Nil
Race/Clan : — Homeland : Barovia
Liege/Patron : — Religion : —
Sex : M Age : 23 Social Class : LMC
Height : 6’1″ Wt. : 164# Birth Rank : 1st # Siblings : 0
Hair : brown Eyes : brown Appearance : He-Man!


18/84 STR Hit: +2 Dmg: +4 Wgt: 185 Max Press: 330 O/D: 14 BB/LG: 30%
15 DEX React Adj : 0 Miss Att Adj : 0 Def Adj : -1
18 CON HP Adj : +4 System Shock : 99 Res.Sr : 100
14 INT # Languages : 4
12 WIS Mag Def Adj : 0
6 CHR Max Hench : 2 Loyalty Base : -3 Reaction Adj : -2

~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
* – current movement rate
Modify. Paralyze/ Save.
Base Rate: 12 * _______ Poison __14___
Light ( ) _______ Rod,Staff,
Mod ( ) _______ _______ or Wand __16___
Hvy ( ) _______ Petrify/
Svr ( ) _______ _______ Polymorph __15___
Jog ( ) _______ Breath
Run ( ) _______ _______ Weapon __17___
Run ( ) _______
Run ( ) _______ _______ Spells __17___

_______ Adjusted AC Armor Type (Pieces)
\ A C / Surprised _8__ _Leather_____________ __12__ 12
\ 7 / Shieldless_7__ _____________________
\_/ Rear _8__ _____________________

Battle Axe 3/2 +3 +6 17 1-8 / 1-8 — 4
Two handed style specialisation
Dagger 1 +2 +4 18 1-4/1-3 — 2

Special Attacks

Special Abilities/Limitations NWProficiencies/Skills/Languages
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Blind fighting 2
riding, horse 1
endurace 2
running 1
animal handling 1

GEAR (Supplies included) Location Encumberance #
Battle Axe carried 5
Leather Armour worn 15
clothing worn 5
Holy Symbol neck –
(golden ankh)
1 weeks rations
humble village clothing backpack 5

Money 3

Total (pounds)________________________________ 28

Experience Treasure
~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~
+10% GP: 145
0 SP:

Miscellaneous Information (Magical Items, Command Words, Small Maps, etc.)

History :
Only son of Fred and Martha Nile of Barovio he was disowned by his parents
when he refused to become a high priest in the church. He drifted around the
countryside doing farm work and other forms of hard labour before he met
Hasloth who became his mentor and began to train him in the fighting arts.

Godfire is now on a quest to win his way back into his family and the church
through ‘good deeds’.

Godfire of course is a huge hulking man whose need for acceptance clouds his
mind somewhat. He has the subtlety of a flouresent musical rock and the
gentleness of a sharp spike inserted up ones anus.


Greymoon – Fighter

From: Ronald Jones
{ or Jonesrd@sjsuvm1.bitnet}

Name: Greymoon
Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Level: 12
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Age: 30
Height: 6ft Weight: 200lbs
Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown

Str: 16 (Girdle of Storm Giant Strength and Guantlets of Oger
Power = Str: 25)
Int: 13
Wis: 17
Dex: 17
Con: 13
Chr: 16
Hit Points: 109

AC: Bracers of Defense AC 2: Ring of Protection +6, +6 to saves.
With dex bonus AC: -6, Without dex bonus AC: -4. Without
Protection AC: 10 or 8 with dex bonus.

Languages Known: Common, Chaotic Neutral, Red Dragon, Halfling,
Lizard man

Psionics: At/Df Str: 87-87, Attack modes: E Def modes: J-H
Major Disciplines: Molecular rearrangement
Minor Disciplines: Detection of Magic, Reduction, ESP

NWP’s: I did not know about NWP’s back then and I did not need
them either.

Equipment: (Please note he is only carrying a small traveling
kit of equipment if met in a stronghold Greymoon would
have access to much more treasure and magical items.)
Bastard Sword +4 in scabbard left side.
Girdle of Storm Giant Strength
Gauntlets of Oger Power
2 Daggers +2 – one in left boot, one in belt on left.
Ring of regeneration – left hand ring finger.
Ring of protection +6, +6 to saves – right hand ring finger.
Bucknards Everfull Purse: Makes Gold and Silver (20 of each\day)
coins, all have a large M stamped on one side. Right side on

Periapt of Proof Against Poison (around neck)
The Cloak of Eleven Kind is a special order. Not only does it act
as an improved Cloak of the Eleven Kind. It can change its
colors to match Greymoons whims, usually dark Brown or Khaki.
Greymoon NEVER lets this cloak out of his sight or reach.
The cloak also has magical compartments that hold the
Two handed Sword +5
100gp, 100sp (In secret pocket)
Scroll: protection from Magic
Dagger +4
5 Sleep Grenades (In individual secret pockets)
5 Explosive Grenades (In individual secret pockets)
Blaster Pistol – full charge (In a Special pocket with
2 batteries) These High Tech weapons are from the
adventure Expedition to the Barrier Peaks.
The cloak has an emergency teleport spell that will let
Greymoon teleport without error once (Then it must be
recharged) If Greymoon is not conscious or seriously
wounded (near 10 hp) the Cloak will teleport him
without error back to Massmorphius’s castle (Then it
must be recharged).
Large Bag of holding:
3 potions of Extra-healing
3 days iron rations
1 wine skin full
2 water skins full
1 white shirt
1 brown shirt
2 pairs black pants
2 changes underwear, socks.
2 reading books: one of epic poems and one history text
1 Small bag: 2 1000gp Gems (ruby, diamond)
1 Small bad: 20ep, 200gp, 100sp
1 pair Gauntlets of Ogre Power

Description: Greymoon has brown hair, cut short with an efficient
look. He has eyes are plain brown, but can call upon a piercing
gaze that will look right through a person. He has a mid sized
nose and a strong Jaw. He looks strong but not overly muscled. He
always stands straight and tall, when possible. Greymoon does not
wear armor anymore relying on magic instead. He wears lose fitting
clothes. Greymoon usually wears a light brown shirt with a lose
collar, dark khaki or black pants, high dark boots of Elevenkind.
He often wears a special cloak of Elevenkind, which when not
keeping him invisible can either be colored black or khaki.
Greymoon does not often look imposing to other, until called to do
some heroics and then look out. He can radiate power with the best
of them, with magic items and nasty looking weapons at his command.

History: As a young child Greymoon was orphaned. His parents were
killed by Orcs and he was found by a group of Half-lings and raised
there until he was 10, when he was to big for the tunnels. He was
passed off to a group of Elves, who began his training as a
fighter. They never taught him their language, but he did learn a
bit of Lizard Man (from a nearby civilized tribe) and Red Dragon,
while studying with the other children. He was forced out of the
tribe at eighteen to make a mark for himself in the world.
Unfortunately Greymoon met up with a bad crowd, a group that
included a very evil halfling fighter-thief Massmorphius. Greymoon
was not very stable after losing his parents and then being
shuffled from one group to the next. He spent the next few years
taking his frustration out on the world. With Massmorph, he
traveled widely and first helped in clearing out of a dungeon near
the borderlands of an empire. He then was part of a group that
destroyed a plot by the Giants of the east to invade the empire.
His group did well in dispatching the giants only to find the signs
of a larger plot to disrupt the surface world. By this time
Massmorph had all but taken control of this group of adventurers
with his leadership skills, height charisma and experience.
Everyone in this group was now very powerful with many magic items.
After a long journey in the underworld, the group detected and
defeated a Drow plot to the surface world. The group did not care
much that they were doing good, only that they would not be
punished for their deeds, once they returned to the surface world.
Their adventure took them to other realms where they defeated
Lolith Demon Queen of Spiders. They captured her ship and treasure
for use in paying for further adventures.
Once they returned to the real world this group that included
Greymoon heard of a fallen star that held great power. The trip to
the great Barrier Peaks was quite an adventure. They found not an
ancient fallen star but some strange building. This strange
building had light without flame or magic. Strange monsters,
unusual weapons, and armor of great power. Full of power from
their adventures this group successfully challenged the mage of the
valley near the crash site and forced him out. They took control
of the Valley of the Mage and constructing a large wall across the
entrance to the valley.
Having become little more than a fancy bodyguard, Greymoon
became disillusioned with his life and began to wander the world on
his own. He has had enough of intrigue between nations and
controlling small armies. He was no longer the angry youth of the
past. He became more stable, but with many enemies stalking him he
has never had a chance to rest. He may at any time be called back
to the service of Massmorphius who is now very close to being a
demi-power. Which can be good since Massmorphius will lend
Greymoon his most powerful weapon on request. This magical
footman’s mace has been enchanted with mighty magics.
Greymoon was most recently seen in the Sojourners Inn, but
most of the time he will be found wandering the world looking for
a little adventure and hopefully some inner peace.


Grimm – Necromancer Warlock

From: Brother Tyrus

Character : Bernard Hallonan (Grimm)
Players Name : Daniel Horne Race : Human
Class : Necromancer Level : 14
Kit : Warlock
Alignment : Lawful Neutral (chaotic Tendencies)
Race/Clan : Homeland :
Liege/Patron : Religion :
Sex : M Age : 36 Social Class : Status :
Height : 6’3″ Wt. : 166# Birth Rank : # Siblings :
Hair : Eyes : Appearance :


10 STR Hit: 0 Dmg: 0 Wgt: 440 Max Press: 115 O/D: 6 BB/LG: 1%
16 DEX React Adj : +1 Miss Att Adj : +1 Def Adj : -2
14 CON HP Adj : 0 System Shock : 88% Res.Sr : 92%
18 INT # Languages : 7 Spell Lvl : 9 Chance : 100/70% Max/Lvl : 18
17 WIS Mag Def Adj : +3
12 CHR Max Hench : 5 Loyalty Base : 0 Reaction Adj : 0

~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
* – current movement rate
Modify. Paralyze/ Save.
Base Rate: 12 __+7___ Poison __11___
Light (56-85 ) _______ Rod,Staff,
Mod (86-115 ) _______ __+7___ or Wand __7 ___
Hvy (116-145) _______ Petrify/
Svr (146-170) _______ __+7___ Polymorph __9 ___
Jog ( x2 ) _______ Breath
Run ( x2 ) _______ __+7___ Weapon __11___
Run ( x2 ) _______
Run ( x2 ) _______ _+7(+12) Spells __8 ___

_______ Adjusted AC Armor Type (Pieces)
\ A C / Surprised ____ Ioun Stone___________ __39__ 39
\ 1 / Shieldless____ cloak +4_____________
\_/ Rear ____ witchstaff___________

mod mod
Dagger 1 -5 0 21 1d4/1d3 — 1
Witch staff 1 -3 +2 19 1d6/1d6 — 3

unmod THAC0 : 16

Special Attacks
Opponents must save at -1 vs necromancy spell cast by a necromancer, or
undead created/controlled by necromancer

Special Abilities/Limitations NWProficiencies/Skills/Languages
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Save at +1 vs necromancy spells B Herbalism int/-2
and undead attacks B Spellcraft int/-2
Can memorise additional spell 2 Ancient History int/-1
each spell level – Death ceremonies
Barred from illusion and – Burial grounds
enchantment/charm schools 1 Religion wis/0
not allowed weapon proficiencies 1 Artistic Ability wis/0
may choose 1500xp worth of magic – sculpture
gets detect/read magic free 1 Brewing int/0
Secure Familiar 1 Cooking int/0
Brew calmative 1 Weathersense wis/-1
Brew poison 2 Astrology int/0
Brew flying ointment 1 Languages – Common (R/W)
Witches curse 1 – Elvish
reaction roll penalty & general 1 – Dwarven
community hostility 1 – ancient #1
25% chance per day of struggle 1 – ancient #2
-2 to attack & save overnight
+15% to learn necromancy spells
-15% to learn others

GEAR (Supplies included) Location Encumberance #
Sling bag (Large Sack)
Soft Boots
Large belt pouch (for sling stones)
5 sling stones
5 small belt pouches
3 candles
Winter blanket
1 Calmative potion
1 Flying ointment


Total (pounds)________________________________

Experience Treasure
~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~
1,500,000 Coins
GP 87
EP 45
SP 22
CP 9


Miscellaneous Information (Magical Items, Command Words, Small Maps, etc.)
Necklace of adaption \
Ioun Stone – +1 Protection |– Witch kit items
Figurine of Power – Obsidian Steed /
ring of ram
ring of sustenance
cloak of protection +4 and allows wearer to become a bat 2 times/day
Witch staff of Power (functions same as staff of power but allows witches to
use spells from it which aren ormally barred to them)

Spells in Book (* signifies spell memorised) 6/6/6/5/5/3/2
1st Level 2nd Level 3rd Level
~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~
read magic choke (n) * bone club (n)
detect magic * death recall (n) delay death (n)
cantrip detect life invisible mail
chill touch (n) ghoul touch (n) * hovering skull (n) *
detect undead (n) * vocalise iron mind
corpse visage (n) * spectral hand (n) spirit armour (n) *
copy summon swarm dispel magic
chromatic orb insatiable thirst feign death (n)
feather fall ESP * hold undead (n) *
wall of fog * alter self * wraithform
identify web tongues *
spider climb knock vampiric touch (n)
unseen servant * pyrotechnics phantom steed
colour spray * stinking cloud * fireball
grease wizard lock melf’s minute meteors *
fist of stone rope trick Alamir’s fundamental
hold portal protection from cantrips breakdown
enlarge darkness 15′ radius * Max’s stony grasp *
Protection from missiles

4th Level 5th Level
~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~
dimension door * Animate dead (n)
fire aura teleport *
fire shield * conjure elemental
contagion (n) wall of bones (n) *
wall of fire mummy rot (n)
enervation (n) * summon shadow (n) *
turn pebble to boulder * rary’s telepathic bond
otilukes resilient sphere mordenkainen’s private sanctum *
minor spell turning * force shapechange (n)
otilukes dispelling screen throbbing bones (n)
invulnerability to normal weapons *

6th Level 7th Level
~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~
death spell (n) * finger of death (n) *
black mantle (n) phase door *
Bloodstone’s spectral steed (n) zombie double (n)
Forest’s fiery constrictor * suffocate (n)
invulnerability to magical weapons
transmute water to dust *R

Henchmen/Animal Companions
Name : Scythe Race/Class : Owl
AC : 7 HD/Level : 1
Attacks : 3 (1-2/1-2/1) Skills/Abilities : swoop

History :

Before adventuring Career…
Bernard Hallonan, or Grimm as he now calls himself, is the son of a
moderately wealthy merchant who traded in wines, the second of four brothers.
His aptitude for magical study was recognised early and an entry exam (plus a
suitable bribe) assured him a place in the academy of magic. During his first
few months, however, an accident during an attempted summoning caused a large
explosion and a momentary extraplanar rift which only he is known to have
survived. This was due to the influence of a demon alerted when the rift
opened, and who saw the potential for mischief in the apprentice. Dazed and
unnoticed in the confusion, Bernard wandered right out of the city and into
the forest, and was presumed dead (or worse) by the academy authorities.
Wandering in the wilderness, his mind somewhat unhinged by the incident,
Bernard was contacted by the demon for the first time. Awed by the presence
of the being and the promises of great power it offered, he accepted the
tutelage and proceeded to become a warlock skilled in the art of necromancy.
It didn’t take long, though, before he began to rebell against the demands
placed upon him, and the constant intrusion into his thoughts and actions
made by the fiend. Eventually he broke free of its direct influence, but is
still harrassed by the demon’s attempts to regain control of its “investment”.
He took with him magical knowledge, a figurine of wonderous
power and a ring of the ram, all bribes by the demon to retain his confidence
and devotion.
Lost in the forest with no skills to protect himself, Bernard would
probably starved to death if he had not stumble across a log cabin, the final
resting place of a retired adventuring thief (one of the few who die
peacefully). Although the place had already been emptied by enterprising
vandals, he managed to find a ring on the corpse which proved to be a ring of
sustenance and a silver necklace which he later sold for what little money he
has now and his few possesions. It was obvious to him that he had nowhere
near as many qualms about dealing with the dead than the earlier thieves had,
but then again, that’s what being a necromancer is all about…
The present day…
Grimm’s streak of luck continues to preserve him from his own belief in
immortality, although he has become a little bit more world wary. He tries
now to keep a good stock of defensive spells (just in case) and sometimes has
mood swings into the paranoid that can mean disaster for his travelling
companions. His speciality combined with his uncooperative attitude has
earned some attention from various authorities, though most are prepared to
dismiss him as a minimal threat to society. Indeed, his hunts for undead have
earned him occasional praise, as he restores the balance against those who
would cheat death – and any who stand in his way.

Grimm is more than a little stressed by the life he has led so far, in
fact he’s bordering on crazy. Surviving the accident, the demon and wandering
lost in the wilderness has led him to think that he may be destined never o
die. Combined with his learnings in necromancy and general society’s
rejection of him, he is fast heading toward the belief that he is death
incarnate, an elemental force not to be denied, which is reflected by the
name he now choses to be known by. His monthly visits by the demon tend to
contradict this, which gives him all the more reason to hate it. It is ironic
that he would give anything to be rid of the true source of his power, and
just about the only thing at the moment that prevents him from become a
raving nutcase. He has little memory of his family, and has no desire to
associate with them again.


Hnaef Scylding – Ranger

From: Anthony Ross

Name: Hnaef Scylding Class: Ranger Ht: 6’1”
Race: Human Alignment: Chaotic Good Wt: 178
Clan: Ozerfold Level: 2 Age: 20
Armour Class: Chain&S = 4 THACO: 19 HP: 18
Strength 18 (38) +1 to hit, +3 damage, open doors 12, bendbars 20%
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 14
Dexterity 14
Constitution 16 +2 hit points
Charisma 07
Lithe and muscular of build, Hnaef has the archtypical Northern
look, blond, ruddy, and dangerous. While his friends know him as a quiet
joker, most strangers are more than a bit put off by his less than civilized
appearance. With his dog Holgar and a halting command of the common tounge,
Hnaef is generally assumed to be much more dangerous than he actually is.
Although he posseses all the skills and talents nessecarry to sucess in
combat, Hanef’s companions learn quickly that he is smitten with ill luck
in combat and should not be counted upon.

Non-Weapon Proficiencies
% Animal Tr. (Wis) 14 Train animal(s) to preform general & specific
% Endurance (Con) 16 Can perform strenous activity twice as long
% Hunting (Wis -1) 13 Check to get near prey and sneak up
% Speak Thyatian (Int +2) 12 Mediocre in this newly learnt tounge
% Speak Northern (Int +9) 19 Almost fluent in his native tounge
% Survial, Cold (Int) 10 Knowledge of hazards, can check to find
% Tracking (Wis) 14 Check with various modifiers to track

Weapons Skill Wt. Size Type Spd. Dam S-M Dam L
Longsword (Prof.) 4 M S 5 1-8 1-12
Longbow* (Prof.) 3 L – 8 — —
Arrows, Flight 3.9 S P – 1-6 1-6
Dagger (Prof.) 1 S P 2 1-4 1-3
Battle Axe (Prof.) – – – – — —
* The longbow fires twice per round, Short Range 210ft, Medium 420ft at -2
to hit, Long 630ft at -5 to hit

Thieving Skills
Move Silently 15%
Hide In Shadows 10%

Equipment (101.5) +
Weapons (11.9) +
Booty (0) = 113.4 lbs, moves at 13″

% Wearing:
Chain mail (40)
Heavy woolen under and outergarments (3)
Fur-lined coat (5)
Great helm (10)
Medium shield (10)
Magical ring of unknown properties (Ring of Protection +1)
Longsword with rune
Scabbards at left side: two daggers

% In large sack:
50ft of half inch dimater hemp rope (15)
Loose linen pants & Sandals
White linen outfit with green/yellow/blue trim
Waterskin (2)
Dog leash & studded collar (1)
Flint & steel, 3 whetstones and an oily rag
3 torches (1.5)
1 flask of oil (1)
Set of hunting knives (3)
Leather gourd holding a potion of Halfling Control (1)

% In large sack:
8 partiallly corroded magical masks (4)
Grappling hook (3)
Wine bottle labled RShireton BubbyS (Actually is Type M poison)

% Horse – Wengar
% War Dog – Holgar

Born to Bercilak and Margan Scylding (who died giving birth) of
the Ozerfold clan on their steading, in the Soderfjord Jarldoms in the
Northern Reaches. There is minimal agriculture and food sources are
mostly derived from hunting and trade, in your region. Berilak was greatly
affected by the loss of his wife and spent much time away from the stead on
long hunting trips in the surrounding mountains and hills. While his
father was away, Hnaef was under the care of his Uncle Ofeig, and elder brother
Sven. They taught you to wield the longsword, as well as train the
wolf-dogs that are used as guards on the steading. Eventually his father
began to take him on the hunting trips, where Hnaef’s ranger skills were
acquired. At the age of 19 he obtained the permission of Vandrad Horiks
on, his clan head, and set forth by ship from Whiteheart, to explore the

Beliefs instilled in upbringing
% Loyalty lies with family, clan and friends, and anyone who does not
defend their honor is a coward.
% Hospitality and generosity are to be valued and respected.
% Wealth in itself is not a virtue.
% Courage is honorable, it is dishonorable to whine or complain.
% The gods determine fate, and wit and humor in bad times is to be valued.
% Forgiveness is a sign of weakness.
% Long discussions are pointless and should be avoided at all costs.
% One’s word is binding, but to mislead by clever speech or omission (not
lies) is neither dishonest or immoral.
% Exaggeration of ones deeds is acceptable to a point.
% Merchants, thieves and especially wizards are to be accorded little
respect as they are sneaky, evil and dangerous, yet timid in combat.
% Priestly magics are acceptable and virtous.
% Nature is to be respected, revered and protected, and must be allowed to
coexist with other life.

Game History
Hnaef is most famous for his utter failure as a combat machine, to
the frequent disappointment and frustration of his player. He never did
anything truly heroic (partially because his player was often absent) and
never really lived up to his ancestry and training.


Keldin Linsiber – Cleric/Thief

From: Brother Tyrus

Character : Keldin Linsiber
Players Name : NPC (Sethi’s Follower) Race : Human
Class : Thief (cleric) Level : 7(4)
Alignment : CG (CN tendencies) Family :
Sex : M Age : 35 Social Class : LMC Status :
Height : 5’10” Wt. : 160# Birth Rank : unknown # Siblings : unknown
Hair : black Eyes : dark brown Appearance : serious, wrinkled


15 STR Hit: 0 Dmg: 0 Wgt: 55 Max Press: 170 O/D: 8 BB/LG: 7%
18 DEX React Adj : +2 Miss Att Adj : +2 Def Adj : -4
16 CON HP Adj : +2 System Shock : 95% Res.Sr : 96%
14 INT # Languages : 4
16 WIS Mag Def Adj : +2 Bonus Spells : 2*1st, 2*2nd
13 CHR Max Hench : 5 Loyalty Base : 0 Reaction Adj : +1

~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
* – current movement rate
Modify. Paralyze/ Save.
Base Rate: 12 _______ Poison __10___
Light (56-85 ) _______ Rod,Staff,
Mod (86-115 ) _______ _______ or Wand __12___
Hvy (116-145) _______ Petrify/
Svr (146-170) _______ _______ Polymorph __11___
Jog ( x2 ) _______ Breath
Run ( x2 ) _______ _______ Weapon __15___
Run ( x2 ) _______
Run ( x2 ) _______ __+2___ Spells __13___

_______ Adjusted AC Armor Type (Pieces)
\ A C / Surprised ____ Leather +1___________ ___57_ 57
\ 1 / Shieldless____ _____________________
\_/ Rear ____ _____________________

Short Sword

Special Attacks
backstab damage x??

Special Abilities/Limitations NWProficiencies/Skills/Languages
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

9 slots (5 priest)

GEAR (Supplies included) Location Encumberance #


Total (pounds)________________________________

Experience Treasure
~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~
+10% GP


Miscellaneous Information (Magical Items, Command Words, Small Maps, etc.)
Ring of Feather Falling
Ring of Regeneration
Leather +1
Hilt of the Weapons Master

Spells in Book (* signifies spell memorised)


Kyle Quickfinger – Thief

From: Brother Tyrus

Character : Kyle QuickFinger
Players Name : Jeremy Paddison Race : Halfling
Class : Thief Level : 16
Alignment : Neutral Evil Family :
Race/Clan : Homeland :
Liege/Patron : Religion :
Sex : M Age : 27 Social Class : Status :
Height : 36″ Wt. : 64 Birth Rank : # Siblings :0
Hair :Blonde Eyes : Brown Appearance :Quite Handsome. Mischevious eyes


15 STR Hit: norm Dmg: none Wgt: 55 Max Press: 170 O/D: 8 BB/LG: 7%
19 DEX React Adj : +3 Miss Att Adj : +3 Def Adj : -4
15 CON HP Adj : +1 System Shock :90% Res.Sr 94%
16 INT # Languages : 5 Spell Lvl :8th Chance : 70% Max/Lvl : 11
11 WIS Mag Def Adj : 0
13 CHR Max Hench : 5 Loyalty Base : 0 Reaction Adj : +1

~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
* – current movement rate
Modify. Paralyze/ Save.
Base Rate: 12 _+4____ Poison __10___
Light (56-85 ) _______ Rod,Staff,
Mod (86-115 ) _______ _+4____ or Wand __8 ___
Hvy (116-145) _______ Petrify/
Svr (146-170) _______ _______ Polymorph __9 ___
Jog ( x2 ) _______ Breath
Run ( x2 ) _______ _______ Weapon __13___
Run ( x2 ) _______
Run ( x2 ) _______ _+4____ Spells __9 ___

_______ Adjusted AC Armor Type (Pieces)
\ A C / Surprised _2__ elven chain +3_______ _78___ 78
\-2 / Shieldless_-2_ _____________________
\_/ Rear _-2_ _____________________

mod mod
Knife 1 0 0 13 1d3/1d2 — 0
(thrown) 2 +4 0 9 1d3/1d2 1/2/3 0
Hand Crossbow 1 +3 0 10 1d3/1d2 2/4/6 2
Short Sword 1 0 0 13 1d6/1d8 — 0
Broad Sword 1 0 0 13 2d4/1d6+1 — 2

2 more to choose

Special Attacks
BackStab: +4 chance to hit. Negate enemy’s shield and dexterity bonus.
Damage multiplier: x5

+1 bonus when using thrown weapons or slings
-4 penalty to opponent’s attacks when you surprise them
-2 penalty to opponent’s attacks when a door/screen must be opened first

Special Abilities/Limitations NWProficiencies/Skills/Languages
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Thief Skills – Rope use dex/0 1
Pick Pockets: 95% Reading Lips int/-2 2
Open Locks: 95% Ventriloquism int/-2 1
Find/Remove Traps: 90% Riding, Horse wis/+3 1
Move Silently: 95% Forgery dex/-1 1
Hide in Shadows: 95% Set Snares dex/-1 1
Detect Noise: 85% Tumbling dex/0 1
Climb Walls: 95% Juggling dex/-1 1
Read Languages: 95% Jumping str/0 1
Tightrope walking dex/0 1
Disguise cha/-1 1

Languages – Halfling
– Common
– Theives Cant

Bonus to saves vs rods/staff/wands,
spells, poison
Use Scrolls: 25% Failure. If fails then the effect can be reversed.
Infravision 60′
Determine Grade of slope or passage
Determine Direction

GEAR (Supplies included) Location Encumberance #

You have to fill this out


Total (pounds)________________________________

Experience Treasure
~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~
1,500,000 Coins
+10% GP


Miscellaneous Information (Magical Items, Command Words, Small Maps, etc.)
Bolt of Tracking
Wooden Knife
Sword +2, Idrenal
elven chain +3

Sword +1, Idrenal

Idrenal is a specially made +1 shortsword. In the hands of a thief, it
becomes +2. Furthermore, when Idrenal is used for a backstab attack, it
advances the thief an additional step of multiplier (i.e., x3 instead of
x2, etc.) normal to their level.


Wooden Knife

It is magical knife of elven design made of magically hardened wood.
It will disregard all inorganic armor when it is
used to hit. It will pass through plate mail, chain, any metallic armor
(but without causing the armor any damage either).
Upon the thiefs command, once per day the knife can also cause an
additional 1d6+4 magical damage to the target, whether thrown or used
in melee.

Bolt of Tracking

An enchanted Bolt. No bonuses to hit or damage but if fired at a target
& missess, instead of falling to the ground, it stays aloft & turns around
to try again (NOTE: it could be a back attack this time). This continues
until either a successful hit is made or d4 tries have been attempted (not
counting the initial to hit roll for firing the bolt).The bolt locks on
one target (whether dead or alive). If a 1 is rolled on a to hit roll, a
mis-lock occurs & the person who fired the bolt is now the acquired
target. Other than turning around, this bolt does not avoid obstacles.
As such, hitting a solid object will stop the bolt.


Logastor Lockpicker – Thief/Psionicist

From: Brother Tyrus

Ok this one is really bizarre, a kender thief psionicist. I am not quite sure
what i think of it yet, I’ll see once he is play tested….

Character :Logastor Lockpicker
Players Name :Liam Burns Race :Kender
Class :Thief/Psionicist Level :13/10
Alignment :Lawful Neutral Family :Live
Race/Clan :Kender Homeland :Kendermore
Liege/Patron : Religion :Athiast
Sex :Male Age :20 Social Class :Middle Status :
Height :3’9 Wt. :99p Birth Rank :2nd of 4 # Siblings
Hair :Brown Eyes :Blue Appearance :tidy and neat


STR 11 Hit: Dmg: Wgt:40 Max Press:115 O/D:6 BB/LG:2%
DEX 19 React Adj :+3 Miss Att Adj :+3 Def Adj :-4
CON 12 HP Adj : 0 System Shock :80% Res.Sr :85%
INT 14 # Languages :4
WIS 15 Mag Def Adj :+1
CHR 8 Max Hench :3 Loyalty Base :-1 Reaction Adj:0

~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
* – current movement rate
Modify. Paralyze/ Save.
Base Rate: * __+4___ Poison __10__
Light ( ) _______ Rod,Staff,
Mod ( ) _______ __+1___ or Wand __8___
Hvy ( ) _______ Petrify/
Svr ( ) _______ __+1___ Polymorph __8___
Jog ( ) _______ Breath
Run ( ) _______ __+1___ Weapon __13__
Run ( ) _______
Run ( ) _______ __+4(5) Spells __9___

_______ Adjusted AC Armor Type (Pieces)
\ A C / Surprised ____ Leather Armor +4_____ 53 53
\ 4 / Shieldless____ _____________________
\_/ Rear ____ _____________________
{note that only wear armor when in
battle or otherwise told}

mod mod
Hoopak +4 ????
dagger +2 1 +2 +2 12 1d4/1d3 — 0
(thrown) 2 +6 +2 8 1d4/1d3 1/2/3 0
Shortsword +1 1 +1 +1 13 1d6/1d8 — 0
Sling 1 +4 +0 10 1d4+1/1d6+1 5/10/20 3

unmod THAC0 : 14

Special Attacks
Backstab * 5 for damage
+1 to attack with thrown weapons & slings

Special Abilities/Limitations NWProficiencies/Skills/Languages
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Can only go to level 10 psioncist Harness Subconscious wis/-1 2
+3 to save vs poision & spells Hypnosis cha/-2 1
determine grade or slope of Rejuvenation wis/-1 1
passage Meditative Focus wis/+1 1
Blind Fighting NA 2
Thief Skills :- Gaming cha/0 1
PP…..95% Juggling dex/-1 1
OL…..95% Reading Lips int/-2 2
F/RT…75% Tumbling dex/0 1
MS…..90% Ventrilquism int/-2 1
HS…..90% Rope Use dex/0 1
RL…..55% Languages – Kender 0
– Common (R/W) 1
Can use mage and cleric scrolls – Elven 1
– Dwarf 1
– thieves cant 0

GEAR (Supplies included) Location Encumberance #
Clothing Worn 5
100 pouches


Total (pounds)

Experience Treasure
~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~
750000/750000 1000 gp

(all treasure in bag of holding)
2x500gp gems
10x100gp gems

Miscellaneous Information (Magical Items, Command Words, Small Maps, etc.)
Luckstone (placed in a pouch)
Healing Potion (heal spell)(placed in a pouch)
Amulet of life Protection (worn but covered up by clothing)
Medalion of ESP 90′ range (worn but covered up by clothing)
Bag of Holding (worn)
Ring of mind shielding (worn but covered up)
Hoopak +4
Dagger +2
Short Sword +1

Psionic Powers:
Diciplines : Psychokinesis (PK)
: Psychoportation (PP)
: Telepathy (T)
: Metapsionics (MP)

Total Sciences (5) – Detonate (PK)
– Telekinesis (PK)
– Summon Planar Creature (PP)
– Teleport (PP)
– Mindlink (T)

Devotions (15) – Ballistic Attack (PK)
– Molecular Agitation (PK)
– Control Flames (PK)
– Control Wind (PK)
– Molecular Manipulation (PK)
– Astral Projection (PP)
– Dimensional Door (PP)
– Contact (T)
– Aversion (T)
– DayDream (T)
– ESP (T)
– Invisibilty (T)
– Magnify (MP)
– Psionic Sense (MP)
– Psychic Drain (MP)

Defense Modes – All of them!!

PSP Points: 110

One day was adventuring with a party, got the party into strife.
The party had had it with him. The party found a portal and threw
him through it. The portal lead to greyhawk. The portal closed
after Logastor went through it.

1-Flint and steel
3-3 rocks
5-Vial of perfume
7-Cinnamon, Spice
8-2 gold pieces
10-1 gem (50gp)
11-Vial of writing ink
15-2 cups of rice
16-3 shetts of paper
18-3 fishhooks
19-2 sticks of chalk
20-Lock, Good condition
21-1 key (Don’t know what for)
22-Little mirror
23-2 pounds of nuts
24-Feather of a Pelican
26-2 pounds of candlewax
27-2 orc teeth
28-1 big earing
29-1 spear head
30-5 gold peices
31-3 pounds of sugar
32-Piece of paper with a picture of a red dragon on it
33-Belt Bukle
34-1 Mitten
35-Cats fur
36-3 Marbles
37-1 pen
39-Broken pair of Glasses
40-A little pot of honey
41-A dead mouse
42-Half of a broken flute
43-Someones Diary
45-Greek Fire Oil
46-Football Scorecard (Parramatta 100 – Canterbury 0)
49-Dog Bone
50-Peg from a clothes Line
51-Computer Disk
53-Tooth Brush set
54-Time table for Caravan departure from Kendermore
55-Thick black Texta
59-Picture of his mother
60-Paper Clip
61-Pieces of glass (not sharp)
63-30 gold coins
64-Juggling ball
65-Safety Pin
67-Little statue of a horse
68-Juggling ball
70-Juggling ball
71-sewing needle thread
74-Potion Of healing
75-Little bottle
76-Paint Brush
79-Pencil Sharpener
80-1 sock
81-Deck of Cards
82-Dried ear
83-10 gold pieces
84-Brass ring
85-Old toenail from somewhere
86-Fine silk (only a little bit)
87-Horse shoe
88-Dried apple pieces
90-Fossil with an imprint of a jaw
93-1 pound of herbs
94-1 Finger bone
96-Picture of Family
97-1 gem (50gp)
98-1 string of guitar wire
99-30 gold coins
100-5 pieces of paper


Loraginos Eldrekkena – Invoker

From: Brother Tyrus

Character : Loraginos Eldrekkena
Players Name : Liam Burns Race : Human
Class : Invoker Level : 1
Alignment : Lawful Neutral Family :
Race/Clan : Homeland :
Liege/Patron : Religion :
Sex : M Age : 22 Social Class : Status :
Height : 5’7 Wt. : 58kg Birth Rank : # Siblings :
Hair : brown Eyes : blue Appearance :


10 STR Hit: 0 Dmg: 0 Wgt: 40 Max Press: 115 O/D: 6 BB/LG: 2%
16 DEX React Adj : +1 Miss Att Adj : +1 Def Adj : -2
15 CON HP Adj : +1 System Shock : 90% Res.Sr : 94%
18 INT # Languages : 7 Spell Lvl : 9th Chance : 85% Max/Lvl : 18
9 WIS Mag Def Adj : 0
10 CHR Max Hench : 4 Loyalty Base : 0 Reaction Adj : 0

~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
* – current movement rate
Modify. Paralyze/ Save.
Base Rate: 12 _______ Poison __14___
Light (41-58 ) _______ Rod,Staff,
Mod (59-76 ) __6__*_ _______ or Wand __11___
Hvy (77-96 ) _______ Petrify/
Svr (97-110 ) _______ _______ Polymorph __13___
Jog ( x2 ) _______ Breath
Run ( x2 ) _______ _______ Weapon __15___
Run ( x2 ) _______
Run ( x2 ) _______ _______ Spells __12___

_______ Adjusted AC Armor Type (Pieces)
\ A C / Surprised _8__ none_________________ __5___ 5
\ 8 / Shieldless_8__ _____________________
\_/ Rear _8__ _____________________

Dagger 1 0 0 20 1-4/1-3 — 2
thrown 2 +1 0 20 1-4/1-3 1/2/3 2

Special Attacks

Special Abilities/Limitations NWProficiencies/Skills/Languages
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Opposition schools : charm/ 1 Spell Craft
enchantment, Conjuration/ 1 Ancient history
summoning, illusion. 1 Modern Languages (Perrenlandish)
Unable to use magic items which 1 Etiquette
come from opposition realms 1 Religion
Opponents save at -1 against 1 Riding, Horse
invocation/evocation spells 1 Ancient Languages (Thracian)
+1 to save vs invocation/ 1 Swimming
evocation spells 3 Languages – Common
+2 at 17th – Elvish (R/W)
+3 at 20th – Dwarvish
Bonus spell each spell level
(invocation/evocation only)

GEAR (Supplies included) Location Encumberance #
humble village clothing backpack 5
3 daggers belt 3
Clothing worn 5
Belt waist –
Riding Boots feet –
Fine fur Coat worn –
gloves worn –
knife sheath belt –
vest worn –
Backpack back 2
Large belt pouch belt 1
small chest back 10
candle chest –
flint and steel pouch –
hemp rope (60′) on pack 20
3 weeks iron rations backpack 25
Spell Book backpack 7

Money .5

Total (pounds)________________________________ 73.5

Experience Treasure
~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~
+10% GP 13
EP 1
SP 4


Miscellaneous Information (Magical Items, Command Words, Small Maps, etc.)

Spells in Book (* signifies spell memorised)
1st Level : Read magic, Detect magic, Magic Missile*, Alarm, Shield,
Wall of Fog, Tenser’s floating disk, Fire Burst, chromatic

History :
As a student at school, he persevered the fine art of magic
especially those in the way of invoker spells, but also learning the
best form of defense is offense. An only child, he was brought up as
little spoilt as he comes from a fairly rich family.
He is furthering his career and powers to one day return and
confront his one time best friend but now enemy ands show he was not
brought up like a coward.

Your background is this : Leaving the school of magic when you had
graduated from a novice to a first level mage, you decided to set out on your
own and make your fortune, and leave your mark on the world. You lived in the
Free City of Greyhawk, with wealthy parents, who were quite angry and
disapointed that you had left the security and prestige ofthe school of magic.
You won’t be able to expect much help from them…
Before anybody new of your immanent departure from the school, you
experienced your first betrayal. Jealous of your rise to power and eager for
your position in the school, your best friend, a novice named Jehovic, tried
to have you killed. He bungled the attempt, and fled into the slums. You
would have pursued him and avenged yourself, but you had made arrangements to
travel with a caravan heading south east, which was leaving the following
morning. Saying goodbye to those you knew, you joined the van and left the
safety and comfort of Greyhawk.
You soon became bored with the caravan, nothing exciting occured at
all, so when the van stopped at a mansion in the midle of the woods, you put
the word around the mansion servants that you were looking for adventure. As
luck would have it, an adventuring party was staying in the Manor at this very
moment, and were planning to set off to the Hold of the Sea Princes in the
morning. To quickly gained an audience wit hthe master of the manor, a chap
named Lirdrium Arkayz, and asked him if he could pass on the message to the
adventurers that you wished to join them. It appears they have agreed, and a
servant has just informed you that you are being waited on at the front gates.


Sir Pellaeus – Paladin

Name: Sir Pellaeus Edition: 1st

Class: Paladin Level: 7 Age: 27 Eyes: Blue
Race: Human Alignment: Lawful Good Height: 6′ 2″ Hair: Blonde
Deity: Guldur Pantheon: Kolgurnian Weight: 187 lbs
Place of origin: Jalensin City Sex: Male

STR 17 +1 to hit/+1 to damage/open door 1-3/bend bars 13%
INT 14 add lang 4
WIS 13
DEX 12
CON 18 hit point adj +4/sys shock 99%/resur surv 100%
CHA 17 max # henchmen 10/loyalty base +30/ reaction adj +30

Weapon Profs Armour
============ ======
Broad sword Armour worn = plate mail Actual AC = 2
Battle axe AC base = 3 Rear AC = 3
Short bow Magic adj = none Surprised AC = 2
Spear Dex adj = none Shieldless AC = 3
Two-handed sword Shield = large

Hit points
Hit die type = d10 Con bonus = +4 Hit points = 70
Hit points per level = 3/10/6/2/5/9/7

Saving throws
============= base save bonuses modified save
Poison/paralyzation 10 +2 8
Petrif/polymorph 11 +2 9
Rod/staff/wand 12 +2 10
Breath weapon 12 +2 10
Spells 13 +2 11

Turning Undead
Turning level = 5th
Skeleton Zombie Ghoul Shadow Wight Ghast Wraith Mummy Spectre
T T T 4 7 10 13 16 20

Magical items Money
============= =====
Broad sword +3 Copper pieces = 127 Jewelry = none
Spear +1 Silver pieces = 39
12 arrows +1 Gold pieces = 12
Potion of gaseous form Electrum pieces = none Other = none
Potion of healing (2 off) Platinum pieces = none
Gems = none

High,hard boots Iron rations (3 weeks) 20 normal arrows
Cloak (wool) Water skin (2 pints) Quiver and bowcase
Gloves Whet stone and oil Bowstring (3 off)
White tabard Bullseye lantern Large belt pouch
Belt Lantern oil Holy symbol
Sword belt Tinder box Holy water (3 flasks)
Baldric Flint and steel Holy wafers (20 off)
Backpack 2 sets of clothing Consecrated wine (1 pint)


Sir Pellaeus was born the son of a well off merchant in a city called
Jalensin in the heartlands of Cytharin. At the age of 14 he left his family
and joined the temple of Guldur as an initiate. At age 16 he joined the
militant arm of the temple, initially to train as a temple guard. However,
it was noticed by his tutors that Pellaeus had both honesty and virtue as
well as a natural flair for the sword.
He was thus apprenticed to Sir Tinandis, a Knight of Guldur, who was to
instruct Pellaeus in the codes of honour, law, combat, and ettiquette, as
well as holy scripture. Sir Tinandis and Pellaeus rode upon many missions for
the church, and never once did Pellaeus disgrace himself or his church.
At the age of 21, Pellaeus was formally knighted and entered into the ranks
of the Knights of Guldur.
Since that time he has travelled in several adventuring companies, always
fighting for the poor and unjustly treated and spreading the word of Guldur
where it would be heard by those who would listen.


Quentin Dorvard – Bard

From: Alexande Shternshain

race : HUMAN I: 14
class: BARD W: 5
level: 2 D: 16
HP : 10 CO:8
AC : 3 CH:18
AL : N CM:don’t use this attribute, but probably 18
THACO: 20(19 with bow)
AGE : 20


THIEVING SKILLS: PP 30% (10% W/ARMOR) RL 20% CW 50% (30% W/ARMOR)
DN 30% (20% W/ARMOR)


color spray, feather fall, floating disc and wall of fog)

APPEARANCE: Standing 6’11″(1.81), at weight of 74 kg(dunno how much it’s
in lbs.), you may say Quentin has a light body frame. His brown hair
(he keeps it long – up to his shoulders ) nicely underlines the tanned
color of his skin, and suits his blue eyes well. He is just FILTHY HANDSOME.

Every teen-aged-girl wet dream. Everywhere he goes, they just swarm around
him. There’s nothing he can do about it. His true and only love, however
(besides women, other people’s pockets, and music) is STORIES. He can sit
in a tavern for hours, telling old travel and war tales (in a very charming
and interesting way). Although he presents all of them as personal
experiences, this is (as you may have guessed) false most of the time.
The audiences don’t mind, as long as the tales are entertaining. He also
likes to listen to other people stories (so he can tell them later). He’s
what you might call a social chameleon. His greatest weakness, however, is
his almost childish naiveness (just check his low WIS). He is utterly and
completely gullible, and is likely to be used by the simplest con-men.
He is also notorious for participating in a theft or other illegal act,
and then just going around telling his friends (and others) about it.
He just likes socializing, no matter the cost. Until now, he managed to
stay out of jail and other troubles, partly because he’s so charming,
and partly just by shear luck.


Rumpy – Conjurer

From: WonderBoy

Name: Rumpeltstiltskin, or “Rumpy” among friends.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Race: Human
Class: Mage – Conjurer specialist.
Level: 3
Family: Married – Father was stamped on by a rabid horse and killed
just after my birth.
Social class: Upper Middle Class
Religion: None
Status: Adventurer
Number of siblings: 3
Birthrank: 3/4
Homeland: Vlac 2 hours walk from the village of Homlet.
Sex: Male (No, I’m still a virgin)
Age: 16
Heigth: 162 cm.
Weight: 77 kg.
Hair: Dark brown.
Eyes: Blue


Str: 15
Dex: 13
Con: 15
Int: 17
Wis: 14
Chr: 8
Com: 7
Hitpoints: 14
Armor Class: 6 <-From the Armor spell. 10 whithout it. Weapon proficiencies: Dagger. Nonweapon proficiencies: Reading/Writing Engineering Ancient Languages Spellcraft (x2) Riding Animal Handling Artistic Ability - Acting Swimming Weather sense Religion Spells: 1st lvl: Affect Normal Fires Armor Chill Touch Light Magic Missile Phantasmal Force Read Magic Shocking Grasp Sleep Spider Climb Tenser's Floating Disc Wizard Mark 2nd lvl: Glitterdust Ray Of Enfeeblement Spells he has failed to learn: Mirror Image - failed by 18 Charm Person - " 20 Feather Fall - " 23 Detect Undead - " 22 Exp: 6067 Bonus: 10% To Next Level: 10,000 Treasure: 3 gp Magic Items: Dagger - Unknown One Hand Staff - Unknown, at least +3 to hit. Sceptre - Used to open/activate a machine that turns people into ghasts. Glows when in light and humms loudly when close to said machine. Spellbook - Of course. Non magical items: Backpack Wineskin Large Beltpouch Winter Blanket Dagger Footbelt Dagger Chestbelt Sack containing 4 live chickens 13 pairs of artificial eyes (Rumpy's very fond of these) Alabaster Box containing spell components 100 Spikes Hammer 8 Wooden Stakes 6 Torches Mirror Lots of daggers - one silver 2 Greek Fire Bag of 100 caltrops 2 iron plates 4x6 feet 6 ballons Flint & Steel TM Current Adventure: Temple Of Elemental Evil/Village Of Homlet ++ A lot of this adventure remains. We still haven't proceded to enter the temple itself. Background: Rumpeltstiltskin was born on the 30th of November 16 years ago. Shortly after his birth, his father died a tragic death, leaving him in the care of his big sister, Virga, who later turned out a priest of Torm. Not very typical for a Torm follower, Virga was a real bitch of a half-breed (charisma of 6). We do share the same mother, who is also a bitch - literally, although her father is the mayor of Vlac - an elf. Nothing really interresting happened to Rumpeltstiltskin during his childhood, apart from being one of the great wizard, Kalkaryn's, students. Kalkaryn is not really all that smart, but Rumpy thinks he is. Rumpeltstiltskin was of course very tired of the way his mother behaved, so he along with his sister and some friends headed off to Homlet to meet Rumpy's good childhood friend (yes, he has some friends) Roger, a bard, to seek out fame and fortune....... ============================================================================== S'questr'n Yll'vajin - Fighter/Cleric/Mage ========================================== Name: S'questr'n Yll'vajin Edition: 2nd Class: F/C/M Level: 9/9/10 Age: 464 Eyes: Red Race: Drow elf Alignment: CE Height: 4' 9" Hair: White Deity: Lolth Pantheon: Elven (?) Weight: 121 lbs Place of origin: Aluth-kyorl Sex: Female STR 17 +1 to hit, +1 to dam, open doors 10, bend bars 13 INT 17 add lang 6, spell level 8th, learn spell 75%, max # spell/lvl 14 WIS 16 mag att adj +2, bonus spell 2x1st 2x2nd DEX 15 defence adj -1 CON 16 hit point adj +2, sys shock 95%, res surv 96% CHA 13 max henchmen 5, react adj +1 Weapon Profs Armour ============ ====== Long Sword (s) Armour worn = Bracers AC3 Actual AC = -4 Dagger AC base = 3 Rear AC = -3 Morning star Magic adj = +6 (ring/cloak) Surprised AC = -3 Hand crossbow Dex adj = -1 Shieldless AC = -4 Javelin Shield = none Non-weapon profs Languages Special abilities ================ ========= ================= Healing Common Dancing lights Dispel magic Running Deep gnome Faerie fire Detect magic Spellcraft Dwarven Darkness Clairvoyance Survival Kua-Toa Levitate Detect lie Ettercap Know alignment Suggestion Duergar Hit points ========== Hit die type = d10/d4/d8 Con bonus = +2 Hit points = 61 Hit points per level (f)= 8/6/6/3/2/7/10/4/7 " " " " (m)= 2/1/4/2/2/3/4/3/4/3 " " " " (c)= 8/6/8/2/4/7/5/3/4 Combat ====== Thac0 = 12 Weapon in hand: Long sword Magic resitance = 70% Saving throws ============= base save bonuses modified save Poison/paralyzation 7 +6 1 Petrif/polymorph 9 +6 3 Rod/staff/wand 9 +8* 1 (1*) Breath weapon 9 +6 3 Spells 10 +8* 2 (1*) * +2 versus mind effecting magic Turning Undead ============== Turning level = 9 Skel|Zomb|Ghou|Shad|Wigh|Ghas|Wrai|Mumm|Spec|Vamp|Ghos|Lich|SPEC ----+----+----+----+----+----+----+----+----+----+----+----+---- D* | D* | D | D | T | T | 4 | 7 | 10 | 13 | 16 | 19 | 20 Spells (mage) ====== Spells/level 1st=4 2nd=4 3rd=3 4th=2 5th=2 Spells learnt 1st= magic missile (x3), feather fall 2nd= invisibility, web, ray of enfeeblement, blindness 3rd= lightning bolt, fireball, slow 4th= fire shield, stoneskin 5th= domination, feeblemind Spells in spell book 1st= alarm, charm person, enlarge, feather fall, gaze reflection, identify magic missile, shield, sleep 2nd= blindness, detect invisibility, forget, invisibility, mirror image, ray of enfeeblement, web 3rd= fireball, haste, lightning bolt, non-detection, slow 4th= fire shield, ice storm, stoneskin, wall of ice 5th= cone of cold, domination, feeblemind Spells (cleric) ====== Spells/level 1st=6 2nd=6 3rd=3 4th=2 5th=1 Spells learnt 1st= cure light wounds (x4), protection from good, cause light wounds 2nd= hold person (x2), heat metal (x2), slow poison (x2) 3rd= dispel magic, feign death, meld into stone 4th= cure serious wounds (x2) 5th= cure critical wounds Magical items Money ============= ===== Bracers AC 3 Copper pieces = ? Ring +3 Silver pieces = ? Cloak +3 Gold pieces = ? Long sword +2 Electrum pieces = ? Hand crossbow +1 Platinum pieces = ? Wand of fireballs Gems = ? Wand of illusions Jewelry = ? Master tentacle rod Other = ? Equipment ========= Unspecified, but includes flash grenades, smoke grenades, unholy water, spider silk rope, 20 bolts for hand crossbow, sleeping poison for bolts, and 3 javelins (similarly poisoned). Background ========== S'questr'n was born to one of the minor noble houses of Menzoberranzan, but was forced to leave or be killed at an early age. Similar to many of her kind born to a noble family she was trained in the arts of combat, magic, and religion. Unlike many of her kind she did not choose a single profession once she'd completed her basic training; instead S'questr'n decided to continue to practice all three arts. This incited the wrath of the high council and she was ordered to either choose or die. S'questr'n instead decided to flee. She travelled from drow city to drow city, learning from masters of each art along the way. Eventually, S'questr'n wondered into the new outpost city of Aluth-Kyorl. She was tired of wandering and decided to settle there and continue her studies. The council of the city was fairly inexperienced and its leader completely out of her depth. After many botched raids and failed "crops" the city began to run short of food. S'questr'n saw this as a chance to seize power and using her arts to the full gain entrance to the council chamber. The victory was surprisingly easy as many of the council decided to settle old scores whilst S'questr'n fought their leader and her leftenants. S'questr'n then went on to kill those that remained of the council. Once the battle was over S'questr'n declared herself leader of the council and appointed a new council of nobles. S'questr'n has survived many attempted coups and has put each down with such easy ruthlessness that none have been attempted for many years. ============================================================================== Sanas Dengrill - Fighter ======================== Name: Sanas Dengrill Edition: 1st Class: Fighter Level: 4 Age: 18 Eyes: Brown Race: half-elf Alignment: Neutral Good Height: 5' 6" Hair: Black Deity: Corellan Pantheon: Elven Weight: 135 lbs Place of origin: Kinsholm Sex: Male STR 18/54 hit adj +2, dam adj +3, open doors 1-4, bend bars 25% INT 11 add lang 2 WIS 13 DEX 15 defence adj -1 CON 17 hit point adj +3, sys shock 97%, res surv 98% CHA 15 max henchman 7, loyalty base +15%, react adj +15% Weapon Profs Armour ============ ====== Long sword Armour worn = Plate mail Actual AC = 0 Dagger AC base = 2 Rear AC = 3 Long bow Magic adj = +1 (shield) Surprised AC = 1 Short sword Dex adj = -1 Shieldless AC = 2 Shield = medium (+1) Hit points ========== Hit die type = d10 Con bonus = +3 Hit points = 36 Hit points per level = 7/4/6/7/ Combat ====== Thac0 = 18 Weapon in hand: Long sword Saving throws ============= base save bonuses modified save Poison/paralyzation 13 -- 13 Petrif/polymorph 14 -- 14 Rod/staff/wand 15 -- 15 Breath weapon 16 -- 16 Spells 16 -- 16 Magical items Money ============= ===== Long sword +1 Copper pieces = 14 Shield +1 Silver pieces = 11 ring of feather fall Gold pieces = 45 7 +1 arrows Electrum pieces = none potion of heroism Platinum pieces = none Gems = none Jewelry = none Other = none Equipment ========= High boots Parchment (4 sheets) 20 days iron rations Grey cloak Bottle of ink Water flask (1 pint) Grey tabard Quill pen (4 off) Sharpening stone Backpack Rope (50 ft) Flasks of oil (2 off) Quiver Grapnel Tinder box Bowcase Iron spikes (15 off) 20 arrows Hammer Background ========== Sanas was born in Kinsholm, a small village near one of the forests of the wood elves and one of the few places of man that they visit. Sanas was born of an elven father and a human mother. His father left his mother once he found she was pregnant. His mother died after his birth. Sanas was raised by his uncle, who ran the inn in Kinsholm. His childhood years were not that happy. His uncle blamed him for the death of his mother and treated more as a servant than as his nephew. The people of the village hated him for being a half-breed and a bastard, and the children of the village bullied him and ridiculed him because of his elven looks. At the age of 15 Sanas fled Kinsholm in search of his father, whether for vengeance or recognition no-one knew. With him Sanas took his maternal grandfather's sword and shield; which he still carries today. Sanas journeyed into the forest and was promptly captured by the elves ,who believed him to be either thief or spy, and were about to kill him when he told them of his quest for his father. Sanas was taken to one of the elven tree-villages, where he was put into the custody of his father's family. They told him of how his father had gone on a trading mission to one of the border cities and had not come back; that had been two years ago. His father's family believed his father to be dead and urged Sanas to give up his search. Sanas would not and left the forest two weeks later heading for the city of Candanus. That was three years ago and Sanas's search for his father has lead him all over the Kingdoms, but he knows his father is at least alive. ============================================================================== Sethi – Thief

From: Brother Tyrus

Ok here is Sethi. This one is my favourite in the party I am running.
At the end are his followers who are currently running his small gang
operation in his home city while he is out adventuring with only Keldin for
company. Enjoy!

Character : Sethi
Players Name : Craig Barnett Race : Half Elf
Class : Thief Level : 16
Alignment : Neutral Family : None
Race/Clan : None Homeland : Duchy Ulek
Liege/Patron : None Religion : To be decided
Sex : Male Age : 96 Social Class : Status :
Height : 5’11’ Wt. : 175pd Birth Rank : # Siblings :
Hair : Brown Eyes : Blue Appearance :
Honor : (Base Honor___) Reaction Adjustment :


17 STR Hit: +1 Dmg: +1 Wgt: 85 Max Press: 220 O/D: 10 BB/LG: 13%
18 DEX React Adj : +2 Miss Att Adj : +2 Def Adj : -4
15 CON HP Adj : +1 System Shock : 90% Res.Sr : 94%
13 INT # Languages : 3 Spell Lvl : 6th Chance : 55% Max/Lvl : 9
11 WIS Mag Def Adj : 0
13 CHR Max Hench : 5 Loyalty Base : 0 Reaction Adj : +1

Languages : Common, Neutral, Thieve’s Cant

~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
* – current movement rate
Modify. Paralyze/ Save.
Base Rate: 12 _______ Poison __ _10
Light (56-85 ) _______ Rod,Staff,
Mod (86-115 ) _______ _______ or Wand __ _8_
Hvy (116-145) _______ Petrify/
Svr (146-170) _______ _______ Polymorph __ _9_
Jog ( x2 ) _______ Breath
Run ( x2 ) _______ _______ Weapon __ _13
Run ( x2 ) _______
Run ( x2 ) _______ _______ Spells __ _9_

_______ Adjusted AC Armor Type (Pieces)
\ A C / Surprised _-1_ Bracers ac2__________ __69__ 69
\-5 / Shieldless_-5_ ring prot +3_________
\_/ Rear _-1_ _____________________

Base THACO 13

Long Sword(+3) 1 +4 +4 9 1d8/1d12(+4) – 9
Dagger(+4) 1 +5 +5 8 1d4/1d3(+5) – 2
Short Sword 1 +1 +1 12 1d6/1d8(+1) – 3
Bastard Sword(1h) 1 +1 +1 12 1d8/1d12(+1) – 6
Scimitar 1 +1 +1 12 1d8/1d8(+1) – 5
Mace, Footmans 1 +1 +1 12 1d6+1/1d6(+1) – 7

^^^^ These are weapons Sethi has proficiency with. Adjustments
show magicical effects (eg +3 for the longsword)

Special Attacks
Backstab +4 to hit and x5 damage

Special Abilities/Limitations NWProficiencies/Skills/Languages
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

NWP’s – 10 slots

Blind Fighting 2 slots NA
Appraising 1 slot Int 0
Tumbling 1 slot Dex 0
Riding, Land Based 1 slot Wis +3
Swimming 1 slot Str 0
Direction Sense 1 slot Wis +1
Animal Handling 1 slot Wis -1
Jumping 1 slot Str 0
Rope Use 1 slot Dex 0

Infravision to 60′
30% resistance to Sleep and Charm
Secret Doors found on 1-2 on d6 when searching
Concealed Doors – find auto on 1 on d6 within 10′
found on 1-3 on d6 when searching

Can use mage scrolls (25% failure)

Thieving abilities –
Pick Pockets 95% +5 for no armour = %100 (95%)
Open Locks 95%
Find/Remove Traps 95%
Move Silently 95% +10 for no armour = %105 (95%)
Hide in Shadows 95%
Detect Noise 90%
Climb Walls 90% +10 for no armour = %100 (95%)
Read Languages 25%

GEAR (Supplies included) Location Encumberance #
Bracers AC2 Arms
Ring Invisibility Hand/Pocket
Ring Protection +3 Hand
Ring Spell Storing Hand
(Feather Fall, Fireball)
LongSword +3 Belt
Dagger +4 Belt
Knife Boot (inner) Sheath
2 Bags of Holding Belt
Thieves Tools Belt Pouch
Belt Pouch Belt
Spare lock pick Boot Heel
Boots, soft leather Feet
Tinderbox and Flint Belt Pouch
Belt Waist
Cloak, Hooded On
Well made Clothing (black) On
Spare set clothing Bag of Holding
Black face mask/hood Bag of Holding
2 Candles Belt Pouch
Magnifying Glass Bag of Holding
Spyglass Bag of Holding
Winter Blanket Bag of Holding
2 Wineskins Bag of Holding
2 Weeks Iron rations Bag of Holding
Small Metal Mirror Belt Pouch
5 Flasks Greek fire oil Bag of Holding
2 Large sacks (black cloth) Bag of Holding
Grappling Hook and Rope Bag of Holding
5 Torches Bag of Holding


500 gp Bag of Holding
+ some gems (whatever, about 2000 gp worth)

Total (pounds)________________________________

Experience Treasure
~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~
+10% GP 500
1500000 XP’s SP

See above. Not much, but Sethi intends to change that…

Miscellaneous Information (Magical Items, Command Words, Small Maps, etc.)

Command word for wand is “Foozle”

Spells in Book (* signifies spell memorised)

History :

This first chap is your constant companion, the other dozen are your
gang who are on call and run things while you are away.

Name : Keldin Linsiber
Race : Human
Class : dual thief/cleric
Level : 7/4

Personality : Dry, laconic wit, holds no-one and nothing in awe, is
rarely impressed by anything anybody does. Very cynical, and has a
tendency to overdrink, when he becomes very bitter. Otherwise he is
usually quite joking.

Equipment : magic shortsword
ring feather falling

Appearance : Wear’s dull clothing basically, mostly greys, and leather
armour. Very, very quick, and seems to be extremely wise with some of
his observations. He has a face which is not ugly, but has permanent
wrinkles from his cynical frowning, and his eyes are quite dark.

Misc : Keldin is a cleric of Trithereon, God of Liberty, Justice and
Retribution. Sometimes to your amazement, Keldin has taken damage
that would kill any normal man, yet gets back on his feet within
minutes…you are beginning to suspect something is going on.

Relkinthrin ‘The Hand’ dwarf thief 1
Threndin Cleaver dwarf thief 6
Yoon Ruben halfling thief/fighter 2/2
gnome thief/illusionist 1/1
Isan Jargo gnome thief/illusionist 1/1
Zim Rustion human thief 3
Hummil Gulgonen human thief 6
Finn Gale human thief 6
Jang Irland human thief 7
Kal Ziv human thief 1
Runnick Qadir human thief 4
Gaarn Fuker human thief 4
Jusan Yespe human thief 4

When you are out of town, business is overseen by Jang Irland, a thief
with a very good reputation as an honest merchant in the town. He has
been with you for a long time, and you trust him with your life.


Tandeska Dundarrin – Mage

Name: Tandeska Dundarrin Edition: 2nd

Class: Mage Level: 13 Age: 47 Eyes: Green
Race: Human Alignment: LN Height: 5′ 11″ Hair: Grey
Deity: Mystra Pantheon: F. Realms Weight: 173 lbs
Place of origin: Suzail, Faerun Sex: Male

STR 9 open doors 5, bend bars 1%
INT 18 add lang 7, spell level 9th, learn spell 85%, spell/level 18
DEX 15 defence adj -1,
CON 16 hit point adj +2, sys shock 95%, res surv 96%
CHA 10 max henchmen 4

Weapon Profs Armour
============ ======
Staff Armour worn = Bracers AC4 Actual AC = -3
Dagger AC base = 4 Rear AC = -2
Sling Magic adj = +6 Surprised AC = -2
Dex adj = -1 Shieldless AC = -3
Shield = none

Non-weapon profs Languages
================ =========
Riding, land Goblin
Rope use Elven
Swimming Dwarven
Ancient history Red dragon
Herbalism Kobold
Languages, ancient Giantish

Hit points
Hit die type = d4 Con bonus = +2 Hit points = 52
Hit points per level = 4/3/3/2/4/3/1/3/2/4/1/1/1

Thac0 = 16 Weapon in hand: Staff

Saving throws
============= base save bonuses modified save
Poison/paralyzation 11 +4 7
Petrif/polymorph 9 +4 5
Rod/staff/wand 7 +4 3
Breath weapon 11 +4 7
Spells 8 +4 4

1st=5 2nd=5 3rd=10(5) 4th=4 5th=4 6th=2

Spells learnt
1st= magic missile (x2), colour spray, enlarge, detect magic
2nd= detect invisibility, web, mirror image, ESP, knock
3rd= fireball (x3), dispel magic (x2), hold person, wraithform, haste,
non-detection, suggestion (see magic items)
4th= stoneskin, improved invisibility, ice storm, charm monster
5th= hold monster, wall of force, teleport, cone of cold
6th= disintigrate, true seeing

Spells in spell book
1st= colour spray, spook, friends, spider climb, magic missile, shield,
wizard mark, detect magic, burning hands, enlarge, shocking grasp,
2nd= web, knock, detect invisibility, scare, strength, invisibility,
misdirection, mirror image, alter self, ESP
3rd= haste, hold person, suggestion, non-detection, explosive runes, fireball,
dispel magic, wraithform, infravision
4th= stoneskin, dig, fumble, enchanted weapon, charm monster, ice storm,
improved invisibility, Evard’s black tentacles
5th= hold monster, wall of force, plant growth, cone of cold, teleport,
contact other plane
6th= death fog, true seeing, invisible stalker, disintegrate

Magical items Money
============= =====
Bracers AC4 Copper pieces = 97
Ring +4 (+2 on saves) Silver pieces = 58
Cloak of the bat Gold pieces = 47
Ring of wizardry Electrum pieces = 21
(doubles 3rd level spells) Platinum pieces = 13
Staff of striking Gems = 5x50gp base gems, 2x100gp base gems,
Dagger +4 1x250gp base gem
4 x daggers +1 Jewelry = none
Sling +2
potion of diminuition Other = mone
potion of gaseous form


Telieq – Necromancer

From: Brother Tyrus

Character : Telieq
Players Name : Matthew Skerritt Race : Human
Class : Necromancer Level : 1
Alignment : Neutral Family :
Race/Clan : Homeland :
Liege/Patron : Religion :
Sex : Male Age : 19 Social Class : Status :
Height : 5’7″ Wt. : 167# Birth Rank : # Siblings :
Hair : brwn Eyes : Grn Appearance :
Honor : (Base Honor___) Reaction Adjustment :


12 STR Hit: 0 Dmg: 0 Wgt: 45 Max Press: 140 O/D: 7 BB/LG: 4%
16 DEX React Adj : +1 Miss Att Adj : +1 Def Adj : -2
13 CON HP Adj : 0 System Shock : 85% Res.Sr : 90%
18 INT # Languages : 7 Spell Lvl : 9 Chance : 85% Max/Lvl : 18
16 WIS Mag Def Adj : +2
11 CHR Max Hench : 4 Loyalty Base : 0 Reaction Adj : 0

~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
* – current movement rate
Modify. Paralyze/ Save.
Base Rate: 12 * _______ Poison __14___
Light (56-85 ) _______ Rod,Staff,
Mod (86-115 ) _______ _______ or Wand __11___
Hvy (116-145) _______ Petrify/
Svr (146-170) _______ _______ Polymorph __13___
Jog ( x2 ) _______ Breath
Run ( x2 ) _______ _______ Weapon __15___
Run ( x2 ) _______
Run ( x2 ) _______ _______ Spells __12___

_______ Adjusted AC Armor Type (Pieces)
\ A C / Surprised ____ robes________________ __4___
\ 8 / Shieldless____ _____________________
\_/ Rear ____ _____________________

Quarterstaff 1 +0 +0 20 1-6/1-6 — 4

Special Attacks

Special Abilities/Limitations NWProficiencies/Skills/Languages
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
opponents save at -1 vs nec Herbalism 2
spell cast by necromancer Spellcraft 1
or against undead controlled R/W Common 1
by necromancer Etiquette 1
saves at +1 vs Necromancy spells Cooking 1
and attacks by undead creatures Swimming 1
can memorise 1 extra spell per Fire Building 1
spell level (necromancy only) Astrology 2
Riding (horse) 1

GEAR (Supplies included) Location Encumberance #
Spell Book backpack 7
Backpack back 2
Backpack slung 2
Embroidered Robes }_ worn 5
Soft boots }
Travelling cloak backpack –
Quarterstaff right hand 4
Knife and Sheath belt .5
Belt worn –
Belt pouch (small) belt .5
1 week dry rations backpack 7.5
Torches (4) backpack 4
Flint and Steel backpack –

Money pouch –

Total (pounds)________________________________ 32.5

Experience Treasure
~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~
0 Coins
+10% GP 9
CP 3


Miscellaneous Information (Magical Items, Command Words, Small Maps, etc.)

Spells in Book (* signifies spell memorised)
1st Level : Read Magic , Detect Undead, Chill Touch*, Corpse Visage,
Detect magic, Cantrip, Magic Missile*, Wizard Mark

History :

I was born in Veluna, to moderately wealthy parents. (bottom of the upper
class), and grew up there. I had no other siblings. I was a solitary child,
never having any friends or ever associating with the other kids at all, I
always got on better with older people, but preferred solitude. I was always
fascinated by magic, and when I was old enough, attended a magic school in
Grayhawk City. It was there that I discovered Necromancy, and at the first
possible chance, left the school to become the apprentice of a Necromancer
living outside of Greyhawk. (ie .. in the wilderness outside Greyhawk, far
enough away to be a typical Necromancer’s solitary dwelling.) My mentor wasn’t
overly kind, but still wasn’t overly cruel. He made me earn my keep, but
didn’t overwork me. Eventually, when I became skilled enough in my Necromancy,
I left my mentor, and started adventuring.


Telieq is a VERY controlled person. He exhibits NO show of emotion at all,
though this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have emotions. As with most
Necromancers, he is withdrawn, but not humourless, however rarely shows his
sense of humour because of his high value of self control. Because of his
great control, Telieq doesn’t suffer from the bouts of depression that so
many Necromancers are prone to. As with most Necromancers, Telieq prefers to
be alone, and speaks very little. Telieq dislikes having to trust and/or rely
on other people, he likes to be as self sufficient as possible.


Tweck – Ranger/Thief

From: Brother Tyrus

Character : Tweck (Ranger of Fellfurn County/The Shadow of Fellfurn)
Players Name : Raul Pollicino Race : Human
Class : Ranger – Thief Level : 10 – 14
Alignment : Neutral Good Family :
Race/Clan : Homeland : Fellfurn County
Liege/Patron : Religion :
Sex : M Age : 36 Social Class : Upper Status :
Height : 5’9″ Wt. : 150# Birth Rank : 3rd # Siblings : 0
Hair : brown Eyes : blue Appearance :


15 STR Hit: 0 Dmg: 0 Wgt: +200 Max Press: O/D: 1-2 BB/LG: 7%
17 DEX React Adj : +2 Miss Att Adj : +2 Def Adj : -3
15 CON HP Adj : +1 System Shock : 91% Res.Sr : 94%
15 INT # Languages : 4 Spell Lvl : 7 Chance : 65% Max/Lvl : 11
15 WIS Mag Def Adj : +1
09 CHR Max Hench : 4 Loyalty Base : 0 Reaction Adj : 0

~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
* – current movement rate
Modify. Paralyze/ Save.
Base Rate: 12 ___1___ Poison __8 ___
Light (56-85 ) _______ Rod,Staff,
Mod (86-115 ) _______ ___1___ or Wand __8 ___
Hvy (116-145) _______ Petrify/
Svr (146-170) _______ ___1___ Polymorph __9 ___
Jog ( x2 ) _______ Breath
Run ( x2 ) _______ ___1___ Weapon __9 ___
Run ( x2 ) _______
Run ( x2 ) _______ ___2 (1) Spells __9 ___

_______ Adjusted AC Armor Type (Pieces)
\ A C / Surprised __5_ Leather_+3___________ __91__ 91
\-1 / Shieldless__2_ Ring Protection +3___
\_/ Rear __2_ _____________________

mod mod
Short Bow 2 +2 0 9 1d6/1d6 5/10/15 5
Dagger 3/2 0 0 11 1d4/1d3 — 0
(thrown) 3 +2 0 9 1d4/1d3 1/2/3 0
Spear 1 +2 0 9 1d6/1d8 1/2/3 4
2Handed Sword 3/2 0 0 11 1d10/3d6 — 8
Long Sword +2 3/2 +2 +2 9 1d8/1d12 — na
(two handed)* 3/2 +2 +2 9 1d8/1d12 — na
Bastard Sword 3/2 0 0 11 2d4/2d8 — 6
Scimitar 3/2 0 0 11 1d8/1d8 — 3

unmodified THAC0 : 11

Special Attacks
when using long sword of quickness 2 handed you recieve a bonus of 2 to
your AC as well as the +2 to hit and damage
+4 to hit Giants (true giants only)
may wield two weapons with no penalty
Backstab (Theif ability)

Special Abilities/Limitations NWProficiencies/Skills/Languages
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Animal Empathy Tracking Wis/+3 0
Priest spells Blind fighting NA 2
Use magical and clerical scrolls Animal Handling wis/-1 1
Animal training wis/0 1
Theif Skills – Tumbling dex/0 1
Pick Pockets : 95% Animal lore int/0 1
Open Locks : 95% Running con/-6 1
Find/Remove Traps : 95% Set snares dex/-1 1
Move Silently : 95% Survival int/0 2
Hide in Shadows : 95% Riding, Horse wis/+3 1
Detect Noise : 70%
Climb Walls : 95% Languages – Common
Read Languages : 32% – Thieves Cant

GEAR (Supplies included) Location Encumberance #
Long Sword of Quickness scabbard
Short sword scabbard
5 daggers belt/knife/back
Short bow slung
quiver + 30 arrows slung
Clothing Worn
Leather Armour +3 Worn
Backpack Back
Tinder Box Pack
Thieves’ tools Pack/Pouch
Belt Pouch, small Belt
Small sack Pack
Vial of Holy Water Pack
Flask of Oil Pack
Acid Flask Pack
1wk Standard Rations Pack

Money Pack/Pouch

Total (pounds)________________________________

Experience Treasure
~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~
+10% GP : 121
EP : 1
R – 500,000 SP : 20
T – 1,000,000 CP : 10

5@100gp pearls
1@1500gp diamond (sewn in hem of shirt)

Miscellaneous Information (Magical Items, Command Words, Small Maps, etc.)
Long Sword of Quickness – is a specially dweomered blade that enables the
wielder to strike first in every combat round. It is also a +2 magic weapon,
with the bonus applicable to both hitting and damage.
Leather +3
Ring protection +3
Short sword +1, Luck Blade (contains an unknown number of wishes!!! & gives
+1 to saves)

Cleric Spells Memorised (2 x first level, 1 x second level)


History :
Tweck began life as being the 3rd son of the village leader. Not being the
eldest Tweck was not expected to become leader of the village but earned a
high standing by become the local ranger. But such a perfect tale had its
tarnished areas because Tweck was also a cleptamaniac! This may have been
seen as him trying to gain acceptance with the poorer folk, but it turned
into an even worse situation! Tweck started to enter the city at night and
commit even more daring robberies… soon he became to be know as the shadow
of Fellfurn! Greatest burgerler of the whole of Fellfurn county, robs froms
the rich and returns it if he feels like it, a very cunning theif who even
deliudes Tweck, the county ranger who is constantly on his trail…


Tyrus Wolfenbane – Fighter/Thief

From: Robert Andrew

Name : Tyrus Wolfenbane
Occupation : Assasains Guild Contact Man. Tyrus is one of those responsible
for organising meetings and “hits” for the Assasain’s guild in freehold. As
such he commands a large salary and several personal guards.
Description : Tyrus is a well built man in his late 30’s, standing around 6′
tall he wears a dark beard and long black, braided hair. Often when meeting
with “contacts”, he wears a dark brown leather cloak, large balck boots and
a dark blue or green brigga. His weapon of choice is a hand crossbow with
poison tipped bolts. Tyrus is a strong willed man, used to giving orders
(from several years in the Ducal Guard). He has an abrasive personality that
irritates many people, many of whom are forced to put up with it to continue
hiring the Guild. Tyrus is one of the few contact men who prefer meeting
contacts in the street, often meeting in a crowded market with his guardsmen
all around him (but unseen to the contact).

Level : 5/6 Fighter/Thief
AC 7 hp 55 MV 12″ Att 1 Dam 1-8 + poison (RNG:5/10/15) Thac0: 12

Tyrus’ Bodyguards.
Grug – A minotaur — the ultimate in shows of strength. Well over 8′ tall
and a wall of muscle.
Level 4 Fighter
AC 3 hp 45 MV 12″ Att 2 Dam 1-8 + 3/1-8 + 3 Thac0: 12
Grug carries two hand-axes and wears chain mail over his normal hide. He is
powerful and to all appearances stupid, but he actually is quite intelligent
and cunning.

Mythor – A dwarf — seemingly a merchant.
Level 3 fighter
AC 4 hp 32 MV 6″ Att 1 Dam 1-10 + 1 Thac0:17
Mythor often hangs around Tyrus attempting to sell him goods, this ruse is
used to keep him close to Tyrus but above suspicion. He carries a battle axe,
normally kept in a stall nearby.


Uriah Heape – Fighter/Mage/Cleric

From: Brother Tyrus

Character : Uriah Heape
Players Name : Peter McNamee Race : Half-Elven
Class : Fighter/Magic User/Cleric Level : 1/1/1
Alignment : Neutral Good Family :
Race/Clan : Homeland :
Liege/Patron : Religion :
Sex : M Age : 22 Social Class : Status :
Height : 5’9″ Wt. : 138# Birth Rank : # Siblings :
Hair : Eyes : Appearance :
Honor : (Base Honor___) Reaction Adjustment :


18/70* STR Hit: +2 Dmg: +3 Wgt: 160 Max Press: 305 O/D: 13 BB/LG:25%
14 DEX React Adj : 0 Miss Att Adj : 0 Def Adj : 0
17 CON HP Adj : +3 System Shock :97% Res.Sr :98%
16 INT # Languages : 5 Spell Lvl : 8th Chance :70 % Max/Lvl : 11
17 WIS Mag Def Adj : +3 Bonus Spells : 2/2/1
12 CHR Max Hench : 5 Loyalty Base : 0 Reaction Adj : 0

* – with guantlets +3 +6

~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
* – current movement rate
Modify. Paralyze/ Save.
Base Rate: 12 * ___0___ Poison __10___
Light (56-85 ) _______ Rod,Staff,
Mod (86-115 ) _______ ___0___ or Wand __11___
Hvy (116-145) _______ Petrify/
Svr (146-170) _______ ___0___ Polymorph __13___
Jog ( x2 ) _______ Breath
Run ( x2 ) _______ ___0___ Weapon __15___
Run ( x2 ) _______
Run ( x2 ) _______ ___0___ Spells __12___

_______ Adjusted AC Armor Type (Pieces)
\ A C / Surprised __10 none_________________ ___8__ 8
\10 / Shieldless__10 _____________________
\_/ Rear __10 _____________________

Two Handed Sword 1 +4(+5) +5(+8) 16(15) 1-10/3-18 – 8
(+2 Sword of The Rock)
Long Sword 1 +2 ” +3 ” 18 1-8/1-12 – 5
Short Sword 1 +2 “* +3 ” 18 1-6/1-8 – 3

* Adjustment is 1 when used with long sword

Special Attacks


Special Abilities/Limitations NWProficiencies/Skills/Languages
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
30% Resistance to Sleep and all Two Weapon Style Specialisation
charm related spells Blind Fighting
Infravision 60′ Swimming
Detect Secret/Concealed doors Running
Languages – Alignment
Common (R/W)
Elvish (R/W)

GEAR (Supplies included) Location Encumberance #
Clothing worn 5
Two-Handed Sword +2 back 15
(Golden Sword of the Rock)
Holy Symbol neck 1
(Neckchain : burning fist
clenching medicinal herbs
enclosed by disk)
Spell Book backpack 15
Backpack back 2
Large Sack horse .5
Torch sack 1
50′ rope sack 20
Belt pouch (small) belt .5
Riding horse — —
Gauntlets of Ogre power hands 1

Money pouch 4.5

Total (pounds)________________________________ 65.5

Experience Treasure
~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~
1390/1390/1391 Coins
PP 12
+10% GP 1151
SP 12

2*500gp gems

Miscellaneous Information (Magical Items, Command Words, Small Maps, etc.)
Gauntlets of Ogre Power

Spells in Book (* signifies spell memorised)
Magic User Spells…(1)

Level 1 : Read Magic, Unseen Servant, Detect Magic, Feather Fall, Light,
Magic Missle*

Cleric Spells…(3)

Level 1 : command, CLW*2

History :
Uriah was born on the island of Markesh. His parents Elahb and Amaryiah were
merchants of high standing. An old drifter came through the town and took a
room at the local inn. At night, around the communal fire he took to telling
stories of far away lands, and adventures he had had in his youth. These
stories stirred Uriah into asking the drifter, by the name of Heape, if he
could accompany him when he left the village. The old man replied that he
could. Two weeks later Uriah and Heape left the village. Heape died one year
later, after passing on his starting knowledge of the fighting, healing and
arcane arts which he had picked up during his journeys. Uriah, whose last
name was originally Tahr, took the old mans name in honour of his teachings.
He also took the two handed sword which the old man always carried with him,
and that he had bequithed to Uriah. Uriah now carries on the old mans dream
of seeing as much as the world has to offer.

Appearance: Small tattoo of dragon on left upper chest, scar from friends
mistress on right side of groin, long dark hair and olive skin.
Quirks: Prefers the two handed sword in battle, but, if the need arises, will
fight with two handed with long and short sword .

Uriah is an outgoing chap. He enjoys the company of friends. In his village
he had many good friends. However, due to the closeness of family and friends,
he also had those that envied him, and hated him because of this. One such
man was Chiross. Chiross and his clan were part of the heirarchy of the
village. However, they felt that the people were giving the leadership, and
their alliances to the Tahr clan. Trying to disrupt this state of affairs,
Chiross sent his daughter Uma to first seduce Uriahs best friend, and then
Uriah himself, in an attempt to split them up, and discredit Uriah’s family.

However, Chiross’s son Jiren was not as evil as the rest of his family, and
truly wanted the village to be at peace, no matter who was in power. So he
warned both Uriah and his friend Erale. The lads decided to have a bit of fun
with Uma. When she did come to seduce Uriah, he said nothing to her. After
they had had sex, she told Uriah that she would leave Erale for him, but Erale
would have to be “gotten rid of”. Uriah told her in no uncertain terms that
he knew of her plan, and that she was as exciting to him as a dry corpse. In
her rage, she bit him on the side of the groin, leaving him with a permanent
scar. Uriah made the plan known to the village, and Chiross and his family
were publicly disgraced.

The Tahr clan was asked to take power in the village. This they accepted.
Uriah, not wishing this for himself (but happy for his family), took the
option of leaving with Heape when the opportunity presented itself. Jiren
stayed with the Tahr clan, and last Uriah heard, he had been adopted by them.

As for Chiross and his clan (including wife, daughter and other sons), Uriah
has not heard of them since the incident.

The tattoo he earned while travelling with Heape. “The Dragons” are a misfit
clan of fighter/clerics who wander the world in search of adventure. Uriah
saved the leaders son Maxx, and was given honarary status within the band,
which is signified by the tattoo.


Valentine – Thief

From: Vampire Kiss

Name: Valentine Str. 15 Description:
Race: Half-Elf Int. 14 5’6″ 118lbs
Class: Thief Wis. 16 White Blonde Hair, Eyebrows, and Eyelashes
Level: 12 Dex. 18 Light Green Eyes; Golden Skin
Exp: 451,931 Con. 11 Tatto of a Red Dragon on Left Shoulder
Ali: N Cha. 16 Tatto of Orange and Black Tiger on
HP: 71 Com. 18 right thigh.
Ac: 1
Thaco: 16

Weapon Proficiencies: Weapons: Non-Weapon Proficiencies:
Bastard Sword Bastard Sword +2 Tracking (6)
Sling Sling w/ 30 bullets Disguise
Long Bow Long bow w/ sheaf Arrows Gathering Information
Dagger Daggers: Right wrist +1 Riding, Land
Dart Left Thigh (outer) Rope Use
Right arm (upper) Tight rope Walking
Right Boot Setting Snares(2)
Left Boot (hidden)
Dart 30, kept in Bandolier
Caltrops 30, kept in box

Items and Supplies: Treasure and Magic:
Midnight Blue Cloak Thieves Tool (hidden in cloak) 20 Beads of Force
Black Boots Gloves, Kid Ring Of Invisibility
Black Pants Torch Leather Armor +3
White Shirt(silk) Candle (2) 12 Light spheres
Black shirt(silk) Whetstone 2400gp in gems
Back Pack Wineskin
Grappel Oil 5v
50′ Rope, silk Saddle Bags
3 Belt Pouches Horse*
Tack and Saddle Bandolier
Sewing kit Spare Darts 10
Maps Sleeping Posion **
Salt Box of Caltrops
Tent, small Bed Roll

* Shadow, Light War Horse 12 hp
** 10 v, 3 doses per vial, save -2

Saving Throws: Thieves Skills: Languages:
Para, Posion, Death 11 OL 77 Elvish
Petri, Polly 10 PP 99 Common
Rod, Staff, Wand 10 F/RT 75 Halfling
Breath 14 MS 94 Dwarvish
Spell 11 HiS 77 Gnome
HN 35
CW 99
RL 60

Character Notes:
Valentine is a citizen of the Forgotten Realms, specifically Ten Towns.
She travels frequently, some times in the company of her brother, Sabastian.
Both are thieves, Sabastian’s speciality involving the seduction of weathly
widows, while Valentine’s is high stake thieft, specifically jewels and
magical items. To accomplish the latter she often enlists the aide of a
10th level mage called Hazard, whose specialities include small glass
globes which shatter, each globe has a different effect. Valentine also
dabbles in the field of bounty hunting, her favorite targets are known slave
traders. In person Valentine is very gregarious, she loves to gamble
and play darts (the latter of which she rarly loses at).

Dungeons and Dragons Expert Hirelings Cost Table

Dungeons and Dragons Expert Hirelings Cost Table

From Dragon Magazine, issue 184 is this awesome table giving costs to add a variety of hirelings to your Dungeon and Dragon Games. This was made for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, or Second Edition by today’s numbering. But it should still be fairly accurate for newer editions, or even other fantasy game systems.

NWPs, or “Non-Weapon Proficiencies,” were a way to add non-combat skill checks to AD&D. Just use a relevant skill from your preferred system.

Dungeons and Dragons Expert Hirelings Table

And for explanation of the professions in the table they included this blurb below:

Many of these expert NPCs must possess nonweapon proficiencies to perform their duties. Suggested proficiencies are listed with each entry. Also, the Reading/Writing skill is common at many courts; assume that these hirelings have that skill if their duties require any sort of record keeping or any of the “business” of running a court.

Also, for any of the occupations here that involve apprentices, lackeys, etc., the mastersÂ’ relevant ability should be higher than those of his assistants to reflect his expertise (although prodigies are always possible).

Expert Hireling NPC Types

Accountant: An accountant is a specialist scribe who does calculations for business and bookkeeping purposes. Any business enterprise requires an accountant. Very large holdings or departments require a team of accountants under a chief accountant, who receives double pay. All accountants possess the Reading/Writing nonweapon proficiency (NWP) and also have some skill at mathematics (what we consider basic math— no algebra, geometry, etc.).
Almoner: An almoner supervises the disbursement of gifts to charities and the poor. Almoners handle all the clerics, charity-collectors, beggars, mendicants, cranks, and reformers seeking money and favors who often approach wealthy characters. Almoners, like accountants, have skill at mathematics.

Artist: Artists are skilled in the production of fine statues, busts, murals, or paintings. A work of art takes from a few days to many weeks to create. A huge sculpture or decoration of a palace can take years to complete. A few artists are masters who can produce a masterpiece that will bring acclaim to the artist and his patron. Artists will possess the Artistic Ability NWP.

Astrologer/Soothsayer: Astrologers, soothsayers, diviners, and fortune tellers are common in many rulersÂ’courts. In a magical universe, it is possible to make useful predictions on occasion. The accuracy of a prediction depends on the expertise of the astrologer; some may be charlatans. Fortunes are often given in cryptic forms, and are liable to be misinterpreted. These NPCs possess the Astrology NWP.

Attorney/lawyer: In urban areas, citizens may need legal advice about taxes, debts, rights, property, or inheritance. Rulers will need expert information on the cases brought before them. Lawyers can be kept on retainer and are also paid a daily fee while preparing or arguing a case in court. If a PC gains a sum of money from legal action, the lawyer will take 30-50%. Some lawyers are famous (5%), charging 5 to 10 times the normal fee, but can increase the chance of a favorable verdict at the DMsÂ’ option. Attorneys all have knowledge of local laws and customs (treat as the Religion NWP, except the relevant ability is intelligence and it grants legal, rather than religious, information).

Bard/Storyteller/Minstrel: Every court needs a talented bard who can tell stories or sing and play music. History, legends, and poetry are passed down through the verses of bards, who are also the court composers. An NPC of this type may (if not a member of the bard adventuring class) exhibit the Artistic Ability, Musical Instrument, or Singing NWPs. Bards may also have some knowledge of history or languages.

Chamberlain: A chamberlain is the official in charge of a noblesÂ’ household. The chief butler and master of the wardrobe report to him. Very large households require several chamberlains. Chamberlains will certainly make use of the Etiquette NWP and perhaps have the Heraldry skill as well.

Champion: A champion is a fighter who accepts challenges on behalf of kings or rulers who cannot fight themselves, or for mages and other characters who cannot engage in personal combat with fighters. Champions expect to be well rewarded after each victory. Create and equip an appropriate warrior NPC for this role.

Chaplain: Every estate or castle should have a chapel and chaplain for the religious needs of its inhabitants. Adventuring clerics usually dontÂ’ have the time for such work, so an NPC cleric can be hired, as long as he gets the usual salary, upkeep, fees, tithes, assistants, and so on. Chaplains will possess the Religion NWP, and some may also have knowledge of history, languages, or areas of special interest to their deity.

Cook: A lords refinement is often judged by the excellence of his dinner table. A cook requires at least one lackey (apprentice) to assist him. Cooks have the Cooking NWP.

Court Announcer: The court announcer regulates daily business at a noblesÂ’ court. He announces visitors, observes protocol, schedules appointments, supervises audiences, and keeps his eye on guests. Announcers will have both the Etiquette and Heraldry NWPs.

Dance Master: Dancing is a skill that is expected of every well-bred aristocrat. The dance master instructs the pages and damsels of the household in the rudiments of dancing and also teaches new dances to the court. Such instructors possess the Dancing NWP.

Doctor/Physician: Doctors are skilled in the treatment of wounds and disease. Although clerics in the AD&D game perform the functions of doctors, DMs could have “healers” who cure wounds and diseases with the Healing, and possibly the Herbalism, NWPs.

Entertainers: Entertainers include actors, mimes, jugglers, acrobats, wrestlers, puppeteers, dancers, knife-throwers, animal acts, etc. Entertainment is expected at important social gatherings. Performers can be hired individually or in teams of 2-16. When a company has six or more members, there is a 25% surcharge to pay for the impresario, drivers, and lackeys. Famous troupes of entertainers fetch 2-4 times normal prices. Most troupes should have members who exhibit many of the following skills: Dancing, Singing, Musical Instrument, Juggling, Jumping, Tightrope Walking, and Ventriloquism.

Equerry/Stable Master: An equerry is an official in charge of a stable. He oversees the horse trainers and grooms, buys and sells horses, buys fodder, and maintains the stable. An equerry is needed if a stable has 30 or more horses. Such an NPC will possess the Animal Training and Animal Handling NWPs for horses (or whatever mount is most common in the campaign).

Falconer: A falconer specializes in the care of falcons and hawks. One falconer can care for four birds. For every two additional birds, he requires a lackey. Falconers will have the Animal Handling and Animal Training NWPs appropriate to the type of birds used.
Gatekeeper/porter/doorwarden: The gatekeeper greets visitors, makes arrangements for their stay, and maintains the gates and drawbridges in good operating conditions. Such an NPC will have the Heraldry NWP and may possess some knowledge of drawbridges, gears, etc. (Engineering NWP).

Gentlemen- or lady-in-waiting: Gentlemen- and ladies-in-waiting are persons of noble birth who serve as assistants, companions, and bodyguards to a ruler. A minor noble might have 1-3 gentlemen-in-waiting; a king, up to 50. Such NPCs will possess a wide variety of NWPs, but Etiquette is mandatory.

Herald: Heralds are skilled in the usages of heraldry, diplomacy, and chivalry, and hence possess the Heraldry NWP. There is often a hierarchy of apprentices (pursuivants), heralds, and chief heralds at larger courts. Chief heralds receive five times normal pay and pursuivants earn one-half that of a herald.

Horse or Animal trainer: Animal trainers are skilled in the care, training, and breeding of animals. Normal training takes three months, with the trainer able to handle up to six animals. War training requires an additional three months, with three animals being the limit that can be trained at once. One horse trainer is needed to care for every 40 horses in a stable.

Hunting Master/Huntsmen/Houndsmen: A hunting master is necessary to make arrangements for and to lead a hunt. The hunting master supervises the huntsmen, all of whom have the Hunting NWP. Houndsmen exhibit Animal Training and Animal Handling skills for hunting dogs. Other common NWPs these NPCs could possess are Direction Sense, Fire-Building, Fishing, Riding Land-Based, Set Snares, Animal Lore, Survival, Tracking, or Weather Sense.

Jester: Jesters provide entertainment and keep themselves well informed of court gossip. They can give advice and defuse possibly hostile situations through humor. Jesters may also be skilled in magic-use and thieving. Jesters should have NWPs similar to those listed under “Entertainers.”

Librarian: A librarian is needed to organize and care for any large collection of books and scrolls. Librarians can maintain written records; read languages; identify authors, handwriting, dates and places of publication; and repair and restore damaged books. In addition to the Reading/ Writing NWP, librarians are often sagelike storehouses of information about history and languages.

Maid/Butler/Servants/Lackeys: Maids and butlers clean and care for buildings. A maid is needed for every eight apartments, and a butler for each large hall. The chief butler (major-domo) works with the chamberlain, head chef, steward, and master of the wardrobe to assure the smooth functioning of the household. These servants should have the Etiquette NWP.
Every castle requires a barber, who often doubles as a surgeon. Such an NPC may possess the Healing or Herbalism NWPs. Noblewomen may need a hair-dresser and seamstress, the latter of whom should possess the Seamstress/ Tailor NWP. Each carriage must have four coachmen, and a sedan chair requires four to eight footmen. Grooms are necessary to care for each one to four horses, and formal gardens require a gardener who may possess the Agriculture or Herbalism NWPs. The servant/lackey category also includes cupbearers, servers, chamber-valets, ushers, messengers, laundry women, etc. These types generally display few talents, though exceptions to the rule are always possible.

Master/Mistress of the Wardrobe: The master or mistress of the wardrobe is responsible for the care of a noblesÂ’ clothing and private chambers. He or she also disburse the lords private funds for personal and miscellaneous expenses. Etiquette is an important skill for these NPCs, as is some skill at math.

Musicians: Musicians include flute players, lutists, drummers, horn-players, singers, bagpipers, harpers, fiddlers, etc. They are needed for balls, dances, masques, and the like. Musicians usually perform in groups of four to 12 members. If there are more than six musicians, they will be led by a music master who receives double pay. Five percent of musicians are virtuosos who perform alone and receive 10 times the normal pay. All musicians have the Musical Instrument NWP, possibly with multiple instruments (which would require multiple proficiency slots).

Nurse: Children of noble families are cared for by a nurse. Each nurse may look after up to four children.

Oratar/Rhetorician: Orators are professional speech makers. They may be hired to make speeches on a charactersÂ’ behalf, or may be hired on a monthly basis to teach oratorical skill. Each month a character takes oratory lessons (with several lessons a week), he receives a cumulative chance equal to his intelligence to receive Oratory skill, if he has a nonweapon proficiency slot available. Oratory skill gives a +20% reaction adjustment when making speeches in noncombat situations to those who can understand what the orator is saying.

Page/Squire: Leading noblemen or rulers often have dozens of pages and squires, as their vassals are eager to send their sons to be educated and learn chivalric skills. They serve as messengers, aides, and servants to lords and ladies, and they form a guard of honor. Pages are usually adolescents with little combat skill; squires are older and may be 1st-level warriors. Both pages and squires may also have some Riding, Heraldry, or Tailoring skill (for sewing torn tabards, etc.).

Poet Laureate/Court Chronicler/Writer: A poet composes verses for any subject or occasion, and a court chronicler records events and supervises the archives. They may be sent as envoys because of their knowledge of etiquette and diplomacy. All writers must possess the Modern Languages and the Reading/Writing NWPs; some may be members of the bard class.

Scholar/Professor/Philosopher: Scholars are specialized men or women of learning. They may answer questions as sages in one field with a -2 penalty that is cumulative with any other penalties, but they require only half the upkeep and pay of sages. Select appropriate fields of study for such NPCs, according to your campaignsÂ’ background.

Scribe/Clerk: Scribes maintain records, copy documents, and take dictation. For every 100 soldiers in a fortress, one scribe will be required to assist the officers in making muster lists, payrolls, inventories, and in writing orders. Scribes might be needed to assist the seneschal, chamberlain, equerry, librarian, almoner, secretary, attorney, scholar, master of the wardrobe, etc. All scribes exhibit the Reading/Writing NWP.

Secretary: A secretary is a type of scribe who personally assists a ruler or noble in the day-to-day operations of his domain. The secretary is knowledgeable in administration, screens visitors, makes appointments, handles documents, channels communications, and supervises other clerks. The Reading/Writing NWP is important for this NPC, as is the Etiquette NWP and familiarity (knowledge) of the rulersÂ’ interests, hobbies, etc.

Steward/Seneschal: A steward or seneschal is needed for every castle, business, estate, fief, or office belonging to a character that he does not personally supervise. Very large estates or fiefs will require several stewards, headed by a grand seneschal or chief steward. Stewards need a variety of skills, although a highly skilled staff is a great boon as well.

Teacher/Tutor: A teacher instructs children between the ages of six and 16. A teacher may have up to 12 students in a class. Teachers should have at least some of the following NWPs (though others are possible): Reading/Writing, Local History, Ancient History, Modern Languages, Ancient Languages, and Math.

Trumpeters/Drummers/Standard Bearers: Trumpeters and drummers are needed to play marches and fanfares at parades, tournaments, speeches, coronations, executions, and funerals. They also make signals in battles. Musical Instrument skill is essential.

A standard bearer is a soldier, usually a sergeant, who carries a lords insignia into battle to rally soldiers. Carrying a standard into battle requires no special skills, but an unusually large amount of bravery is helpful.

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Followers, DND Style

Followers, DND Style

One of the biggest boons in AD&D to player characters, were the followers. By 7th through 9th level most Classes started gaining followers. The rules for followers were found in the AD&D Dungeon Master Guide, pg.16. A group of Player Characters could amass an army pretty quickly. There is even a random followers generator over at deadskexies, based off this chart.

Dragon Magazine had several sets of flavor rules on attracting followers for almost every class. Many of the article had a series of tables to roll on to figure out what types, level, and number of followers a player character could have. These were meant to supplement the rules in the Dungeon Master’s Guide and add a bit more flavor to games.

If you’d like to re-read some of those articles, and still have your old copies of Dragon Magazine, check out the following issues.
Dragon #92 – The more, the merrier (Clerics)
Dragon #99 – Tables and Tables of Troops (Fighters)
Dragon #103 – More range for rangers (Rangers)
Dragon #113 – Clout for Clerics (Clerics)
Dragon #178 – Follow the Leader (Paladins)
Dragon #219 – Pirate Crews and Retinues (Fighter subclasses)
Dragon #246 – A Few Good Henchmen (List of NPCs to use as Henchmen)

A savvy DM could also use these tables to quickly generate followers for NPCs. The table from Dragon #219 “Barbarian” could generate a tribe of primitives for instance. Or the Pirate table could be used to crew a ship from an actual Pirate ship to a Merchantman. (Click here for Random Gangs and Guilds generators)

Unfortunately, the concept of followers was moved from an automatic boon to characters at a certain level, to a Feat in DND 3.x. The 3.5 Dungeon Master’s Manual has this feat on pg 106, and it is also in the SRD. I have yet to see a Player ever take this feat though.

While the concept of followers above it heavily influenced by Dungeons and Dragons, it can be easily transferred to other game systems, and not just fantasy ones. Nor does it have to be a virtual army of NPCs following the Player Characters along. It could just as easily be a single follower or henchman that complements the Player’s Class.

For instance, an Police Officer could have a rookie partner assigned to them. A Solider could advance in rank and have a batman. An Indiana Jones type character could have an especially bright student as a follower. A Superhero could have a sidekick with complimentary powers. The possibilities are endless.

The biggest problem with followers though is that it’s one more NPC for the GM to keep track of. The best way to handle this is offload the work of tracking stats and such to the Player, while the characters motives are still controlled by the GM. This allows the GM to not worry about their stats, but gives them an additional way move plot points along, or even introduce new ones as needed.

Good examples of such are that the Follower could have a deep dark secret that is coming back to haunt them. They could have a stroke of intuition, or luck, at just the right moment in time that is the key to solving the puzzle. They can add a precious bit of fire power in battles, or be used to cause a distraction at a critical moment.

The usefulness of followers in Role Playing games should not be over looked by players or GMs. While they add a bit of work for both parties, the additional opportunities for role playing more then make up for it. Have you used followers in your game? If so, how did that work out? Any memorable scenes where the follower played a critical role?

Written for the December 2013 RPG Blog Carnival

Random DND online Generators – Code Only

Random DND online Generators – Code Only

Here are links to the GITHUB repository for some of the best random DND online generators that ever existed. The author, Jamis Buck, has released the code into the wild, and if anybody gets these going I would be grateful.

I am also willing to host the generators on one of my sites if space is needed.

Library Templates (Needed for the NPC Generator)
DND NPC Generator
3rd Edition Rules Templates
Random Dungeon Generator – This was the best online random dungeon generator ever!
4th Edition NPC Generator

RPG: Dread Pirate King Borloff

RPG: Dread Pirate King Borloff

Borloff is a good generic Pirate Captain for D20 Fantasy games.

Description: Borloff was born into piracy. His father raised Borloff to replace him from an early age. By the age of fifteen he had risen through the ranks, doing every job possible aboard ship before taking command of his own sloop. Borloff is somewhat of a lovable swindler. He has friends and enemies in many ports, usually the same person. He knows it’s only a matter of time before finally being caught, and will quit piracy “after just one more successful capture.” Unfortunately that last job never quite turns out as successful as it needs to be, and he usually forgoes his own share of the loot to be sure the crew gets enough.

Borloff, male human Rog12: CR 12; Size M (5 ft., 9 in. tall); HD 12d6-12; hp 39; Init +8 (+4 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative); Spd 30 ft.; AC 14 (+4 Dex); Attack +10/+5 melee, or +13/+8 ranged; SV Fort +3, Ref +12, Will +6; AL CE; Str 13, Dex 18, Con 9, Int 14, Wis 15, Cha 11. Languages Spoken: Common, Giant, Ignan. Skill points: Rog 165 Skills and feats: Balance +13, Bluff +11, Climb +16, Decipher Script +19, Disable Device +17, Hide +14, Jump +15, Listen +2, Move Silently +16, Open Lock +11, Search +15, Sense Motive +16, Spot +17, Swim +16; Blind-Fight, Deceitful, Diligent, [Evasion], Improved Initiative, Power Attack. Possessions: 27,000 gp in gear.

Adventure Hooks:

– Borloff “left” a map in the possession of one of his many acquaintances on shore. They’re pretty sure that it’s worthless and offer to sell it cheap a member of the party. The map can be as real or unreal as possible, but should include some seemingly nonsense and random directions. (Take the fifth up after the green door)

– The party needs a ship. Borloff has one and offers to rent it cheap.

– The party needs a job. Borloff happens to have one, he just needs some help delivering a trifling little trinket to one of his admirers. Unfortunately the young lady in question is the daughter of the local merchant who has lost many a ship to Borloff’s raids, and has put a large reward on his head.

– The crew has mutinied. Borloff finds himself captain of a crew-less ship and Shanghais the party to fill in “temporarily.”