Tony Stark’s Craigslist ad

Tony Stark’s Craigslist ad

Perusing Craigslist comes up with some interesting tidbits sometimes. As I was reading this I was thinking “Tony Stark’s Craigslist ad.” Originally posted Jan 16, 2014


Im a 36 year old male, successful company founder who has decided to make a concerted effort to see more of the world and live life a little fuller. I have built several companies before in the US and South America and managed offices of up to 30 people. Recently my schedule has become very flexible and I want to take advantage of that.

Here are my goals of which you would be helping.

• Build a company with few employees and stay mobile managing contractors online.
• Be productive improving my mind and body

• Focus on several exciting rewarding projects including
o making a non profit website that becomes a major media channel (I hate the mainstream news)

o pursuing a childhood dream of building product inventions. I will take the ideas I have had for years and learn how to get them into the hands of manufacturers and distributors and work out licensing arrangements.

• Live in cool locations and go where I want when I want. Ive already been to 30 countries so Im no stranger to traveling.

Your job would be to help make these things happen and join me in the adventure.

I love new york but given that its cold now Im thinking that we start with living in Miami and then when things get warmer head back to Miami. . .or maybe Spain. . .or Tokyo. . .Im not sure. But wherever we go we should be productive and it should be fun.

I am not looking for mobile arm candy. . .nor do I want to date someone or have a girlfriend/boyfriend or want you to do anything that is against your morals.

We should get along really well for our own sanity as we will be working closely with each other.

<p>My personality is very out going, cracking jokes, doing sports and always thinking about ideas. I have plenty of creativity but do lack organization and discipline. Moving around will not help this so I am looking for a particular diligent person that is insanely organized but does not get too bothered by a somewhat instable life. </p>
<p>The candidate should have little attachments. . .ie a serious boyfriend/girlfrien, husbands or especially children would complicate things as you would get homesick and have responsibilities. This is not a position for everyone. </p>
<p>Pay will be competitive. Travel would be paid for. You will be rewarded for success of the inventions as well through some equity or incentive plan. </p>
<p>You should be<br />
•	Educated from a top university<br />
•	Very organized<br />
•	Without commitments at home (ie serious boyfriend, children, husband, sick parents, etc) and ready to relocate<br />
•	A very direct person </p>
<p>Duties will entail<br />
•	Coordinating freelancers in a variety of fields from industrial design to editing<br />
•	Keeping my schedule including finding fun and athletic things for me to do<br />
•	Keeping my finances in order<br />
•	Keeping me on task and bringing organization to a somewhat unstructured life<br />
•	Doing research and social media posting helping build the content of media related non profit<br />
•	Helping get products in the hands of companies. </p>
<p>Please send a cover letter describing:<br />
•	What relevant work you have done before<br />
•	What your current job/living situation<br />
•	Where you have<br />
•	The salary of your last job or current position.<br />
•	Do you have any product licensing or web marketing experience</p>
<p>Send your resume and cover letter in the email.</p>
<p>Also, since its so hard for me to judge people via resume if you could include a 1 minute youtube video (you can have it unlisted or password protected) that would be great. You could talk about yourself or a passion of yours. I know its not a usual request but anything you can do to help me get to know who you are will save us both time and energy. I am not looking for a great salesperson or a youtube star. . .just be yourself. And you have my promise I wont repost the link anywhere. </p>
<p>Im currently traveling but will return to New York on the 20th of January and will be looking to interview people immediately and immediately hire and move to Miami as soon as I find the right person. Please answer all questions in the posting and send cover letter. </p>

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