When did LA Drivers become nice?

When did LA Drivers become nice?

I have noticed this disturbing trend in my past several visits to Orange County and LA specifically. Drivers here are actually becoming nice! It’s almost like they all came up to Oregon to learn how to drive correctly.

After getting in to my “Aggressive LA Pedestrian” mind frame I spent a couple of hours this morning walking around downtown LA. Luckily I had prepared with a visit two weeks ago to New York City.

– Jaywalked in the middle the street. Not only did I *NOT* get honked at, the driver stopped and waved me across the street!

– Drivers WAITING for Pedestrians to cross at right turns when the pedestrians have a “Walk” sign

– Drivers NOT cutting off pedestrians as they’re turning into parking garages.

Oh, and pedestrians waiting for the Walk sign even though there are no cars coming? I was half way across the road before I realized I was walking alone!

As a driver I have also witness the following reprehensible behaviors recently:

– Not honking at the cars in front of you .03 nanoseconds after the light turns green

– Letting other drivers merge on to the freeway

– Signaling before a lane change

– Braking slightly to open up the gap for that person signaling a lane change

– Starting to stop at a yellow light

– Not blatantly running red lights because the four cars in front of you did it also.

And by far the WORSE, most DESPICABLE, evilest act…. Letting Busses and Emergency Vehicles have right of way.

I don’t know where all the bad drivers were exported too, but this is has to stop. I mean, there is a reason why Mr. Disney made this gem:

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hk-c5jlk48s]Goofy – Motor Mania, 1950 (HQ) – YouTube[/url]

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