Fantasy Location: The Bolt Hole

Fantasy Location: The Bolt Hole

It’ll take a rogue to or elf character to notice a hidden door in a back alley down near the docks.

Opening it reveals a lasciviously appointed ante-chamber. Directly across from the entrance is another door – heavily barred and spell warded. Next to it is posted a tattered piece of parchment that says “Cant get in Cant get out Enter to Come Go to Leave” After the secret word is said in Thieves Cant, the door opens.

Inside is a butler who says “Very Good, Sir. Welcome to The Bolt-Hole. May I show you to a table, or would you prefer to sit at the bar?”

The bar serves only the finest wine and food. The clients here are well off, and it’s obvious that a lot of covert and underground business gets done here. The room is well appointed, and several mean looking, but well mannered guards keep the riff-raff out. They are usually able to talk most situations down before having to resort to violence. A small stage at the end hosts dancers, bards and other entertainment at night, but is empty during the day.

Plot Hook:
On stage is a very gorgeous half-elven dancer. She notices the PC, and smiles and winks at him. After wards she comes up and says “Buy a lady a drink?” Her name is Kim Starlight and she asks what he’s doing in town. Eventually she’ll get around and say “Last time Captain Borloff was around he gave me a map to hold onto until he came back with gold. But since he’s in jail, and unlikely to be getting my gold anytime soon.. I’m willing to sell it for what he owes me. 250 gold pieces.” The Map shows a way through the rocks, and rough seas to the South East . The End Point is literally a big X. She knows nothing else about the map nor what it’s supposed to show.

A good location could be the Hidden Island.

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