How To: Use Google to search Usenet Archives

How To: Use Google to search Usenet Archives

Usenet’s usability has degraded a lot in recent years. But back in it’s day it was probably the most useful tool to share knowledge around. The grains of knowledge contained in Usenet even now are immeasurable.

So go to:

And you’ll be presented with Google’s Advanced Search. This one has several additional options to help find information. Subject, Author, and even dates are possible. But the hidden feature is the groups section. Instead of just Google Groups, any newsgroup name can be used such as alt.religion.

Enter in your requested search terms, modify the advanced search options, hit OK and be amazed at the power that is Google Search.

2 thoughts on “How To: Use Google to search Usenet Archives

  1. Gregg Reply

    I only got it to search google groups. When I presented the search engine with a obvious usenet newsgroup it found no results.
    Humm. I really wanted it to work. Maybe I did something wrong. I'll continue to try.

    thanks for the info.

    • Rick Reply

      You need to put in the group name as part of your search string.

      So alt.binaries or

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