New “Nigerian” Scam – American Soldiers Iraq

New “Nigerian” Scam – American Soldiers Iraq

Just got this in my email:

Important message from an American soldier in Iraq

Good day,

My name is Sgt.Richard Clark, I am an American soldier, I am serving in
the military of the 1st Armored Division in Iraq, as you know we are being
attacked by insurgents everyday and car bombs. We managed to move funds
belonging to Saddam Hussein’s family in 2003. The total amount is US$25
Million dollars in cash, mostly 100 dollar bills, this money has been kept
somewhere outside Baghdad for sometime but with the proposed troop
reduction by president Obama, we are afraid that the money will be
discovered hence we want to move this money to you for safe keeping pending
the completion of our assignment here. You can go to this web link to read
about events that took place then via this site:
we are ready to compensate you with good percentage of the funds, No strings
attached, just for you to help us move it out of Iraq. Iraq is a war zone,so
we plan on using diplomatic means in shipping the money out as military
cargo using diplomatic immunity. If you are interested I will send you the
full details, my job is to find a good partner that we can trust and that
will assist us. Can I trust you? When you receive this letter, kindly send
an e-mail signifying your interest including
Your most confidential telephone numbers for quick communication also your
Contact details.

This is risk free.

With regards from,

Sgt.Richard Clark.


First off, any American Solider shipping money out in these kinds of quantities is going to raise flags, doubly so if they’re sending it as a “diplomatic package.” Which would be impossible to do anyways, at least at a Sergeant’s level. Second, that members of the US Army have been able to keep the existence of $25 million dollars sitting around doing nothing for six plus years is laughable in the extreme.

So if you come across this one, either do some scam busting or mark it as spam and move on.

52 thoughts on “New “Nigerian” Scam – American Soldiers Iraq

  1. Terri Reply

    Will the one that submited the info about robert menez please send me his pics? I am supose to marry a robert who said he had served. I need to know if its him

  2. lucy Reply

    dont fall for this scam i did and found poor soldiers photo through tin eye he had been dead 2 years the low life who uses his photos he goes in the name of robert menez the real soldier is alex jimenez who got ambushed in iraq he scams money for phone connection then leave

  3. Alphonso S. Brisane Reply

    Yes, you are right. I got the same message but from a different sigent. I just played it off and laugh about. Thanks for putting this out there so that other people can be mindful of these crooks.

  4. Eli Reply

    My mom got scam by an american solider name George Preston, he told her that he is an American soldier in Iraq and they have correspond for a year, he never asked money from her until he said that he found money of Sadam Hussein in Iraq and he will send it to her via a Brazilian diplomat, so as the diplomat started his journey he got "stuck" at the first airport and needed some small cash for the custom so they will not open the package (with the money)and at the next flight form England he needed again some not so small cash again for the custom, my mom got fake documents of the UN and she took loans in the grey market (that did a lot of trouble) and sent him the money, and ones a gain he needed more money, lucky i was going to get the rest by lending it from a friend and my boyfriends bro checked it over the internet and found out its a scam! my mom had to run to a new country because of money troubles in her bank and in the grey market.

  5. Melaleuca Scam Fight Reply

    New scams seem to be popping up everywhere. Thanks for letting us know about this… I'll be sure to steer clear!

  6. Fighting back Reply

    In July 2010, I met this guy by the name of Mattew Tonsetic on His profile name was born_again001. He told me that he was an American Sgt currently serving in Baghdad, Iraq. He was divorced for 5 years. He has 2 children but his ex-wife kidnapped her daughter (now 12 years old) to her country in Brazil. Mattew's mother lives in Accra, Ghana, therefore, his son, Gabriel (14 years old), lived with her till Mattew's service terminated in Sept. He also told me that his exwife withdrew a large sum of money from his account while he was away serving in Turkey for 3 years. Therefore, he froze his account before leaving for Iraq. Mattew and Gabriel wrote to me that Gabriel needed to pay the outstanding tuition or else he could not sit for the exams. Mattew also forwarded me a letter from the school principal, Professor Tony Cerlorm, demanding payment of the outstanding arrears. Mattew said that it was a loan, and he would pay me back once he returns home to Bronxsville, New York. The Professor suggested to make payment via MoneyGram or Western Union in the amount of GHS 1139. addressed to TONY TAGBOR. On July 31, after much persuasion from the father and son, I sent the whole amount by MoneyGram. Couple of weeks later, Mattew told me that Gabby wanted to take an IT program during the summer in the amount of GHS 1363. I told Gabby via msn that I could not help him. Both Gabby and Mattew gave me this very guilt trip that I denied Gabby's happiness and education. Mattew reassured me that he would pay me all back in Sept and that it was the last time that he would ask me for help. Out of sympathy for them, I made another payment payable to Gabriel Agbeko Junior. I later found out that I was scammed but continue to play along. Recently, Mattew told me that his name was not listed to return in Sept; so he wrote to the headquarter to file for a retirement. Mattew told me that he would need my assistance again. He knew of a General in Ghana who was preparing for his retirement. The General will contact me via email. This is an organization operating in Ghana. I was chatting with more than one person by the name of Mattew Tonsetic. His email address is They even sent me pictures of Tonsetic in uniform, his exwife, children, and granny. Gabriel's email address is Please refer this case to the proper authority so to put those scammers behind bars.

  7. linda neumann Reply

    Hi My name is Linda Neumann i live in Canada i have been talking to someone that has said that he is an american soldier in iraq. He has sent me a picture of him in his uniform it has been very friendly but he has now asked if i could send money to a young man in ghana that wants to visit canada for a passport i have not sent any money to anyone dont know if it is a scam or not but it just doesnt sound right.

    • Rick Reply

      Hello Linda, this is a scam. You have done the right thing, do not send money under any circumstances. Ghana is in Africa, where most of these scammers live.

      • Rick Post authorReply

        Hello Connie, these scammers find random pictures of military guys from Facebook. Please, please, please, cease contact with this person right now. I know it may be hard to do so, but there is a story where the lady being scammed ended up getting arrested because she was coerced into helping to scam other people through this process. And whatever you do, no matter what, do not send money at all. No matter how heart breaking their story is.

  8. anita Reply

    @Fighting back
    i am talking to a tonsetic solder to now i now he is fake and i wonder if this is the same i did find the richt onwer of the pict and send him a email alredy (sorrie for my englis iam from holland )can you send me a pict of this man the storie is olmost the same i try to hand it over to the police white the owner so all bits will help thanks geetings anita

  9. Shelley Reply

    @linda neumann
    Hi Linda
    I live in Canada also.
    could you forward the soldier's picture to me?
    I'd be interested to see if its the same as the soldier I've been chatting with
    I would appreciate it very much

  10. mandy bruce Reply

    Please can someone advise me. I am talking to an american Captain Don Smith in Ramadi Base in Iraq.
    He is my dream man and i am on the verge of sending £100.
    He says that is for him to be able to ring me and hear my voice through the mps (military phone system)
    He would pay half. He has given me a wiring address though in Nigeria. Saying it is quicker.
    He now says that the money will be refunded once the connection is not needed anymore. I have all his details such as date of birth, address in usa
    Please i need some help today

  11. Sally Reply

    Okay so anyone who talks to a soldier from the ramadi base in Iraq it is a scam. It is a shame that these soldiers are doing this. Do they not mock their own country in war!

    • Rick Reply

      Sally, you do realize that it's people pretending to be American soldiers in an attempt to become more trustworthy?

  12. Sally Reply

    I also was tricked but did not send money, just lead them on trying to get their names. What I want to know is why this is continuing. Can the American military not control their own soldiers?

  13. wendy robinson Reply

    i amstill intouch with a scam soldier i am getting all the information i can for the police

    his alias is sgt matthew john stephen based in ramadi in iraq i know its a scam as they asked me to send money to nigeria so they could speak to me from military phone also asked me to request transit leave for himto come to britain only a soldier can request his own leave please do not fall for this scam i have pictures of this soldier copy of transit leave form

  14. philippa Reply

    The scams continue….I have been talking to a supposed American Major based in Iraq for several months and have now been asked to take posssession of a package with a lot of money!! and to pay to clear customs

    Little did they know I work for customs and checked it out..this was through Ghana so no money changed hands!!

    But I feel sorry for the person whose identity they are using and for the people who are caught up in it

    The alias they used was Major Jerry Grant bases in Iraq

  15. cynthia wallace Reply

    in january i started chatting to sgt jamelle dishroon,it was nice to start with but then he started to ask me for money,i have fallen for him big time and sent money for medication for his granny,a doctor in nigeria,also his fare and travel money to come to aussie,i have feelings for him and he should have been here this weekend but got brushed by a bullet on tuesday and one soldier killed and couldent travel,i feel im being scammed but dont want to believe it,since receiving last amount of money little contact can you please find out if he is a soldier or im being had i only lost my husband over one year ago and feel hes played on that as i was in a mixed up state at the time.

    • Rick Reply

      Cynthia, I'm sorry to be telling you this, but you're being scammed.

      I suggest contacting your Government and police to file a report. You will not get your money back, but perhaps you can help keep someone else from getting scammed later on.

    • yessi Reply

      Hallo cyntia, I'm Indonesian. First Februari I got message from US soldier, his name George Wallace, 51 years old from tucson,AZ. have 2 daughters lena 13 years old and del 11 years old. his wife died 8 years ago because cancer of blood. he is very friendly and romantic ha ha ha ha me and my husband always big laugh after read his emails….. but george don't know about my husband.
      and las week he sent TOP Confidential letter about $7,5 million dollar after arrest of moamar khadafi and need me to receive that money in my country.
      and than I check his IP address. He told me still in afganistan but his IP add in Sunnyvale, CA with post code 94089. he give me mobile number and that is UK number ….
      I not give him my address and my acoount or everything about me because I dont believed about his story.
      and this morning, Im searching again about him in tucson but not finding and I read about you and friends…. Thanks God for help me…. thiss alll asured me to avoid from him.
      I'm sorry if my enghlish is bad… I hope you undestand.

  16. sunshine Reply

    Does any one hear of a Maxwell Banks claims to be in the military and in the Army he first told me he was serving in Nigeria now he changed it to Iraq he must for gotten what he is telling me…Sounds like he is a scammer african using some one's stolen ID and photo's he claims he has been shoot and need money for medical bills does not the Army pay for this of medical care for a Army Military Man??…..I did not send any money at all, now he claims his mother needs money for food and she is in the states and he wants me to send him the money in Iraq so he could send it to her……..Wow its sad too how the military Men who claims to be one can try to scam american women……..This goes both ways over seas women been scamming american man also…….

    • Rick Reply

      The Army does pay for all the hospital bills. This is someone posing as a member of the Military in an attempt to scam you out of money. I'd cease all communication with him ASAP.

  17. maria correia Reply

    I also have been scammed I was talking to a so called soldier that said he was serving at Camp Liberty in Iraq he used the name Mst.Sgt.Henry Dolan said he had lost his wife about 10 years ago was born in CAVE CITY but raised and did all his schooling here in the UK and but then moved back to CAVE CTY and thats when his passion for the AIR FORCE began he said he had a daughter 13 years of age .. it looked so real he even gave me supposebly his daughters email address her name was Carmen Dolan she was emailing me sometimes and sent me some pictures 3 to be exact ..He also had me email a so called COL:ROBERT GONZALEZ to ask for a LEAVE OF ABSENCE which i did he sent me forms to fill out and return Anyway that is just part of the story YES I HAVE BEEN SCAMMED out of £2000.00 pounds I just want to say BEWARE AND DONT DO THE SAME MISTAKE I DID …!!!! I met him on a dating site…

  18. Anne Siqueira Reply

    hello everyone here i need to tell you that the scamms got new id :one of them contat me and we have conversations as good friends only( he said was in Iraq, he also said that he found money boxes and show them to his commander, he now said that wants that in contac with one diplomatic man for to send money to my country Brazil of course is a big scamm,He sent me many pics of american soldiers and i cant to know if he is a soldier also or not any way he is a bad smart guy
    he name now is Roland England please ladies be careful with these men.
    also be careful when someone ask for invitation for to visit yours country , i always look for any kind of information first i worked many years with tourist people here as interpreter so i know when the papers or pics can be fake or true !good lucky to all

  19. Louise Thibert Reply

    I have been contacted by a William Laidler who claims to be a Staff Sgt at Eggers Camp with the Red Cross Crescent Organization. I am beginning to fall for him, but with reservations and because this has already happened once under another pretext, I am trying to be very cautious. Is he real. I keep asking him questions, which he answers, but that doesn't make him who he says he is. He has asked for a birthday gift of a couple of small items (which could be to gain my trust). He half jokingly asked for a used laptop for his birthday because his was old, and immediately the red flag went up. I told him it was not happening. They are very good at convincing that they are who they say they are. He agreed to sending a pic of him with the gift when received, so it makes me wonder. When I asked him for the mailing address he has asked me to contact another person for shipping information. I am very suspicous although I really wish he were true. I don't want to invest more time only to be broken hearted again. I reported the first one immediately and he was being investigated. Any help at all would be appreciated.

    The first time was to a Paul Darwin on, and this time William Laidler also from

  20. Louise+Thibert Reply

    I have since being here confirmed that William Laidler is a scam. He is supposedly from Kansas City, MI, but stationed in Eggers Camp as a Staff SGT, but wants his mail delivered to Ghana. When speaking with an army man and he doesn't understand the word Regiment, the red flag goes up! I spent the time online confirming what he did and did not say.

    Makes one wonder. I haven't heard from him in over a day, so think he knows I know the scam.

    Ladies do the same. Ask a lot of questions, eyes and ears open!

  21. Laura Reply

    To Louise Thibert, William Laidler is a scam artist. I unfortunately found out the hard way. I met him on We have been online for almost 1 year. I fell hard for him! Had me believing he wanted to come here to the states. He wanted money for a plane ticket, then when it was time to come home he was in the hospital in Accra Ghana and needed money for hospital bills. His "friend" who kept calling me was named "Jonathan Oseitutu" When I told him I called the Embassy in Ghana and they never heard of him, I have not heard from him in 2 weeks. My problem is, I fell in love with the man in the uniform in the picture he emailed me! I want to know who the man is in the picture. The name on his uniform was LAIDLER! Can anyone help me find him? It is a shame that these scumbags use our brave men in the military to pull this crap off! BEWARE OF WILLIAM LAIDLER!! Please anyone with information, feel free to email me!!

  22. jada Reply


  23. furball Reply


    • ESTEE Reply


  24. furball Reply

    How I was conned. I want this to be a lesson to others. It seems as though impersonating military personnel is the in thing right now. It is financially rewarding to them so they will continue to do so. Each one of these PREDATORS will change their names but will stick to their unique style of committing these types of crimes over and over. One of the underlying themes with these crimes is SECRECY, Why? This is one of the ways the person you are bonded to online isolates, manipulates and controls you.
    A CREEP IMPERSONATED An army Lieutenant General and friend me on FB, a few months later He then said he have been waiting for me an angel that rescued him from a dark place. The FAKE GENERAL started conning me emotionally and financially. Until I was broke but there were other women that I know of. If you think you were conned by ‘General Charles Jacoby’ please contact me so we can share stories and put it out for others.
    THE PREDATOR IN THIS SCAM IS THE fake GENERAL. HE gave me an account number to contact ROYAL INTERNATIONAL BANK. The deal is this bank will deliver the money to a bank near your residence with all the necessary paperwork so as not to raise flags as to the laws of your country. The bank will do the necessary paper works to make everything legal. He convinced me to MOVE the 14.5 from Ghana to US. That is where the bank manager DONALD LUGADA and the fake General tagged team me into borrowing from friends, bank and retirement fund to give to them in Ghana. Every step of the process there was more bank fees. The fake General kept manipulating me into his partner the bank manager. Throughout this time if you don’t have enough money. The manager, shareholder or whoever… will help you put up half of the fees to lead you on.
    These PREDATORS has gained experienced with each victim and refined their plans to suite the character of their victims. They will even go so far as to make an elaborate plan to show you they are coming to your country to deliver the money. Remember the bank will make arrangement to deposit the funds directly so you will not raise red flags to authorities. Another part of their plan to con you out of more of your money they will make plans to come to your country. Then they will be stuck at their airport and held up by the Ministry of Finance for taxes on the 14.5 mill. It will be one thing after the other. After that they will get stuck in your country’s customs where they will have to get certificate of origination form the African union. And of course they will be able to get it for a price. Initially the plan will be to come to the airport near your residence but to confuse and throw you of track they will say they had to use an international airport because of the amount of money. That is a lie there are custom agents on duty at every American Airport to inspect any cargo. All cargo coming in into the US is prelisted; agents will come in and work that flight of cargo. I think it is the same for other countries in this age of terrorism.
    PLEASE DO NOT BE ASHAMED, these creeps have had lots of practice and experience doing this. Also it was a group of predators against ONE, YOU! You have to forgive yourself and move one. The best way to get back your voice is to fight back with your stories no one needs to know who you are.

  25. Ana Paula Reply

    We have just to play with all this peoples.The same Im doing now with Jerry grant and kenneth Preston.

  26. furball Reply

    Can you believe the person who is impersonating GENERAL CHARLES JACOBY is still conning people out there HE IS ON MYSPACE AND HI5 social network. But since I have gained some insight into these type of criminal behavior and have learned a few things I want to share. ANYONE FROM GHANA, NIGERIA THEY ARE FAKES AND AND SCAMMERS, FORGET ABOUT BEING POLITICALLY CORRECT IT IS A FACT. If you should look up their IP address it is going to be invalid or it is going to be a fake.The only thing I found to be helpful is Spokeo which gave me the location of the person but could not tract the phone since it was in Africa.What you can also do to track emails you send to the scammer is register with READNOTIFY.COM. If any one has used a good Skype tracer please post. or has used better program to find a scammer please contact me here. But who knows what they have to protect their identity, it is so easy to get a fake email account.

  27. Annmarie Reply

    Hello Ladies,

    I have also had dealings with a scammer, pretending to be a staff sergaent in afghanistan, name Steve or Steven Edwards, stear clear, another good site is a soldiers perspective lots of scammers names on there, also a wall of shame so you can check if the supposed soldiers picture is on it,please don't forget ladies that these scumbags are very good at what they do, but the real soldiers DO NOT need any thing from you, money , phones or phone connections, laptops or any thing else these scumbags can think off,if you feel your guy MAY be real ask him to email you from his .mil email address all REAL soldiers have one, be safe and safe guard yourselves.
    There are real genuine guys out there,


  28. furball Reply


  29. furball Reply

    SCAMMER FROM GHANA STOLE GENERAL CHARLES JACOBY'S ID. This scam is a combination of Romance and Nigerian money laundering scam; In April 2011 NIGERIAN/GHANAN scammers stole LTG. CHARLES JACOBY’s military photo and IMPERSONATED GENERAL JACOBY’S identity online on FACEBOOK, SKYPE, MYSPACE, hi5, and other social sites. As of this time the fake profile on Face book, Skype, and MySpace have been shut down because of my involvement. I am sure the impersonator/scammer has an excuse for why these profiles no longer exist. He continues scamming people all over the world.. The email address this scammer have used is and ,OR ANYTHING CLOSE TO THIS EMAIL IT IS A FAKE. IP ADDRESSES of LTG. Charles Jacoby and his gang that they have used to scammed people. THEPLANET.COM INTERNET SERVICES INC
    Sunnyvale, CA Yahoo!
    Los Angeles, CA Google Inc
    Los Angeles, CA Google Inc UK Dedicated Servers Limited
    Los Angeles, CA Google Inc
    Los Angeles, CA Google Inc
    YOU WILL NEVER SEE HIS FACE, NEVER..And you will never speak to him because his Gahanna accent will give him away. CHARLIE AS HE CALLS HIMSELF GIVES THE VICTIM A BANK ACCOUNT TO CONTACT THE BANK MANAGER, LAWYER, MINISTER; (it should not matter for these people are in on the scam). YOU ONLY HAVE TO USE YOUR ID TO TRANSFER AND MOVE THE MONEY. IT IS FOR 14.5 MILLION or he may change the amount,(this should not matter it is still a scam) YOU HAVE TO DO NOTHING. YOU WILL NOT GET IN TROUBLE WITH THE LAW BECAUSE HE LOVES YOU, YOU ARE THE ONE HE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR ALL HIS LIFE. CHARLES WILL TAKE ANY AND ALL INFO HE GETS FROM YOU AND PASS IT ON TO HIS PARTNER THE BANK MANAGER, bank lawyer, or minister. BUT WAIT UNTIL CHARLES GANG OF SCAMMERS START WORKING YOU, it could be THE BANK MANAGER, lawyer, wife, daughter and minister. REMEMBER this was not supposed to cost you anything, but you will encounter a fee for every STEP OF THE process.
    AND OF COURSE THE BANK MANAGER IS A GOD FEARING MAN. These scammers uses Gods name so frivolous it is blasphemous. WILL WANT TO INVEST AND HE/SHE WILL LOAN YOU SOME OF THE MONEY. You will not see the money, but you will think things are not that bad… SO YOU CAN MAKE THE PAYMENTS TO GET CHARLES MONEY TO HIM. AND YOU WILL CONTINUE UNTIL YOUR MONEY IS GONE.

  30. furball Reply

    CONTINUATION FROM SCAMMERS STEALING LTG. CHARLES JACOBY ID… Ha this bank will make everything legal to move this amount of money from one country to yours, they have done it before. But then again you are not breaking any laws. You are just helping this person you have fallen in love. He will tell you anything to suit YOURS AND HIS RELATIONSHIP. One of his lies he uses to gain your sympathy is his wife divorce him and took everything. She turned the kids against him, you are all he He has nothing to fall back on when he retires. He will tell you, you are the only person he can trust the only ONE because of his position etc. ONE OF HIS LINES HE USES IS HE NEEDS YOU MORE THAT YOU NEED HIM. That is a fact he needs you for your money. This crime can only be carried out by him manipulating you into secrecy and isolation and lying to you with the use of his gang of scammers to carry out this crime against you. HE WILL EMPHASIZED YOU ARE THE TRUSTWORTHY PERSON CHARLES HAS BEEN WAITING FOR ALL HIS LIFE.
    Fact: THE REAL GENERAL CHARLES JACOBY IN NOT IN IRAQ. HE HAS BEEN MARRIED TO THE SAME WOMAN WHO IS THE MOTHER OF HIS 3 GROWN CHILDREN ONE IN WEST POINT. THIS IS A MATTER OF PUBLIC INFORMATION.But question these scammers on any historical and educational facts on their identity they will not be able to answer it.

  31. Martin Elliott Reply

    I think there's a twist this Henry Dolan of a man because I got in contact with Carmen his daughter but she claimed to be over thirty and actually one thing led to the other and I started sending her money, I sent her about 3000pounds in loan and then she asked for my bank to pay me back, I never knew they needed my account for Money Laundry. I suspected when she first sent a huge 8400pounds and then again sent about 4000pounds for me to send down to Nigeria when all I was asking for was all I was owed, I had to seek counsel from my mom who immediately informed the Police Fraud Department and now the case is being investigated. I was carrying out a research on her when I found her dad's name on this site, I think this man and his daughter are up to a lot so people please beware.

  32. margie Reply

    hi im margie, there is this nigerian army who is telling me that he have send me a parcel which contains some money and laptop. the courier have contacted me and it says that i need to send some money for the insurance of the parcel because it is still on hold in my country. now the courier is telling me to pay and the nigerian soldier told me to barrow money from my friends and double it once the parcel is delivered….please help me on what to do? I am confused and cant even find the courier in the masterlists couriers of iraq.

    • hamellr Reply

      Hi Margie, this is a huge scam. Do not pay any money out at all for anything!

      • estee Reply

        please dont leasten to him any more it is a scam…dont waist your time and money in someone that is not real

  33. merry Reply

    Hello..I’m merry from Indonesia..same with cyntia from Indonesia,I got message from someone named George Wallace,51years old ,have 2 daughter,exactly the same with cynthia story..OMG..thanks to God..I almost believe his story..

  34. Monika Roos Reply

    Hello, my name is Monika,,living in germany. I was contacted couple days ago over blackplanet,,from a man claiming to be Williampaul Laidler.Saying him being stationed in Afghanistan,,being there for already 18 month.Him being divorced, no children.
    He mailed me some pictures of him,,showing him in uniform and in private cloth.Cause i got scammed badly before,, i was careful about it. Cause i got a prepaid cell phone connection,,i gave him my phonenumber,,and he even called me.He did not sound like an african person,,,but i got suspisious cause i also found this profile on myspace,,showing the same pics i received from him. With the difference him saying being 48 years turning 49 in june. At the profile of my space it was saying 51 years old.
    He was claiming his dad being from california and his mum being german.ON the phone he was speaking english and also german.
    Well, i will ask him for his mailaddress in afghanistan in order to “send him a birthday present” there..Lets see what he will response.If he can not come up with it,,i will know he is a scammer….I will keep you informed.

  35. DMG Reply

    Anyone reading these please beware, these fake love stories are just that fake and can have very damaging results. Please stop and seek the guidance of your friends and family or counsellor. My sister hid her love with a fake Iraq soldier and sent large sums of money until she was so poor and depressed she committed suicide. No one knew as she did not live close to the family.

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

  36. Julie Arneson Reply

    I have been texting a military soldier by the name of Alex Hort Ligman..I just want to know if he is for real? He said he got accepted for his leave from camp by the end of the month. He said he bought gold and used the rest for his plane ticket.

    • Rick Post authorReply

      Hi Julie, it depends, but I wouldn’t bank on him being real. Especially if “he” starts asking you for money. The red flag for me is nobody uses gold to pay for anything. That’s just not realistic.

    • Caly Diaz Reply

      I believe you are being scammed
      I been texting Alex Hort Ligman
      I do remember him telling me you are his agent
      Me on the other hand I’m his bride to be

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